Is Mustard Oil good for skin?

I have read about so many oils being good for the body but never heard from anyone about the usage of mustard oil on the body. But, when I ‘googled’ it, I found so many references for its usage on skin. Ok, lets talk first about its use on hair.

Mustard Oil is considered extremely good for hair growth. Using it regularly will keep your hair from going gray. Yes, if you want a proof, you can ask your grandmothers and ladies of the same age who have been using mustard oil since years and still have dark hair. Of course, it also depends on your diet. But, instead of dying, you can saturate your hair with mustard oil every night before you shampoo your hair and enjoy the benefits. Mustard Oil does not allow fungal growth making it useful for avoiding scalp infections. The oil is considered to be highly beneficial in treating dry and damaged hair. It is known to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. You can couple the mustard oil with castor or coconut oil to massage on your hair for beautiful shiny smooth hair. And, you may even infuse the mustard oil with various herbs as instructed in the Hair Oil recipe for Faster Hair Growth for better results.
Coming to skin care with mustard oil, its a very debated topic that whether it should be used on skin or not. Actually it depends on how the mustard oil has been produced or extracted. The cooking oil is produced by simply pressing the seeds and extracting the oil where as the essential oil is produced by mixing the seeds with water which produces a compound Allyl Isothiocyanate which irritates the skin. So, if you are planning to use mustard oil on your skin, go for the cooking oil which is available in the general stores. Make sure that you do a patch test before using the oil. If your skin is sensitive and hypoallergenic, its best not to use the oil.  You should stop using the oil immediately if you suffer from any skin reaction. Always prefer a cold pressed mustard cooking oil. Though mustard oil has been used for centuries for massaging purposes, I would advise you not to use this oil on children and babies or you can perform a patch test before you use it on them since their skin is much more sensitive than ours. One thing to consider is that if you feel warming sensations after applying the oil, it is not the skin reaction but the increase in blood circulation which is a good thing and surely not a reason to stop using mustard oil.

And, I surely invite your opinions on the usage of mustard oil on skin.


  1. Anonymous says

    do i just buy mustard oil at the grocery store? would that be safe to use on my hair. My hair turning white at the young age =/

  2. says

    Yes, you can buy mustard oil at the grocery store. Buy the cooking oil and make sure it is cold processed and organic.
    If not, you can also infuse your regular oil with mustard seeds. Regular usage will help your hair regain its color.

    • says

      can you tell me how it helps your grey hair and how did you apply it to make it work as grey hair is pigment loss so how is it reproducing the pigment? or the process in which your grey has is gone? thank you

  3. says

    hi Veeralakshmi…I am sorry but I have no idea that if coconut + mustard oil will retard the body hair growth but I have not found any article online which says so and have asked around about it but found no such proof…you can instead try besan or sunnipindi to remove the hair growth on the body..I am posting the links:
    these remedies are equally helpful in removing body hair as facial hair…

  4. seetha says

    Who are you ? An angel ! Wow ! You really must be a natural beauty ! I too am trying to be one these days !

    I just stumbled your site checking for natural sun-screen and you’re god sent ! Thank you so very much for your great work !

    I’m using reeta for hair, bath powder for bath, and I use castor oil ( it’s easy to remove it if you use kunkudu kaya/ reetha ), followed by mandara flower/leaf mixed conditioner applied to hair after washing off with reetha and let it for 10-15 mins, and after washing it off, use lime juice in a mug of water for the final rinse, your hair is smooth, shiny and silky.

  5. says

    hey Seetha…you are really amazing and more natural than me…trust me I don’t have this much of patience…I prefer shortcuts :) you should really send in recipes you know and I’ll post them so that they help everyone :) and thank you so much for your kind words :)

  6. pyariwaseema says


    I have problems with severe hair fall for years and i tried the mustard oil and it really helped stop hair fall. Trust me it works wonders.

    What i do is fill a glass bottle half way with fenugreek/methi seeds then pour equal quantities of mustard oil + oilve oil + kalonji oil and fill the remaining half of the bottle. Let this stay for a couple of days and apply this oil every alternate day. It worked wonders for my hair and i also hav small baby hair growth. It took me 2 months to show great results. its been 4 months now and there is no looking back.

    • Anonymous says

      very good sister….
      i Am expert in natural medicine…

      i feel ur method is perfect…!!

  7. Anonymous says

    pl give reviews on the products of baba ramdev patanjali ayurveda.
    i tried their products,they r good.

  8. Anonymous says

    Mustard oil is having anti-fungal properties, which made this as a perfect treatment for skin fungal infection, people who are alregic due to sweat in their private parts may use mustard oil, but they should try very little quantity of mustrard oil and that too after making skin dry.. one more thing there are two versions of mustard oil (soft and hard, means cold and concentrated one) so for skin only soft oil to be used.. Shiva

  9. Anonymous says

    hey i have google alot about mustard oil to prevent hair fall but i dont know y it does not work for me.. i mean the day i use mustard oil is the worst day for my hair…i lose most of the hair..
    plz suggest me should i stop using it it..would like to add further that i am 19 yr boy and have lots of silky hair all i want not to loose them at any cost…
    last thing can i use shampoo on daily basis…
    tnx in advance…

    • says

      hey i have the same problem, no oil suits my scalp condition and hair type…although it says that mustard oil is good for any sort of scalp infections, my hair falls like mad with oil as it makes my scalp and roots really oily and greasy and ends up weakening them. i have gotten my blood tests done and im running low on vitamin d and ferratin….which are very important for your hairs health….ive started taking the supplements and have seen an improvement…maybe you should also consult a doctor and see if they prescribe any tests….i wish mustard oil would do me wonders too it would be fabulous…massaging your scalp is good form of blood circulation which then enhances hair growth too…so if you cannot apply oil try brushing your hair a lot as that also helps with the circulation….if you have any scalp condition then try using neutrogena shampoo T Gel and T Sal…the combination really helped my oily scalp :)

    • Anonymous says

      T GEL is HORRIBLE for you. One of the main ingredients comes from fossil fuels (OIL) and is highly dangerous. Some of those chemicals are outlawed in other countries (

  10. says

    If you are feeling that musard oil is not suiting you and leading to hair fall then you should stop using it…there are many other oils to choose from like almond or coconut or even olive oil if you want!!! and, since you are saying you have silky hair, almond oil should suit you….and yes, you can shampoo on daily basis if you feel the need for it or if our hair gets dirty that much but if it doesn’t then its bestter to do it on alterante days or when the hair gets dirty…and choose a shampoo which is mild and has less chemicals…go for herbal shampoos!!!

  11. says


    i use mustard oil very frequently from years. its very affective. i apply both on hair n skin, particularly in winter. it cn b used while u catch cold, very affectively. d most imagine fact of this oil is , it behaive like a pain killer in headache.

  12. says

    Hi Vikas…using almond oil regularly around the eye area helps with the dark circles and lack of iron in the body also gives rise to dark circles to increase iron intake through diet!!!

  13. Anonymous says

    hi swati a very happy new year and thanks for the quick turn around ….will try and keep you posted ….
    apart from the dark circles i am also facing alot of hair loss i have been to alchuri venkat rao a famous ayruvedic doctor in hyd but no luck …
    can you suggest me any remedy for this ????? 5 Years back i went to a saloon for hair straighting since then am facing this problem …
    Regards ,

  14. Anonymous says

    Hi Vikas,
    I don’t know if your hair problem is solved, but i have heard about oil pulling helping with such problem. Please check and give it a try it worked for me.


  15. Anonymous says

    Thanks everyone for your infos.At least as far as the skin issue goes, I can definitely say that mustard oil works wonders.I have tried it myself.The other day i was like scratching all over my body due to severe itching. Couldn’t sleep at night too.The next day I took a cool shower,pat my body dry and applied (cooking)mustard oil over my body. To my greatest relief ,the itching stopped.From that day,I’ve been continuing this process.I don’t know what the cause of itching was (maybe some kind of allergy or dry skin),but it has stopped now.So people out there, you should try mustard oil for your skin (you certainly remember your childhood when your grandmother or mother did it for you,don’t you?). I approve it!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says

    I’ve been using ground Mustard Powder mixed in conditioner and lotion for my scalp and body. I have an outbreak of unknown origin and I’m trying this new treatment. Any thoughts on the diffrence between regular Coleman’s Mustard Power and Mustard Oil? Diffent properties? Should I add some oil to my treatment? How much? Will just a few drops be enough?

    • says

      hey…first of all, I have no idea why you mixing mustard powder with lotion and conditioner??? do you wash it off afterwards or is it after bath??? conditioner should not be used on scalp and I am sorry but I can’t give any comments on the whole procedure you are doing as I have never tried it. yes, you can use oil but are you sure your breakouts are not due to mustard powder itself???

  17. Anonymous says

    hey swathi.. can u help me out.. im 20rs old female.. n my hair started graying.. im very upset about it.. can u please help me out what to use??

    • says

      hi…use mustard or sesame oil regularly to oil your hair. they help prevent hair graying but it will take sometime to show the results. and, if it is hereditary, there is very little one can do!!!

    • JAM says

      Itchy feet? Do you mean restless feet? It it mosquitoes or other bugs, some like the smell of feet. If not I would ask the doctor next time you see them. Don’t wait too long.

      Restless feet or legs are a different matter a recent Indian research paper did a preliminary investigation on multi B vitamins with folate. They are following it up now to isolate the most effective.

      From my experience, it really works. I take a full strength multi B with folate at night. Not all the time but whenever I feel I need it. After 2 days my restless legs disappeared. (30 years I suffered interrupted sleep from this)

      As a temporary cure. Cold will also stop it. A fan blowing across your feet, don’t cover them with the blankets in winter, hang your legs in the pool, put your feet in a bowl of cold water, ice even.

    • Anonymous says

      Restless legs usually relates to lack of Magnesium not B vitamins (though B’s are obviously important as well).

  18. Anonymous says

    I want to try using mustard oil and Sesame oil for my facial skin.Pl suggest which oil shud i use ,regular cooking oil any particular brand do you suggest.

  19. says

    Hello you suggest using mustard oil regularly. I usually wash my hair once a week because I don’t want to put heating tools to it daily. Should I continue to wash weekly and then use the mustard oil or should I wash daily? Please inform. Thanks

  20. Anonymous says

    Hey shwati this is suzsi… Could i use cooking mustard oil on my hair scalp. My forehead becomes big due to hair loss, suggest me for a better result. I have used Reeta for hair wash in my child hood. My hair was long, strong and esply black. When stpd eating Non-veg i have lost everything. Now am 21 years old none of my folk agree with my tiny hair as of now when comparing the past. So I always just people not to stop eating NV at any cost. k let me have the reply for my previous query. Thankz & regards

  21. Anonymous says

    I have hair loss and my friend suggested mustard oil, I put too much on and rubbed the rest on my face and neck, couple hours later I looked in the mirror and really did notice my skin did look better!

  22. Anonymous says

    It did work for my skin but today my palms are really itchy n parts are flakey, I only used the oil first time yesterday so I’m not sure if its an allergic reaction from the oil or something else cos my face is fine :-S

  23. Sami London UK says

    Hi sweat swati,
    Does mustard oil works to eliminate dandruff and can help reproducing the hair follicle….?
    When initially start using mustard oil first few days you will assume you are losing lot of hairs with mustard but, days after regular using you will come back to favour and support mustard oil.. Please let me know about dandruff and hair follicile please…..?
    Sami London UK

  24. Anonymous says

    I am 56 years old and have grey hair only in front, can i use mustard oil it can
    help? how often should i apply it? thanks

  25. Anonymous says

    Wow Swati I have never tried any of these remidys yet, but from what I’ve read on this blog, I’m really impressed!! I just wanna say God Bless You!! U r an angel n this world needs more people like yourself to help the ones in need :-) thank you so much for answering to everyone’s questions! Truly u must b a great person!! Cheers Swati :)

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi swati…i had a baby 9months back after tht noticing tooo means tooo much of hairfall…heard equal mixier of mustard,almond oil mix to put on hair its stop hairfall.and apply castor oil for night…plz let me know what hairoil and herbal shamppoo should i used.wait for your reply

    • says

      do not use castor oil alone. mix it with other oils. mustard and almond oil does help a lot. you can also use sesame oil. but, also, postpartum hair fall gets ok with time…its just due to hormones…don’t worry much about it :)

  27. Anonymous says

    hi swati…thanks for the much portion of castor oil should used with other oil mix… for regularly base…like amla,coconut,and castor? or castor,almond,and mustard?together and should be equal part any other oil used with castor oil as per your guideline to stop hairfall…..and which mustard oil should buy ex{dabur mustard oil?}…any remedy for weight loss too needed from you….once again thankyou sooo much for the info.

    • says

      castor oil and any other oil can be use in 50-50 percentage. i would recommend 24 letter mantra mustard oil only. you can find it on for weight loss, you can check under the categories page in the navigation bar :)

      yes, scalp massage improves blood circulation and that would improve the root strength and thickness of the hair :)

    • Anonymous says

      swati sorry to asking question again on again b,coz i am so worried for hairfall thatwhy want to make sure which oil should to used with other oil mix in equal quatity..which is the best oil to stop hairfall.. and if used castor oil with other oil{coconut,almond,mustard} what are the effect of castor oil…if i m not using castor oil with other oil so which one should i go for it heard coconut,almond,mustard…..only mustard,almond oil work out good ..

  28. Anonymous says

    swati want to know with these oil mix all together in amla,coconut,and castor? or castor,almond,and mustard? i can get hair growth thicker and root strength tooo

  29. Anonymous says

    hey swati i am suffering from hairloss which hair oil should i put to stop hair..castor,almond,mustard mix all and put in hair plz let me know..thanks

  30. sana says

    hi swati ,,can both mustard oil + bajaj almond oil can be used in hair in same equal quality to stop hairfall and give hairgrowth ..wait for your reply

  31. Anonymous says

    Hi can you tell me whether.. Mustard oil helps in making the skin tone changed to little brighter or little fair.

  32. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,
    can you suggest me which oil works best to stop hair fall mixing with mustard oil i am having too much of hairfall pls let me know

  33. Anonymous says

    Hye swati reading about oil i have too much hairfall..i mix coconut,bajaj amlonds drops,mustard,castor will it work if i put brahmipowder and amla i have oil and powder too so which should i goo for in mixing oil hence i din’t find leaves here and which olive oil should to be mix,,cooking one ?

    • says

      hi Pinki…first of all, why do you wanna mix so many oils??? yes, I know I have posted such a recipe long long back in ancient times but are you sure all of these oils suit you coz brand and texture sometimes varies and it might not suit hair so I would suggest you to stick to only one oil and do not use brahmi powder and amla immediately…I mean you need to infuse them in the oil which takes about a month so you can either leave a bit of oil infused separately for a month or you can use the powder to create hair masks every week. for olive oil, i would suggest extra virgin and cold pressed. yes cooking ones are better for hair. and, instead of bajaj almond drops, go for rogan badam…its purer :)

  34. Anonymous says

    hey when i asked different people that which hair oil they r using,, i got different answer ,eg- coconut , awala,,etc.. on top of that they say ” i am suffering from hair loss ” ::::

    plz tell me is MUSTARD oil is really helpful for hair. Because i am totally confused that which oil to be used or which one is best.

    plz help me out.

  35. Anonymous says

    hye swati i m having to much hairfall and thinning hair i was having very thick hair but now and seeing some little bald patches in frontline of hair plz suggest come homemade cure plz just want to mention too i had a baby 1 yrs back is this due to pregencey?

  36. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati… :)
    I am 25 and suffering with lot of hair fall.
    I have read ur blog and found that Mustard oil is really beneficial..Wanna ask u few things…

    Will mustard oil help me regain my lost hair..??

    Should i use the regular cooking mustard oil on my scalp or is there any different kind of mustard oil available for only scalp / skin use..??

    And for more better results can u suggest wat else can be mixed with mustard oil…??

  37. says

    Hey swati.. u have definetly given wonderful advices.. thank u so much for dat. I wanted to ask .. i bought mustard it is a cooking oil.. can i continue using it for my face n hairs. I have very thin and silky straight hairs. Is it ok if i use mustard oil . And can u people pls suggest me natrual things i can do for quick long hair growth. Thank u.

  38. says

    Hey swati.. u have definetly given wonderful advices.. thank u so much for dat. I wanted to ask .. i bought mustard it is a cooking oil.. can i continue using it for my face n hairs. I have very thin and silky straight hairs. Is it ok if i use mustard oil . And can u people pls suggest me natrual things i can do for quick long hair growth. Thank u.

  39. says

    Hey swati thank u so much for ur wonderful advice uptil now. I wanted to ask.. i today bought mustard oil bt it is an cooking oil. Is it okay if i conyinue using it for my face and hairs. And one more thing pls.. i have very thin yet straight silky medium length haairs.. wat can i go to increase the volume … anf i want my hairs to grow longer and longer soon.. i have my cousins marraige in one n a half month n i want my hairs to grow long til den.. wat can i do..? Thank u

  40. Anonymous says

    Hi SWATHI…:)
    Ur work is really awesome.I have few queries about the mustard oil usage to face and hair,plz help me out.
    -can we use it for oil skin?
    -can we apply the oil to face during summer? (one of my frnd adviced not to use bcoz of sweating)
    -after applying to face can we go out? (i m worried about pollution)
    -after applying it to hair ,how many hrs we should leave it on?

    • says

      instead of mustard, i would suggest sesame for skin. yes oil can be applied to face but care should be taken that it is not sticky and doesn’t clog the pores! if its non-sticky, yes you can go out but otherwise no. its better to leave it overnight but 2-3 hours is also ok :)

  41. Anonymous says

    Hey there, So I have heard mustard oil is good for the skin. I have developed a patch of spider veins on my back thigh and heard this was good also a good home remedy. So i was wondering if maybe you have heard any truth to this as well? Thank you…and great article!

  42. Anonymous says

    hi swati .. wondrful post ..makes u feel optimistic .. i had grt hair .. bt aftr i joined swimming dey hv bcm srsly damaged ..will mustard oil help sort out d damage ? thnx vry much :) <3

  43. Anonymous says

    hi …. im a student.. in recent days, my hair present in my forehead have started falling… it s about to be becoming bald… so plz tell a home based remedy…. it is very urgent… plz help me soon to make hair growth in my forehead as i had before.. plz reply soon …

  44. Angi says

    Thanks for all the comments on Mustard Seed Oil. I just purchased on Amazon. I pray it helps my hair. I will need to locate a Store that sells it if I c results..

  45. says

    Hi Swathi..I want to know using mustard oil to body one in a while ..will it increase hair growth on body? I already have thick hair on body…

  46. says

    Please am from south side..All are saying mustard oil wil produce heat in we should not use that.
    And also if we use the oil after we go to sunlight the uv rays wil creat some skin infections like that.Please answer me

    • says

      ummm…i am pretty sure sun’s rays do not cause any skin infections! but, yes, mustard oil produces heat in the body so use sesame oil and keep it only for an hour and wash off. don’t keep oil in hair when you are out because it attracts more dust!

  47. says

    Am jeya From south side..I want to know the benefits of mustard oil to be used in southern side..Please guide me whether i can use the oil for skin hair &body..All are saying tat it wil produce heat in our body…
    After using tat oil if we go to sunlight becaus of uv rays do we get skin infections..Please answer me

    • says

      and, no if you oil your skin and go into sun, nothing will happen but i would suggest to apply sunscreen instead of oil while going in sun. apply oil at night.

  48. says

    hi swati..I want my hair to grow and to get thicker. I am so confused about the mustard oil. What would be best, to use just mustard oil on my hair and scalp or should it be mixed first with another oil? If you think it is best to mix, what would be the best oil…castor oil, almond oil, etc? What should the ratio of it be?
    Would it be ok to use the mustard oil on the hair and scalp everynight?


    • says

      you can use mustard oil neat. you can also use castor oil but then mix mustard and castor oil in the ratio of 75-25 with castor being 25. its quite thick. do not use it every night coz then you will have to wash your hair everyday. make it thrice a week on alternate days. try to apply warm oil.

  49. says

    Thanks dear swathi…can u suggest any brand for sesame oil to be applied on skin…I want to ask u onemore thing i.e., whether it is advisable to use neelibringhadhi oil for hair..also please instruct me how to use daily usage or like oil bath…Please answer me..Raja neelibringhadhi oil

    • says

      i would suggest 24 letter mantra but that is available in hyderabad and online on which delivers only in major cities! yes, neelibrigandi is good for hair. i would not suggest any oil to be used daily on hair because you will have to shampoo it everyday. apply oil on hair on alternate days like thrice a week.

    • says

      whether mayonnaise can be used for face…can u say me some tips for getting clear skin..i dont have pimples… but my skin wil have something lik sensitive skin..

  50. Anonymous says

    Okay, my turn . . . EVERY TIME I shave my legs, within less than 24 hours, my legs ITCH . . .like crazy !!!! It drives me crazy. I wake up in the morning with bloody spots on my legs because while I am asleep, i guess I scratch at it. Well after reading about mustard seed on the internet, I went out and bought a big bottle of it (only this size available), I put it all over my legs. . . all I can say is that MY LEGS ARENT ITCHING right now !!!!!!! Lets see what happens tonight. Will report back for sure ! I am crossing my fingers and toes that this might be my answer. By the way, it doesnt matter what shavers I use and what type of hair removal cream . . . I have even tried Epil shaving system. . . so lets see what happens !!! Thanks for the info. I will also try in my hair for the few grey hairs and just healthy hair ! THANKS A TON !

  51. Anonymous says

    hi im just wondering if you could give me some advice. I have heard mustard oil is very good gor tightening saggy skin is this true because I have just had a baby but now have a saggy belly and alot of stretch marks aswell would yhis help with thhat if so how would I use it do I need to buy a certain type ect. thanks.

    • says

      i am not sure if mustard oil specifically helps with that!! but, i can suggest you to go for sesame oil instead. its considered to be better for skin. it sure will help with sagging skin when coupled with regular exercise but getting rid of stretch marks is really difficult!

  52. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,
    I am afro american, i have been educating myself on the mustard oil. does it help hair growth when you have enzema and i also read about the heat in the mustard oil produce heat in your body.. what if your having hot flashes.. should i not use mustard oil..


    • says

      i have no idea if it works with eczema. also, i don’t really think it is so hot that it will give you trouble along with hot flashes. i don’t really have much experience with it. may be you can use coconut oil instead in such a case!!

  53. says

    I have gone through the article and came to know the benefits of mustard oil. I have a severe hair fall, I have decided to stop it by using mustard oil. I went to grocery store to purchase mustard oil but all I could find is mustard oil for ethnic cooking. So, I would like to know whether I can use cooking oil for skin and hair? Is it safe ? Awaiting ur reply.

  54. Somanath says

    Hi swathi iam somanath. New Year Greetings to You.
    I Read each and every ones queries and question raised to you and you have given answees to each and everyone very well. my problem is that iam 30yrs old and iam married. my wife me to have a very hairy body as she loves it. i have hairs on my chest but not thick ones but she loves and want me to have thick hairy body. the worst part is that i have hairs on my chest and tighs only. what should i do to get thick hairy body and thick mush. I tried shaving many times but all in vain no positive results. pls suggest me. will i get as she desired or not if yes whst all should i need to do to get it? If no then the reason as to why? Pls help me pls. i want to fulfill hr desire.

  55. Anonymous says


  56. Anonymous says


  57. Anonymous says


  58. Anonymous says

    Pure 100% Mustard Oil is available in few Pharmacy store here in Saudi Arabia., Is it more better to use this pure oil in darkening gray hair and nourishing skin rather than the cooking Mustard Oil?. Thanks my name is Frank.

  59. says

    Iam confused what to use for my hair mustard oil or sesame oil to any how Ia using sesame oil for last three months weekly two times but no use my hair is turning white slowly,kindly suggest a solution

  60. says

    I have terrible scars from falls and on my hands from when my cat used to scratch too deeply (I am type one diabetic so I don’t heal well either).
    Any recommendations on how to apply – directly? Diluted in coconut oil? And how often would you suggest putting this on my skin?
    I’ve tried over 20 different things and I’m HUGE on essential oils.
    Thank you!

  61. Anonymous says

    My face is oily one so i dun knw wat to use for my face to remove the pimples . Any suggestions. Kindly waiting for reply .

  62. Anonymous says

    Mustard oil is very good for people who suffer from pain or kala jadoo it wards of evil. If u r loosing hair u could be short on iron. Grapes and apple are good for hair.

  63. says

    I have Mustard Oil. Never used it until now. First this website showed up very first on Google. That is just great. Now, I am going to use it for grey hair to see if that works. Also, it is said that it improves Alzheimer…that is why I came to this website….We shall see if that works….

  64. Anonymous says


    i will apply coconut oil to my hair daily and take head bath weeekly.
    iam planing to replace coconut oil with mustered oil for daily use and want to take head bathweeekly once.

    Could you please suggest is that goood to applu mustered oil daily?

    • says

      do not apply any oil daily because then you will wash your hair daily. follow the same routine and you can keep using different oils one after another. mustard oil can also be used!!

  65. Anonymous says

    I am swathi(25 years) iam suffering from grey hair problem last 5 years plz suggest how to revert to black hair
    Can i use mustard oil with amla powder r any other best tip for my problem
    Its not only mine so many people are waiting for your answer plz help me..

    • says

      hi Swathi. sorry for the delay!! okay, first, it is not really possible to revert to black hair. my husband also has the same issue so just in case i ever find something which worked on him, i shall definitely share.

      having said that, sesame and mustard oils are said to bring back the melanin in the new hair!! so, use either of the oils. yes, you can infuse with the amla powder. also, infusing the oil with curry leaves is also said to work!! hope this helps :)

  66. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati

    I am suffering from vitiligo(white patches on skin) for over 10 years. I have recently heard about applying mustard oil. Is this true, and do I apply it alone or mix it with something else?

    I also have scars on my forehead from stitches that I got when I was involved in a car crash. Do u have any solutions to this.

  67. kitty says

    Hey Swati loved the article and even i swear by benefits of mustard oil. But i have a question?? does shelf life of mustard oil decreases if i mix it with coconut and castor oil & some fragrance and store it for further use??

    • says

      Hi kitty, I am pretty sure the shelf life would not decrease but if you are skeptical, it is better to mix the oil in small batches and finish using the existing one before mixing the second!

  68. Kankana says

    hi swati! nice article. have viewed you website and found quiet informative. thanks.
    Now coming to my concern, I have a year old baby boy. since his birth my doctor asked not to use any oil for massaging and I followed the same. Now as the winter is entering i feel it is needed to massage him and so I gave a thought of massaging him with mustard oil mixing it with turmeric but confused about the proportion. can u suggest in this regard.

  69. sara says

    H! Hope u r Fyn! Am having grey hair for past three four years, Am Really worried abt it bcoz Am jus young aged gal, Is mustard oil helpfull to gain me black hairs? if so how much period it takes… pls say me remedy nd help me sistr

    • says

      hi Sara. there is no particular time period in which gray hair would turn black. it depends on your hair makeup and other factors as well. also, why you are getting gray hair should also be looked into. for now, I can just say that there is no other option than coloring your hair. and, side by side you can keep applying mustard oil.

  70. Eshana Bhattacharjee says

    I mix 1/2 part of Mustard oil, 1/4 part castor oil and 1/4 part of coconut oil with 4-5 drops of honey and apply it on face twice-thrice a month. After rubbing it on face for 5 minutes, dirts come out from pores on its own. After leaving it for five more minutes, I wet a towel with warm water and wipe the oil gently off my face. I have been doing this for past 2 years, and touchwood, I do not have any impurities on my face as other girls do. It keeps my skin supple, glowing.
    P.S. Mustard oil is a staple food ingredient in Bengal, so I’ve seen my grandparents use it all over body, face and hair irrespective of any season. And now I realize how fool I was not listening to them :)

  71. Sona says

    Hi,I hav visited many blogs n vl read d comments but never thought of giving a comment.ths is d first n that too coz of ur cute smile like me :) I hav a question, is it nessasary to use a cold processed mustard oil ? Coz I’m in Blore n here it’s alrdy very cold. Also I would like to knw ,whether this oil help to increase body heat to prevent from cold n flu?

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