Strawberry Hair Mask for Oily Hair

Well, care for oily hair is the exact opposite of care for dry hair. So, we need kind of ingredients which can soak up the oil and balance the sebum production in the scalp. For one, I have written about using Clay masks as hair masks. They work wonderfully. The home remedy I want to share today will not only control the oil in your hair but also make your hair glossy and shiny.
– 5 Strawberries
You can blend the strawberries in the blender till they become of watery consistency. Take a little of the pulp and start applying it on the scalp and massage gently. Cover the complete scalp portion by portion. Then, take your hair section by section and dip it into the blended strawberry pulp and cover the hair body thoroughly. Let it stay on your hair for 30 minutes to 1 hour or till it dries off (it will take a long time to dry). Do not go in the sun. The liquid will drip a lot because of the watery consistency. To avoid this problem, you can gently blot your hair once you finish applying the strawberry mask to your hair. That will remove the excess of liquid. You can use this liquid as a hair rinse. After the stipulated time, you can just wash your hair with cold water. The acids in the fruit will clean your hair. The mask will not stink in your hair.
– You may mix the strawberry’s with honey for dry hair.
– You can also include lemon juice with the strawberries. That will take care of the dandruff also.


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