What should you know about sunscreens?

Referring to my earlier post on Sunscreen for anti-aging skin care, I would like to add my recent personal experiences. In the above-mentioned post, I have talked about the physical sunscreen to be better than chemical sunscreen because of the various harmful chemicals present in them.There was a bit of information I forgot to include. The chemicals present in the sunscreens (chemical or even micronized and nanonized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, for that matter) get absorbed by our skin and they form deposits in our body and produce free radicals which accelerate aging in the body. So, contrary to the popular belief, sunscreens do not prevent aging. But, they do protect you from harmful sun rays which can cause your skin to become dark and develop dark spots or patches and even, skin cancer.
Speaking of the protection from sun, I have till now tried some 3-4 herbal, physical or natural sunscreens and believe me, they did not provide proper protection against sun. So, I had to ultimately switch back to chemical sunscreens. And, for the time being, I am quite contended with these sunscreens because they do take care of my skin very well. And, regarding the free radical generation within the body, I am taking care of it through my nutritional needs. Drinking green tea, eating lots of fruits (specially rich in Vitamin C) provide lot of anti-oxidants which can fight against the free radicals. So, I would advise you to take care of your skin problems inside and out. And, sometimes, being natural is not an option. Before I forget, I’ll repeat it here again: eat lots of tomatoes and spinach (all green leafy vegetables) to increase your skin resistance to sun’s rays. 
A note at the end: I have tried both over-the-counter products available at the stores and prescription-based products and have found dermatologist prescribed sunscreens are much effective. So, I would advise you all to go for a visit to a good dermatologist and get yourself a good sunscreen. Please choose your dermatologist very carefully.

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