Teeth Grinding: Are you or your child suffering from this habit?

This is a little out of my way topic. But, I am used to teeth grinding sometimes. And, it increases so much sometimes that I think I’m going to break or chip my teeth. I know that this is a very common symptom which has many causes like Stress, not enough sleep, personality adjustment problems, due to certain medications or even due to an inception of a certain disease. Teeth Grinding is more of a common habit among children and teens and is more intense during night while they are asleep. You should never ignore this trait in your children or you as it can be a symptom for something more serious.
There is one more aspect to teeth grinding which is not often talked about. You or your kid may be having worms in your stomach. The parasites enter the body through different means like food, water, air and stay in the intestines and feed on the food you eat and grow. Sometimes, they can reach to alarming lengths and can be excreted through the feces of the infected person. If you have just begun to grind your teeth, it can be simply cured with a de-worming medication which you can take on the advice of your doctor. Generally, the prescription is two tablets: one at a time and the other tablet to be followed after a week of the first medication. And, if you have worms excreting out of you, you should immediately visit the doctor. In case the teeth grinding does not stop, you should consult a doctor for a thorough check up.


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    What else do you know about teeth grinding? My 7 year old has done it for years. the dentist told me it wasn’t a concern until her adult teeth started to come in. Of course, she has her first loose tooth. I’ve always thought it was increased with stress etc. but the dentist said it isn’t. If you have anymore thoughts I’d greatly appreciate it!

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