Masoor Dal Body Scrub {DIY}

Pulses in our kitchen prove to be good scrubs as well. Earlier, I had talked about ‘Mung Dal’. Today, I would be talking about ‘Masoor Dal’ (Red Lentil). Ground red lentil is a very good scrub for the body.

How to make the scrub?
Grind the masoor dal into a fine powder and pass through a utensil with small holes (percolated utensils) to seperate the fine powder and the impurities. Store the fine powder in an air-tight container and use a little occasionally. If you find that the texture of the powder is too harsh for your skin, you can mix it with cornflour or chickpea flour (besan).
Using the Scrub
  • Mix it with honey or milk and use as body scrub while in shower.
  • Use as a face scrub twice in a week for oily and combination skin and once for normal to dry skin.
  • Alternatives: If you do not want to store it as a scrub, you can soak a cup of red lentils in milk or water overnight and make a paste in the morning and use it as a scrub or a face pack. You may even add the skin of almonds soaked overnight. It would make your skin glow like never before.
  • You can even mix the powder with pure ghee (made at home) and use it as a scrub. Pure ghee acts as lubricant reducing the harshness of the scrub on your skin and simultaneously nourishing it with the necessary fats to make skin look beautiful.
  • You can mix other ingredients like dried tulsi leaves, rose petals or orange peels also and make the scrub a invigorating scrub. They will provide a scrub a distinct smell if use separately.


  1. Anonymous says

    Masoor dal mix soaked in milk overnight is the best way to get a glowing & fair complexion. Has worked wonders for me. But one has to be patient & persistent. You can notice the changes within a week. Best face pack ever.

  2. says

    Yes, this did work for me actually…it literally polishes your skin but one should be very gentle with the scrubbing as masoor dal is too harsh so it is better to mix it with a diluting flour to reduce the harshness but it is great for complexion…..

  3. Anonymous says

    these treatments are awesome.i ve always looked for suitable treatments for my skin.these are the best i ve come across.

  4. Trina says

    for everyday,what can i use to wash my body without using any soap?and can u pls giv some tips for upper lip hair?

  5. Anonymous says

    apply curd,turmeric and honey together on face and leave till it dries
    its the best facial tratement you get almost free

    • says

      hi…no don’t use it everyday because its very grainy and everyday exfoliation with it is really not good but twice to thrice a week should be enough for the effects :)

    • says

      hi Namera…no, don’t use it everyday as it will get too harsh for your skin because it exfoliates as well….you can use two times in a week which is enough!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Is the dried masoor dal just washed and soaked in milk. And then ground the next day?
    Or is the dal boiled like someone mentioned here in the comments.
    And only the skin of the almond is used?

    • says

      hey, no don’t boil it. simply wash it and soak in milk and grind it next morning into a fine paste. you can use almonds as well but I said skin of almonds because many people throw it away after eating the almonds so this is a great way to use them :)

  7. Anonymous says

    can i use it on my 3 yrs old daughter.If not then can you advise any other ubtan .I have heard about chironje .Is it true /

  8. says

    hi swati hows u

    can u please help me to work on my skin it was oily b4 and now it has gone dry.its lil patchy n very sensitive cant use any sort of lotions can you please suggest anything for me

    • says

      yes, it will. just make sure you ground it into a really fine powder, mix it in 50-50 ratio with finely ground rice powder and use it only as a mask and not a scrub at all.

  9. Anonymous says

    i hav dark spots & black heads on my face…can i use masoor dal at it..n wat is d way 2 use it…

  10. Anonymous says

    i tried the masoor daal face scrub.BUT IT IRRITATED MY SKIN AND MADE IT RED and itchyyy :(

    why did this happen to me i can only see positive reviews.i washed the daal a bit soaked it grinded it with milk and cucumber also the paste wasnt smooth at all

    • says

      masoor dal is very harsh and doesn’t work well for sensitive skin!!! don’t use it or if you really want to use it, mix it with besan to reduce the harsh nature of the dal. also, it has to be grounded into very fine paste.

  11. Anonymous says

    Per week how many time can we apply the masoor dal paste and is it necessary to apply any moisturizer after washing face with this paste?

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,
    Please advice if I use mix of Powder Masoor Daal + Powder Sandle + Rose Water for Glowing/ Fair Skin. Would it works for me. I skin is Oily.

  13. Anonymous says

    hi Swati..
    i have got lots of acne… and i have combinational skin…
    T-zone skin( dry on forehead nose and chin & oily on cheeks) :(

    how can i use masoor dal ?? can i use with milk ???

    • says

      no, don’t use milk on your face as milk causes acne sometimes or aggravates it. use green tea instead. apply masoor dal as a paste but I would suggest you to use besan + turmeric instead.

  14. Anonymous says

    hi swati….
    i want ur help. i am 24yr old. i am hostel
    student & i have oily skin. i am suffering
    from small pimples over face, hands,
    i have pimple spots on shoulders n face.
    my lips are black around coz of lipsticks
    which i used wen i was in school.
    plzzzz help me…..i take so much
    treatment but nothing helps me.
    suggest some tips which i can apply on
    hostel…..waiting 4 ur valueable

  15. Anonymous says

    Hie, i hv dusky complexion, n hw shud i use ds? I mean d propr proces f using masoor dal.. N ven cn i get 2 c d results?? :)

  16. Anonymous says

    is there a substitute of orange peel which i can use in summer since orange is not available thorough out the year….plz reply

  17. Anonymous says

    hi Swati,its my first tim m using masoor dal wid milk as per d instructin given in d by U,my skin is dry ,i want to know can i apply it on dark cirles too around my eyes ,wud it work?????

  18. Anonymous says

    Hey I would just like to add here that the face pack when used as a mixture of milk and powder masoor makes the skin tight and supple thus slowing the wrinkle as well

    Just an addition swati .. I hope u didnt mind….tc

  19. Anonymous says

    nice tip…i heard masoor dal works well on face, never tried it before…going to try tomoro….can i mix multani mitti in it to decrease the harshness coz multani mitti works good for my skin….

    thank you for the tip….

  20. Anonymous says

    hi i have been using massor dal n besan with milk n few drops of baby oil for my 4 yr old daughter… can i mix sunnipindi mixture n all of the above together every other day or separately is more advisable? she has some body hair which i m trying to get rid of!

  21. Anonymous says

    I am 24 yrs i never cared about these things and because of having very very sensitive skin i never use even talcum powder to my face.But now i feel very bad while everyone asks about my face.I was very fair but now i am tanned.I have pimples in my face for past 1 1/2 months,which i never had before,because of allergy and also having dark circles around my eyes.i am very dull.i want to get my bright,fairy and supple skin again.pls can u give me any simple solution for my problem?As u said that masoor daal s very harsh,i’m scare to use it..Waiting 4 ur reply

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,
    My skin had bcom supper irritable after coming bk 4rm BALI, to subside the irritablity my dermat gave me this cream called MMS- the cream showed immediate results but the cream had baby steriods that resulted in developing facial hair, then she recommended etheir bleeching or laser hair removale, dint want to go 4 either , pls help n let me know whether red lentil scrub will help, or will this remain permanent, pls help will await ur reply

  23. Anonymous says

    hi swati my complex is whitish pls tell me, can i use daily massor daal mix with milk, my skin is dry

  24. Anonymous says

    Swati please tell me can i use this on my 11 yrs old daughter as she is too hairy. Can this remove hair from roots now at this age.

    • says

      yes, it can but you will need to have patience and you need to do it daily. but, it would not have any effect on body hair. it will have effect only on facial hair.

  25. Ritu says

    Hi Swati

    I have recently started using the mixture of masoor daal(grinded) besan and curd as a face pack and I apply it as a face pack for 20-25 mins twice a week.
    Will it help in removing dark spots on my face and my face has blemishes as well.

    • says

      i am not sure of masoor dal but you can use almond oil on the dark circles. one drop of oil on each eye will help in ridding the dark circles in a month or two.

  26. Anonymous says

    Hii Swati, My Complex is whitish having dry skin
    I am following below process, plz correct if it is wrong..
    1. Masoor dal poder with milk. (Mixing milk at the time of usage not overnight)
    2. Using as a scrub daily ( scrubing as downward to upward direction )
    3. waiting 25-30 min to dry it down on face
    4. washing it with normal water.
    5. Applying moisturizer

    I m applying from last 15 days but still no change

    plz guide..

  27. Anonymous says

    Hi am using 4m past 1month no difference my skin s dark…. after 2month my cnz marriage plz give some tips plz plz plz plz plz:(

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi .I have whiteheads on my skin, that too under the skin.I have consult dermotologist in this regard nd applying creams nd all he suggested but my face has started luking dul.please suggest me any home made remedy that can help me .I have dry skin

  29. says

    I am using masoor dal with milk since couples of month on my body but i am not seeing that much changes.
    what to do ?
    shall i continue it or skip?

    • says

      hey…did you not find your skin more glowing or less tanned either??? that’s is kind of weird but if there is not one jot of difference, skip it. may be its not working for you.

  30. Anonymous says

    Is it safe to use besan & honey as cleanser daily in eve? I heard tht honey can cause botulism too?? I want to use natural cleansers so will besan and water be jus as effective??

    • says

      if you use organic honey, it does not cause botulism and botulism is caused only when the infected food is ingested, i think!! yes, you can use besan and if you do not want to use honey, mix besan with water. it works well as a face wash. yes, it is just as effective. only make sure you remove makeup either using some oil or some cleansing milk!

  31. Anonymous says

    hey …
    i like your tip n m gonna to try this…
    i have a dusky complexion. my hands are not tanned ,bt ithink they are becoming …
    can i use this scrub on my hands.?

    as i have pimples on my face so whatever i use to remove them.. for a time they r gone but after some time they come again… Why this happen … ????

    thank you

  32. says

    i was fair in child hood days. But my complexion gets darker and darker nowadays. Can i use moong dal mixed with curd/yogurt and apply it on the darker areas. please anybody suggest.

    • says

      you can use masur daal and milk paste use it as suggest above , its my experience that ur skin will become fair after regular use u can also see result after 15-16 days. BE HAPPY and TAKE CARE.

  33. says

    i am applying masoor daal and milk paste since one year now can i stop to applying this paste , my skin is now totally fair but i am bit worry about my complexion bec somebody had said me that for maintain my achieved fairness it is compulsory to use regularly masur daal paste, after achieved total fairness otherwise my complexion will lost its fairness after 5-6 month,suggest me soon plz. THANKS.

  34. says

    Hi Swati,
    plz help me i m suffering from itchy skin since 3-4 years n i take levocetrizine 5 mg twice or thrice in a week i dont know y hav this problem…i ll consult so many doctors but no one help me, i feel itchyness n then skin became red n shown like mosquito bite. so plz help me n advice me what can i do for my this problem.

  35. says

    hi swati, plz help me i have itchy skin prblem since 3-4 years n i m consult so many doctors but nobody help me, i have taken levocetrizine 5 mg twice or thrice in a week for my this problem my skin became itchy n then red n then shows like mosquitoes bite….after some time it will be normal. plz help me regarding this.

  36. Anonymous says


  37. says

    Hi swati !

    i have read Moong dal is good for baby skin too
    Pl. confirm is it apply on 1-2 month baby skin also ?
    Is it work for such small babies to remove skin hair and make skin fair ?
    Have heard about magic of Masoor dal for fairer skin. Can i apply it to my baby ?
    Pl. help me out

  38. Anonymous says

    Which is the best way to use almond oil as moisturizer for face & for dark circles around the eyes? The frequency, the time of application, quantity, etc. Does this clog pores/ cause pimples?

  39. Anonymous says

    Hey swati.. Can you please help me out.. Am using this pack(masoor ki daal, besan, rose water, curd n multaani mitti) from last 1-2 yrs.. But suddenly I have got red marks(daane) on my face.. Am very tensed.. please twll me what should I do now.. please reply on my mail id..

  40. Anonymous says

    can i use masoor daal facepack
    if you yes
    after using this facepack
    can i dropped
    after fair complexion
    then it is harmfull for me yes or no

  41. leena gaba says

    i m using most on evry sunday of mnth
    i make d paste 2tbs masoor daal ,1tbs rice,nd 2 piece almond nd soak it for 5 min only
    aftt 20 min i wash it nd tk a face pack of besan nd gulabjal nd glycryn
    is it a right way of using dis???

  42. shanky says

    hey swati….I hv a query… Am using this
    pack(masoor ki daal, kachi haldi, rose water,honey)….I want to ask that can I store this pack in freeze for 15 days or a month in a air tight rply as soon as possible. ..

  43. aliya says

    Add argan oil or grapeseed oil before scrubbing…besan can give skin allergy…masoor is best…soak wid raw milk overnyt.

  44. abhi says

    hello mam i m 28 age..I have dark complexion and sm tym got very clear n soon got dark…wat should I try??? masoor dal or orange peel???? pls tell me with cnfrm result way to get clear complexion..pls

  45. snehal says

    I don’t know my skin type so what home remidies can helpful for me to know that and can I use massor dal pack for my skin

  46. ramya says

    Hie… Can I mix ghee with besan,turmeric,raw milk and apply it for body as well as face daily plz advise.

    Onion juice and ghee along with mustard oil for hair does it works better? I have dry hair and split ends. Plz reply back..

    • says

      hi Ramya. yes, you can apply the one for skin. regarding the hair, please try it out and see if it suits hair but do not keep oil for more than 1-2 hours. excess oil is also drying for hair.

  47. Ramya Swethan says

    cup of red lentils in milk or water overnight and make a paste in the morning and use it as a scrub or a face pack. You may even add the skin of almonds soaked overnight. It would make your skin glow like never before. Hie Swathi.. I have Wheatish colour complextion and i use daily besan for my face and body. Can i use this redlentils paste once in a week or can i use daily plz suggest.

  48. Ramya Swethan says

    . Hie Swathi.. I have Wheatish colour complextion and i use daily besan for my face and body. Can i use this redlentils paste once in a week or can i use daily plz suggest.

  49. Heena says

    Hey i make a fine paste of masoor dal then i mixed it with raw milk and make a paste after applying this paste i feel like my skin getting burn and found dark red spots.. plz help me what is that.. is it harmful

  50. SWATI says


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