Drink Water to Lose weight

Losing weight easily becomes a nightmare for everyone. We all try so desperately to be in shape and most of the time we are unsuccessful and the sole reason for this is because we are not trying it in the right way. And, things which we go wrong about are, generally, the most trivial and the most important habits of our daily life . I would be talking about one habit per week and you can change or inculcate the habit in your life and see the difference it makes in one week.

Today’s Habit: Drinking adequate amount of Water
I know it sounds pretty simple and obvious. And, many will think they are already doing it quite right. But, there are many ifs and buts involved in this seemingly simple habit too. I would advise you all to first go through the post “Drinking Water for Skin and Hair Care“.
Water cleans up the toxins from our system and improves the fat metabolism. It helps the liver to fight the fats in our system and pushes it out through the kidneys. But, there is a loophole there.

Too much of water can wash away a lot of minerals and vitamins too from the body along with the fat. So, regulate the amount of water you drink according to your body weight, age and the physical activity you do in a day. A good estimate would be not to increase the regular water intake if you find your urine to be colorless. Another very good way to regulate water in body is to drink a liter of water in the morning as soon as you wake up and reduce your water intake after 7 PM in the evening.

Sometimes, drinking water leads to water retention in the body instead of passing it out of the system. The reason is due to the presence of huge amounts of salt and sugar in your body. So, reduce the intake of salt and sugar to reduce your weight. You can see the difference in a week. Tips to reduce salt and sugar intake:
  • Drink your tea and coffee with honey or without any sweetener to reduce the calories
  • Decrease the amount of salt you take everyday by a pinch and soon you will be used to less salt
  • If you drink milk, do not add sugar to it
  • Reduce the desserts, sweets, chocolates and carbonated beverages you take


  1. Anonymous says

    If u really want to loose weight eat less fatty food do more exercise and go out for a walk or jog or run for at least half an hour or more and u will see the difference in three to six months and good luck.

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