Yoga to reduce weight

Today, I would be sharing with you a yoga asana which helps in reducing weight. It is the Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana or Anuloma Viloma). It not only helps in reducing your weight, but it has lot of potential health benefits. It helps in cleaning and rejuvenating your vital channels of energy. Some other benefits are:

  • The exercise produces optimum function to both sides of the brain: optimum creativity and optimum logical verbal activity. This creates a more balanced person, since both halves of the brain are functioning property.
  • best technique to calm the mind and the nervous system.
  • helps in combating asthma.
  • balances body weight. Increases it if you are too weak or decreases it if you are overweight. 
The videodescribes the step by step procedure of anuloma-viloma breathing exercise.


  1. says

    Hey Babita
    Well, you are actually not supposed to perform
    any kind of exercise after having meals. You can perform this exercise either early in the morning just after waking up or before eating anything or you should wait for 2-3 hours after having meals to perform exercises. This gives the time for the body to digest the food. And, after doing yoga or any other exercise, you should wait for 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything.

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