Rice Water for Skin, Hair and Health

The craze of using rice water is catching up very fast. If you have not yet heard of it, rice water is highly beneficial for certain health issues and also in taking care of the skin and hair. Let us first see the health benefits:

  • instantly energizes the body due to the high concentration of carbohydrates
  • provides instant relief from diarrhea
  • has been used successfully to treat gastroenteritis
  • prevents cancer
  • controls high blood pressure
  • helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease
  • reduces the body temperature or internal heat of the body
  • prevents constipation
In short, I would say it provides all the health benefits that eating rice would provide. But, more than that, rice water has been used as a face wash and a hair wash.
  • Washing your face with rice water makes your skin very soft and it also helps in improving the complexion
  • Is a great substitute for toner and firms up your skin
  • Helps in reducing the size of the pores on your skin
  • Washing your hair with rice water brings shine in the hair and helps to keep it healthy. Follow up with cold water rinse.
  • Use rice water as part of your face, body and hair masks and scrubs
  • Use rice water for having bath or pour rice water in the tub or bucket
  • Powdered rice grains are also used as body scrub and they make your skin extra soft
How to make rice water?
I have read at many places that the water used to wash rice prior to cooking is rice water. But, that is not the actual rice water. You may collect it but it will not give you the full benefits. Instead, you should boil the rice in more water than usual quantity you use so that the rice does not absorb all the water and strain the extra water. This water is the actual rice water which is full of nutritional benefits. You may drink it or let it cool to use as a face wash or a hair wash. You may even garnish it with various spices and herbs. Read this article for step by step instruction on how to cook rice water.
Watch the video to learn how you can use rice water in various ways. But, make sure you cook the rice water the proper way.


  1. says

    hi dear i have a question how often shd we use tis rice water and if we boil the rice it also contain salt as we add salt in the rice is it ok to use such water on yr skin

    • says

      oops!!! I didn’t see about the salt part. yes, don’t add salt as it dries out the skin if used on a daily basis. actually, we do boil rice without adding salt.

    • Anonymous says

      do not add salt while cooking the rice. You add it when u want salt later. One benefit u dont need loads of salt
      the curries and other side dishes will add the salt ok bye

    • says

      Well, the whole point of rice water is to place the RAW RICE into warm/hot water to leave behind all the healthy benefits. At that point, you’d drain the rice water off and THEN you start to add ingredients to your rice, that including the salt. You add anything to your rice while making your rice water.

    • Anonymous says

      Delicious Rice water Recipe:
      1 Cup rice
      1 Cinnamon stick
      1/2 Gallon of cold water

      put the rice and the cinnamon stick(cut in half)in a bowl with 3cups of water wait for about an hour and put in a blender use a strainer to pour the water in to your 1/2 gallon of cold water so the rice and cinnamon stay on the strainer and not on water,add Sugar to your rice water and enjoy :)

    • Shikha says

      If you add salt then may be fat increase so you can drink it like a normal water and use like a normal water on face and hair

  2. says

    Hey Fatima
    You can use the rice water any number of times you want. There is no limit. And, yes, there is no problem in drinking rice water with salt or using it on skin. But, make sure not to use it on hair because salt is not good for hair.

  3. says

    hi dear thnks for the reply i was wondering whether the starch water we get whn we cook the rice is it safe for the skin

    dear i have one more request can u also post something for a perfect make up as u knw its the season of marriages and we all go out so please can v have some articles on tat

    i actually want to knw how can u get a glow on the face like the shiny look katrina has i mean wht kind of a bronzer or wht is used to get tat affect thnks in advance

  4. Anonymous says

    Can you please tell me what rice protein does for your skin? I have seen this in facial products, but have been unable to find any info on it. Is it the same as what you are speaking of?
    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

  5. says

    hey…rice protein makes skin soft, firmer and lightens the skin tone too…so using rice water helps in keeping skin soft….hope this answers your doubt…do get back if you have questions…would love to clarify them :)

    • says

      hey, yes, in the video, the rice is not boiled…I have provided the link for the instructions for boiled water…you can use the drained water too but I am not sure how much it really helps with keeping the skin face clear!!!

  6. shruthy says

    hye! diz s shruti..im 21 yrs old..n i have regular break outs.. so can yo help me out by giving some korean natural home remedies.. thanx in advance! :) :)

  7. says

    hey Shruti…I am sorry but I can really not help you with Korean remedies coz I am not Korean…but I have posted on acne skin care so you can go through them…hope this helps :)

  8. Anonymous says

    hi dere…Liked ur info…well just wanna know a homemade cleanser nnd one more thing for how many days we can store the boiled rice water..Esha..

  9. says

    hi Esha…I am sorry but I didn’t get the point of homemade cleanser….boiled rice water should ideally be consumed on the same day I suppose..actually you can make it in adequate quantity and if any extra is left, just drink it…it is very nutritious and healthy for intake too :)

  10. says

    Hi Swati

    I was reading another article on rice water and it said tht the water left after washing the rice has to be used.And yur post says that the water left after cooking the rice has to be used. Please advise

  11. says

    Hi Ariya…welcome to my blog….I have mentioned this point in the post that many people advise that collecting that water is beneficial for skin but actually that water is more of dirty than full of benefits from rice..that’s what I feel and I have drunk the rice water from boiling so I know its a bit different in texture than the water collected from washing rice…so my advise would be to get boiled rice water…hope this helps :)

  12. Anonymous says

    When you use rice-water you have to use the water left over from rinsing the rice. Because it is full of impurities, you should separately boil this water. I have found that if you refrigerate it the product lasts longer. Tip: try adding green tea while boiling and it becomes a great skin-care product ^__^

  13. says

    Love your blog :) found this just a few days before my marriage it was great but if I had known this before It would’ve been just great, my bad luck.. nevertheless…
    I found this tip very useful and forced it on my husband too.. He also liked it.. hehe :) I just wanted to know if we can preserve this water?? usually when I cook thr is a lot of rice water left out and i collect everything. Its not possible to use the whole thing. So I was just wondering if it can be refrigerated or preserved in some other way?

  14. says

    thanks a lot Madhuri and welcome to the blog…hope you will keep enjoying it :)
    yes, you can keep the water I guess…I am not very sure but I don’t think it will get spoiled if refrigerated but not more than 3 days!!!

  15. Madhuri says

    Yes you are right.. I had kept it outside for several days and what I noticed was that the starchy texture is gone and it becomes just plain thin translucent kind of water.. So it becomes useless for what we actually want to achieve. So use it the same day or maximum the next day not more than that.

  16. Anonymous says

    hi… but does having the boiled rice water result in weight gain??
    please advice as i was told that if u consume it everyday it results in weight gain.
    thanks so much

    • says

      well…as far as my experience with the rice water, I didn’t notice any weight gain and I had taken rice water for a long time!!! but, may be its possible because it has starch. But, if you take brown rice water, that will not cause any such effects. hope this helps :)

  17. Anonymous says

    hey loved your tip, just one doubt, do we need to wash the face with regular water after washing the face with rice water.

  18. says




  19. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I have been following your email thread and will certainly try what you have recommended. Just wanted to clarify when we use either brown/white rice, boiled water as a face wash, can we use our natural cleansers first like Noni soap then use the boiled rice water as a final rinse? Is this how it works? We then follow through with our moisturizer? Or do we just wash our face with rice water and no other cleansers?

    Also if I am to drink the water, is there a specific time to drink it, say in the morning, afternoon, before meal, after meal?


    • says

      you can use it with any product!! and, both brown and white rice water works well. you can drink the rice water also at any time…there is no specific instruction for that as such!!

  20. Anonymous says

    What is the better rice for brown spots? How long will the rice water stay fresh and should I put it in the refrigerator?
    Thank you.

  21. Anonymous says

    Hi very interested in rice water , I suffer with a sever type of colitis and am desperate to find help, recently started using rice water and I am thrilled with the results….I boil the rice for 45 minutes and make enough to store in the fridge in a container the only thing I noticed is that the water gets thicker over time I read that it is safe to keep in fridge ….I also stared using it on my skin and hair , very impressed with the out come..face is really tight! Thank you for all the info you provide…made an old lady very Happy!

  22. Anonymous says

    Our Veternarian, who prefers non-pharmaceutical remedies, has recommended it for our Cavalier who has some lung issues (not fully diagnosed yet)….hope it works, it can’t do any harm at least, as some meds are so very hard on dogs’ liver and kidneys

  23. says

    hi. I am an Asian, and I came from the Philippines. My family has a distinct blood of Mexican, that’s why we have a fair yellow skin complexion. But, I’m just wondering if how often should I use this kind of method (the rice water), is it okay to use it on a daily basis? Does it also have the same effects if I use it on my arms and legs?

    • says

      hey…yes, you can use this on a daily basis. its perfectly safe :) yes, i am guessing it should have same effect on arms and legs but using it on those areas is a little difficult but yes you can give it a try :)

  24. a k singh says

    not convinced by the benefits you stated. although it is used for washing skin and face and to control diarrhea/gastro but could not find any valid references for other benefits such as blood pressure, cancer, alzheimer, instant energy etc.

    please write about benefits you have experienced or for which you can cite valid scientific references.


    • says

      hi…yes, not all of these benefits are not scientifically validated but many people have widely experienced benefits in regular health issues if we do not consider cancer and alzeihmers. and, yes it does give instant energy because it is starch which is carbohydrates.

  25. Anonymous says

    i just wanna ask how long can i keep the rice water? cos ive tried this and the rice water starts to be stinky after a few days. :(

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi! I am really amazed of this rice water thing… May i ask you, how long can you keep the rice water and should i keep it in a fridge? Thanks :)

  27. Anonymous says

    hi awesome blog. am 22 years old and some what over weight. i got these flabby things nd working on it. can i use rice water to fix my folds on my waist region? like by taking a bath with it?if yes how often shud i use. please recommend. thank u. shailaja

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi.swati, I have heard of rice water being used for generations in asia, and I was not.sure is it.better to boil or not boil the water. Also u suggested almond oil for.dark.circles, how.about upper eyelids because I am starting to see issues on my eyelids, I would appreciate any advice you.give thank you:)

    • says

      when you make the rice water by boiling the rice, its already clean.
      are you getting milia seeds on the eye lids??? generally, it does not break out the skin but if you are then i would suggest you to apply potato juice on the eye area instead of almond oil. let it dry and wash off. follow with moisturizer.

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi swati, I’ve heard that boiled rice water (the one that you preserve while draining the boiled rice) helps in growing the breasts bigger.. wanted to try it. do you have any idea about it?

  30. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, I was wondering if boiling some rice flour in water will give the same effect as starch drained from cooked rice? Thanks!

  31. Anonymous says

    …hello, I accidentally found ur blog just now… I suppose to look for an adobo recipe, wherein ricewater is one of the ingredients…well anyway, im suffering from lupus(sle) it was diagnosed a month ago, and all the complications freaking me out, some of those are severe falling hair, and skin rashes… Is it ok also to use rice water in my hair and ski especially in my face which is starting to have dark skin..

    • says

      actually i have no idea what condition you are suffering from so i would suggest you take advise from your doc only as to what home remedies you can follow and what you can not because we do not want to risk any reactions!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Swati, Does it work for pregnancy strech marks? If No please suggest something good for stretch marks and flatten the tummy. Also my skin has become very dark during pregnancy. Can i come back to my old complexion and how?

  32. Anonymous says

    Hi, you mentioned organic rice, Im not sure if the rice I use is organic. Its “tolly boy white rice”. Would you still recommend using rice water if someone was unsure about weather it is organic or not? and do you think there might be any problems using non organic rice for water? thanks.

  33. Anonymous says

    Hi, you said rice water helps in improving complexion.I was just wondering what would be its effects on hair? Coz I already have premature greying. So will it make it worse if I used rice water for hair?

  34. Anonymous says

    Hi,I would like to ask is it better to use the rice water immediately while it is hot or should leave the rice water to cool for awhile before using it?

  35. Anonymous says

    hai iam feeling very happy by seeing feedbackand sucess results i would like to ask a question…
    .wen to apply rice water after washing with soap or before washing with soap…and whether to apply boiled water or rice soaked water plz reply me and help me…..and with in how many days we can c change…

    • says

      great to hear it worked so well for you.

      use it on clean skin after washing your face as a last wash. use boiled water. prepare fresh daily or at least once in three days!!

  36. Anonymous says

    Hi! I want to use boiled rice water in my everyday bath, i want to ask if i can use it as last rinse, or i will leave it for a few minutes in my body and rinse it later with a regular water?

  37. Anonymous says

    I would like to know if rice water works perfectly on dark skin…… I would also like to know if it will not make me lighter (as in light skinned) but brighten and tone my dark skin?

  38. jasmine says

    shall I use quick rice water(rice washed water)for face.shall I use daily this water for my face.is it will make any side effects?

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