More benefits of Lemon – get rid of acne scars

I have talked about the uses of lemon sometime back. Here, I bring you more uses of lemon. And, the best one would be for people suffering from acne. So, read on to know more about how to use this beauty ingredient in your daily skin care.
  • After you are done with drinking lemon water in the morning, instead of throwing the lemon rinds away, rub them on your skin. It serves as a good scrub and helps lighten the scars and blemishes. It is specially useful for acne scars.
  • Cut lemon into two halves. Take a half and dip it in brown sugar. Now, scrub your elbows or knees with the lemon until sugar dissolves completely. This would remove the darkness prominent on the elbows and the knees.
  • Lemon can be rubbed on rough skin spots like heels to soften them before using a pumice stone to scrub it off.
  • Put drops of lemon in your shampoo or body wash to refresh and tone your scalp and body.
  • Use lemon rinds to make a refreshing homemade face spray which will keep your skin fresh all day long even in hot summers.
  • Pour lemon juice or essential oil while doing your manicure and pedicure. This would ensure clean nails. You can even rub lemon on your nails to make them appear white and clean. Make sure to follow up with moisturizer or oil on your nails to avoid drying them.
  • Instead of throwing away the lemon rinds, you may boil them in water and take bath with the water.
  • If you have an oily or combination skin, using lemon regularly in your face packs would balance the oil production in your skin. It slows down aging process.
  • Use lemon juice in your pre-poo treatments if you have an oily hair.
  • If you take herbal tea, squeeze lemon according to your taste in it. This would ensure you get all the benefits of lemon internally if you do not drink lemon juice in the morning.
  • A great tip to clean utensils: If you do not want to use lemon rind on your face, rub them on the utensils well before washing them. This would remove all the grease and other deposits.


  1. Fozia says

    If u want a skin without acne then take a tomato juice,nd some milk equal to tomato juice nd put a lemon juice in it!and after that masaj ur face with this scrub!after 20m remve it with water!its realy effective i have use this and found 100% result

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