Use ‘Sunnipindi’ on you or your baby {Skin Care}

Today, I would be sharing with you a very old age home remedy for glowing skin. ‘Sunnipindi’ is the powdered form of dried green gram dal (mung dal in Hindi). I am not very sure that you can get this powdered form in the market easily. So, time to make it. Not to worry. Its not a very difficult thing. Buy preferred quantity of green gram dal (with ‘chilka’ or its outer skin covering). It will be green in color as shown in the image.

Method: Air dry them in direct sun light. Grind them to get powdered green gram dal.You should mix 1/4 quantity of rice to the total quantity of green gram dal while grinding.You can include turmeric in the mixture. Remember to use the turmeric sticks instead of the commercially available packets.
1. Use it as a face scrub. Mix it with water, milk or honey and apply on face and body. It gives you glowing skin and removes all blemishes within a very short period.And, also removes facial hair. ‘Sunnipindi is more effective that ‘Besan’.
2. Use this mixture instead of soap while having bath. It is completely natural and a very old custom.
3. You should use this on babies too. Using it on babies removes the roots of their body hairs before they get strong and your babies will grow hairless (on body).
4. And, if you do not feel like using it everyday, you can use it weekly once. Oil your whole body nicely and stay for 30 minutes to 1 hour before bath. Then use the mixture to scrub your body. You should use this mixture without diluting it in water. Or, you can mix it in milk and then use it as a whole body scrub.

Do you use sunnipindi on your skin?ย 

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  1. Anonymous says

    its so wonderful………
    if i had read it before my baby had not enough hairs on her body and specially on her face..

    she is 15moths can i still use this on her face to remove hairs on her forehead….

    • savita says

      Hi my baby is 4 years old and I want her skin tone to be fair n flawless can I use green gram dal scrub method or anything else u can suggest me…

      • says

        hi Savita. do not really worry about the skin color of the baby. try using it and see if your baby’s skin is fine with it. if there is any rash or redness, stop using it.

  2. says

    You can start using sunnipindi on your baby anytime. Since she is only 15 months old, the hair roots would not be very strong so it is still easy to get rid of the hairs. You can make it a part of daily routine for as long as you want. And, using this powder would be better because using soap causes your skin to lose its softness gradually due to the chemicals present. Many people use it as a body polisher instead of soap irrespective of their ages.

    • Ravi says

      Can sunnipindi b used by 25 years old male, will I lose my beard? Have some scars on my face. Pls help.

      • says

        hi Ravi. no sunnipindi can not remove the male beard because it is quite thick. it only can remove the baby hairs actually which is why it is advised to use them right when the baby is born!
        and, for the scars, i would instead suggest using potato or tomato juice. they help lighten the scars over time. use for one week at night, apply the juice, let it dry and wash off. follow with moisturiser. that’s it! you should see some difference after a week of daily usage.

  3. Zahra says

    Using any porous ingredients like besan or green gram etc is an excellent polisher as already specified earlier but to scrub ur skin on daily basis is never a good practice especially if the skin is as tender as that of a baby’s.Moreover hair growth has got nothing to do with it roots as they are only source of nutritional supply to the growing follicle.Its actually the stem cells that are responsible for hair growth else why do you think that even after repeated sessions of procedures like threading or waxing that actually uproots the hair it keeps growing back? Unless the stem cells are damaged hair will not stop growing which is possible only through lasers or other light based tecnologies.Hair on new borns are called as vellus hair which will have its own shedding cycle after which you will find that the faces become more clear.Hence avois using anything harsh on skins as daily routines.

  4. says

    Hi Zehra
    I can not contradict your comments but it is true that it does give results because I have seen that with my own eyes. And, the scrubbing has to be done very gently.
    Regarding the hair roots, if you remove the development of hair follicles right from starting, they do not tend to grow back. You might know that if you do waxing on a regular basis, the hair growth decreases and eventually stops all together. It is the same theory. The only difference is that by scrubbing from a very young age, the hair roots never get time to get strengthened and they come of easily. And, it is not bad for babies skin. Actually, it is quite harmless and the best thing is that the skin stays baby soft even of you age. I have seen this in my niece and I can vouch for that.
    Hope that this convinces you. I welcome your comments.

  5. Anonymous says

    do you have to make bean sprouts ( the picture looks like moong dal soaked in water and then allowed to sprout) then dry in the sun and then make a powder?? Is that right?


  6. says

    You can directly grind the moong dal beans. Need not soak it in water. Because, if you allow it to sprout, you will have to again dry it and then grind it. The beans are already in dried form so need not go through all the pain.

  7. pooja says

    hi…i have more facial hair.I am a 25 yrs lady..can this work 4 me??plz tell tell me diff solution for facial hair..only home remedies i want..

  8. says

    Hi pooja…yes, this remedy does work on any age person but the only thing is that you really need to be persistent…if you apply this daily and scrub it in opposite direction, you should notice difference in around 1 month…if you apply weekly, the difference might not be much….be patient and follow it…unfortunately there are very less home remedies for unwanted hair… can also use besan instead of mung dal but the result would be less visible in same time….hope this helps…one tip which i’ll give you is to apply a drop of oil before applying this pack on your face…not more than a drop…that would ensure easy removal of your pack….scrubbing in opposite direction of the hair growth is essential so scrub from down to up…..hope this helps….do get back in case of doubts.take care and do not forget to post the results :)

    • sija says

      Hi Swathi,
      I am 28 yrs lady.I have facial hair. Because of threading, my chin and upper lip hair became thick. please suggest me wherher this helpful for me also.

      If not, please suggest me any home remedy.


  9. S says

    Thank you for the detailed information. When you say scrub it, do you mean that there is no need to was it and just scrub it in opposite direction when it dries? Thank you.

  10. says

    Hey S..ok yes, this might have been really confusing…I had done the masoor dal post earlier than this one…oh shit I am sorry I read the comments and realized now that I commented in the wrong post :( I’ll edit them to avoid confusion….

    masoor dal is not for facial hair….it is just a body scrub…if you wanna remedies for facial hair, use mung dal or even besan but besan will take a lot of time to show result so in short mung dal is more effective…sorry for faux pas :)

    and regd the usage apply it on your face and let it dry then remove the paste by scrubbing upwards in short strokes…be gentle but be firm…it might hurt a little in the starting but do not worry it would not harm your skin and regd masoor dal, do not use it on face like this because it is lot more coarse and rough than mung dal and can really harm your skin but it is great for just applying for complexion purposes

    do this daily if you want to notice results…it would not take more than 15 min…I used to do this at one point of time and noticed results…mix it with milk or milk cream…if you mix it with honey you would not be able to remove it by scrubbing…you will just have to wash it because honey does not dry…you can also use curd or rose water too but my choice is raw milk…

    one tip is that oil your face before scrubbing…take a few drops of any oil and massage your face nicely…originally ghee (homemade) was used for this…wait for 5 minutes and apply the mask and while removing again rub a little ghee or oil on your hands and scrub…ghee will reduce the friction and the scrubbing would be easier in case the paste dries too hard for removal…hope this helps :)

  11. S says

    Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I’ll follow the moong dal routine and let you know about the results.

    Your blog is very informative. Again, thanks very much for the efforts you take to maintain the blog.

    • says

      Hi. My son is 3 years old.. Can you suggest some home remedies to be easily followed daily to enhance his complexion. I was using Kasturi Manjal mixed with green gram powder. But people warned me that this might stop hair growth on his body. Since he is a boy i would want him to have hair on his body. Hence suggest some good home remedies please.


  12. says

    my baby is 25 days old it was very fair initially but its has become quite darker skin of the baby. can any one suggest wat is remedy i can do or thos sunnipindi is useful it can give any results.

  13. says

    hi Prathyusha….first thing is not to take the baby into sunlight of the afternoons and second is that sunnipindi does help with complexion but not that much and the skin of the babies tends to change color with time so you can really do nothing about it but you can apply aloevera gel on his/her body daily…it helps with the complexion!!! or, may be the good old turmeric + besan remedy!!!

    • Anonymous says

      its mostly because of some other processed product like castor oil that is available in general stores- it is not good for babies. Instead get double refined ones usually available in Medical shops.
      Similarly get the powder fresh and not packed ones off the shelf.

      Always apply coconut oil for rashes. It works like miracles. leave the rash area open for quicker healing.

  14. shiny says

    i have combination skin n having pimples n pores n dark spots in my body s fairer then my face.. whether dis home remedy ll help to get rid of my face problem…can i add vettiver(grass) wid dis remedy..pls help me out

    • says

      hey Shiny…oh yes, definitely go ahead use vettiver if you have it….its one of the ingredients in sunnipindi but not as easily available so I didn’t mention it :)

    • says

      and, Shiny, the reason for your fairer body than face is because you face is probably tanned a lot so use this remedy coupled with regular sunscreen application….that will definitely help you :) also, you can mix the sunnipindi in yogurt. it helps remove tanning.

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati. Lovely blog.
    Btw is vetiver available in North India? Is it called khus khus? I really want to try this. And is the oil form used?

  16. Anonymous says

    So I guess the oil of Khas khas is used, huh Swati? ANd how much to mix in the scrub?
    I have been trying to go completely no poo for sometime but couldn’t find anything adequate for the body. This is great.
    Ooh and your blog is like a treasure. You have put so much effort into, it’s brilliant. Ok, I am rambling now. Will be reading all your past posts nonstop now.

    • says

      don’t mix it in the scrub beforehand….only use it when you are going to use the scrub and add a 5 drops to the scrub if using only on face and neck or add 15 drops for complete body scrub!!! thanks for your kind words :) but, yes, don’t try to go no poo for hair. its not healthy unless you find a really great hair cleanser!!!

  17. Atika says

    I’m very happy to hear about this remedy as i have been looking for different remedies these days to remove facial/body hair on my 5 month old baby. Is it completely safe to use it on the baby’s face? And can you please tell me the entire procedure on how to use it on babies? Also, she has a little unibrow you think sunnipindi will her remove those hair in unibrow?

    • says

      hi Atika…I have no idea what a unibrow is but yes, this is safe on a baby’s skin as well but make sure that you don’t overdo it. use it as a scrub on the baby’s skin. I am not sure if this works on the unibrow. I think you can deal with the unibrow when she gets a little older coz doing anything right now can be damaging for her skin.
      wet the baby’s skin and take this powder and scrub it dry on her skin. do not mix the powder with water. if you have massaged her skin with oil, then do mix this powder with water / milk and then use the scrub.

  18. Anonymous says

    hi my baby is now 4 months old I saw your masoor dal post,so i mixed green moong dal and chana dal and masoor dal and little rice and grinded to smooth paste,and I am using with milk and bathing the baby with that.Had this powder made harm to my baby’skin?

    • says

      hi…no, it will not harm unless the scrub is not too harsh…just to make sure, use the scrub on your back of the neck and judge for its harshness. if it feels soft and smooth, then its fine for your baby too :) but, I would still advise using only chana dal and moong dal as they are soft enough.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi! I love your blog so much! If i continuously use this on my body will it reduce or completely remove my body hair, like on my arms and legs? Thank you so much :)

    • says

      hey thanks a lot :)
      you can use it daily but it will take time to show the results and depends on your hair type as well!!! their density, texture and thickness. it won’t completely remove hair immediately but it will definitely show results if used daily…hope this helps :)

  20. says

    i used it…frstly its kindof difficult to wash of…n secondly it was difficult to scrub it out when completly dried..infact my face has turned red from many areas.!

    • says

      no, its not at all difficult to wash off!!! did u make it at home??? how did you use it??? I have used it and after using it I wrote the post so kinda weird-ed by your comments ๐Ÿ˜€
      regd. the second point, totally agree. if it gets too dry, its damn difficult to get rid of. so, a tip is either remove it when its like almost dry or if you find the paste too dry on the face, always damp your hands (don’t soak them wet, only damp) and then scrub it off. you will find it comes off easily!!
      hope this helps :)

      • says

        hi Sandhya, please apply the ice cubes and aloevera gel to your face to calm it down. may be the besan did not suit your skin. is is organic or did you mix anything else in it?

        • jayanthi says

          Hi Swati mam,

          my girl baby is 2 years old..her skin tanning now.. kindly suggest home remedies what i can follow in regular basis..


  21. Anonymous says

    I heard there are so many things to add up to make “Sunni Pindi” like chandan, Besan etc…, If i do as you mentioned above will it work, Because i have balck spots on my face and i got sensitive skin, Please Help me……
    Please reply
    priyanka Shetty.

    • says

      hi Priyanka…sorry for not replying earlier!!! just been too busy.
      yes, if you apply sunnipindi, it will definitely help. but, I would also suggest you to check out this post:
      use them for black spots and pigmentation. they really help. use these home remedies at night. also, you can also use potato slices for dark spots too. it suits sensitive skin.
      but, you will have to be patient with these remedies and give them time to show results. do them regularly on every night or alternate nights for a month. and, don’t forget to apply sunscreen in the morning. it goes a long way to prevent age spots and dark spots.

  22. Anonymous says

    Thanks for taking out your precious time for me… Hey i really want to know how to make “sunni pindi”. Please help me

  23. Anonymous says

    This is wonderful! I’m from the US and I’m learning about these things. Your blog is extremely helpful! I can’t wait to go to the market to purhase the ingredients!! :)

  24. Saishu says

    Hi. Just today i read about the harmful chemicals in baby soaps and shampoos. I am very much worried as i have a 2 months old baby. can i use this powder on her on daily basis?. Also do you know any natural powder for baby’s hair instead of shampoo?

    • says

      hi Saishu…yes, this can be used daily on the baby but I am not sure of any hair powder. you can check out the rustic art range for babies…the are USDA certified organic company or there is Body Shop baby range products or even Kiehl’s has baby products!!!
      hope this helps :)

  25. says

    hey im sapna .i have a baby 4 yrs old.shes got too much of hair all over her body.shes fair with face but a dark body.she swims n so fully tanned….please help me wat i should do.give me detailed but one remedy…im quiet me.

    • says

      hi Sapna…I would say not to worry too much much about your baby’s tan right now!!! also, use sunscreen regularly on her…that’s very important…I would suggest neutrogena. and, apply proper amount for good protection.
      as a hair removal remedy, i would suggest this:
      this will help with tan too. also, use sunscreen on the baby. once she grows a little, you can use body oil on her. there is one in auravedic which is for skin lightening or something, I am planning to give it a try. will let you know how it goes.

  26. Anonymous says

    my baby is 2yrs old and she has dry skin for that I’m applying body lotion daily 10+ times ,she was very fair color when she born but now she became dark skin.also she is getting rash kind of thing now a days also have small bubbles she scratching them.
    Will this sunnipindi works for her?


    • says

      hey Sapna…it will take some time to get back to the original color…it won’t be within a week or two. and, you need to apply proper amount and regularly apply it on her. do you really do that. also, I would suggest you to use this brand:
      its expensive but it has zinc oxide which is good at protecting the color of the skin. reapply after swimming as well. also, swimming does show changes in skin color coz the water can be causing the tan instead of just the sun ray’s. and, I am guessing its no longer a tan but a fixed thing.
      do one thing – apply tomato slices on her face every night and apply sunscreen properly in the day time:
      and, don’t forget to reapply. use only neutrogena. and, see if there is any difference in skin color in two weeks. also, the color of the skin changes as the baby grows so it might be that she is naturally turning dark. give it time to show results. and, lemme also find out if there is any remedy to it. do let me know how it goes :)

  27. says

    My daughter is 7 yrs old. She has a lot of hairs on face and body(not abnormal). I have started This but still waiting for result…… Will it work? one more thing when i was scrubbing on her leg some dots came up ……….Shud i use anything else for that. She has a dry skin but after using this her skin is now smooth otherwise it gets dry after shower. There are some dark patches on her neck and elbow and knees. that makes her more dark . Can u pl. suggest me what shud i do ?

    • says

      this should definitely work but the results are not visible immediately. it has to be done on a long term basis.
      regd the dark patches, yes, you have to moisturize her body after the bath. regd the dark patches, are they coming because of this usage or were they there since before (may be from birth). I would say use sunscreen on her. I wouldn’t suggest you to use any DIY or anything on her coz she is too young to get into all that. just face wash and moisturize properly. rest, you can take care of as she grows up but don’t forgo sunscreen. hope this helps :)

  28. says

    Thanx a lot for ur reply. These dark patches are not because of this recipe. I dont know when they came but probably for last 2 yrs they are. I used many medicines given by Drs. but no use. sometimes they disappear but come again. Dr. say its eczema but some of them say no eczema. I dont know what is this but it really made my and my daughter’s life a hell. I accept color has no value now a days but on the other hand when somebody ask or make a fun atleast that person (my daughter) gets hurted. She asks me to make her fair like others because she does not like when girls give comments. Anyways i m using ur recipe.lets wait and watch & hope for the option. When she was 2 yrs old she was fair (I used to apply besan and yogurt daily) but after that her color started becoming dark and when she was 5 yrs old then these black patches problem started.

    • says

      hi Sandhya…yes, I do understand how it is when people make fun!!! especially on children it has even adverse effects. one thing I would suggest is sunscreen. another, what I am thinking is that she has probably got hyperpigmentation problem or melanin has been over-produced. gimme sometime and I shall let you know what to be done. oh one more thing is don’t forget to apply adequate amount of sunscreen. it does work wonders!! I will surely get back to you :)

    • says

      Thanx Swati for putting so much effort for my daughter. I rubbed this pack for 20-30 days but i noticed that her skin has become so weak(not due to this pack) it started cracked and bleeding if i rub anything . so i stopped rubbing anything .she feels itching at these areas. I read somewhere so i m applying coconut oil + lemon overnight its working for the itching. I stopped everything and just apply almond paste with milk sometimes adds oil in it while bathing and rinse with water no dry no rubbing………i read forum about glycerine and lemon …. i remember my mom used to apply on my skin in winters……. but really i m confused what shud i do……… i m in Singapore…… whenever i talk to any doctor they say the skin is like that only because of allergy. I dont believe. I will try my best to get my daughter out of this problem if i get support from people like u. I really appreciate ur help and concern. Yes one more thing whenever i apply sunscreen she sweats a lot , i think thats creates more problem . now a days when she goes to school i just put a little bit ayurvedic powder on joints. Pl help me. and tell me also what shud I include in her diet? if u ant then i can send her photos by email.

    • says

      HI Sorry for the late reply…. actually my harddisk got crashed and my daughter was hospitalized due to malaria……..i hope u guys understand ……Do u think omega3 (vegetarian version) can help? i have read a lot abut this but one of my doctor at my hometown says u shud not give until any doctor prescribe it. it may harm. I started applying vasline petroleum jelly. lets see what happens….today when i gave her shower with sunnipindi mixed with water (without rubbing and drying ) she felt very itchy…
      then i apply telco powder on joint areas. In singapore every day weather changes. sometimes it sunny otherwise rainy………what shud i apply while sending her to school? I started honey also i the morning.(with 1 drop tulsi juice or 1 drop of ginger). i need ur suggestions….. waiting……..

    • says

      hey Sandhya…i would rather suggest that you leave your daughter’s skin alone…may be its really allergy!!! how do you know??? yup, don’t give any supplements…see exess of concern for anything leads to rash results so its better to let her grow just like that….u can worry about it later. it might be just that the skin is very sensitive so!! and, i would again suggest to take her to a doc.

    • says

      Hi Swati, u wrote abut oil cleansing , will it be ok for kids like my girl. or i shud not use for kids. well i m also planning to do this oil cleansing for my self.
      I use ayur cleansing milk for giving her shower sometime. Do u think it is ok. or i shud leave it. actually i m sharing everything with u so that i can find out if i m doing wrong with my daughter. I m using this cleansing milk for my son also(3yrs). pl. tell me …….. if i put sun scream on their skin then how shud i clean after they come back from school? i m using biotique red sandal sunscream for both of them and mix with some moisturizer while applying on their face. I need ur advice.

    • says

      hey Sandhya…yup its absolutely safe to use on babies as well so no worries about that and cleansing milk is not a right thing to use for cleaning the skin!!! it only dissolves off the makeup but it leaves its own residue…instead buy handmade soaps for your babies or look for sls free options!! you live in Singapore, right??? there are a lot of organic products available there. you might wanna check out this blog for more info:
      and, instead of using biotique sunscreens for her, honestly, i would suggest marie veronique kids sunscreen. its a physical sunscreen and the brand is also very good :) but, yes, its a bit expensive :( or, may be not a bit but lot more!!! and, you can use these things for yourself as well :)
      and, btw, don’t worry about asking at all :) it makes me feel really special ๐Ÿ˜€ yup, attention seeker ๐Ÿ˜€ btw, in case you want to talk something, you can also mail me at any time :)

    • Anonymous says

      Hey Sandhya,
      Try Kumkumadi Tailam.
      Its ayurvedic and it enhances complexion too. Also no side effects. It soothes dry skin.
      I use Nisha Herbal Kumkumadi Tailam.
      Its good. But there are other brands too..

    • says

      Thanx for the advice. but i would like to know that should i apply this alone on her body or mix with something else. yes one more thing, should i apply on whole body or effected body.Pl. let me know. thanx again… hey Swati, what would u suggest?

    • says

      hey Sandhya…kumkumadi is a good product but you can’t use it for entire body coz its very very expensive…like 1000 bucks for 12ml or something!!! its more for face and neck kind of thing :)

  29. Anonymous says

    hi there, thanks alot for ths amazing info, i was searching for sunnipindi eversince i heard of it. had 2ask u, do i need to oil my baby before scrubbing or its jus for adults?? shez 8months old. she has a lot of fine hair on her forehead, ears n side burns. i’m quite scared to massage on her face as her skin is vry sensitive..
    and do u have any advice on how to enhance my baby’s complexion??

    • says

      yes, its better if you massage the oil…don’t worry, do it with a light hand…isn’t there any massage lady for the baby??? its done na!! use this and this will also preserve her complexion :)
      and, keep her away from direct sunlight as much as possible!!

    • Anonymous says

      oh thanks for replying.. no i dont have any massage lady, i live in saudi arabia, bt i regularly massage her with oils b4 bathing..
      thank u though.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks. pls lemme know how frequent i hav 2use it on my baby n for adults too?? n when will we b able 2see d results?
      Thank u.

    • says

      it can be used daily :)
      for babies – if you do it from early age, they will practically be hair less.
      for adults – can take up to 6 months of daily usage depending on the thickness of the hair growth!!! but, in one month, you should see significant results.

    • Anonymous says

      Hello again, m using sunnipindi on my daughter regularly. n i wanna use it for my face too. bt i have very acne prone skin. please tell me, will this scrub worsen my acne if used on daily basis? coz i’ve read in an article dat daily scrubbing worsens acne. Thank u.

    • says

      try using it once but do not scrub. just apply and then wash off without scrubbing and put more of besan than masoor dal to reduce the scrubbiness of the mix!! in this way, you can use it on daily basis. yes, daily scrubbing worsens acne so be very sure not to scrub. just use as a mask!

  30. Sonali Samantaray says

    i am 23 year old i have too much of hair in my body i want to get ride of this permanetly . will this method help to vanish my body hair completly after daily apply. should i scrub after it become dry to remove hair

  31. Anonymous says


    my daughter is 9 months old and i started using moong dal flour and milk with little almond oil to bathe her(She is quite hairy). After using it i felt that she darkened a bit. Need your suggestions to improve her complexion.

    • says

      protect her from sun light at all times….and, the skin color does change for the babies. I would not suggest you to use anything on her to improve her complexion. let her first grow and then you can try other things.
      also, you can do one thing – mix orange peels powder (ground at home) and almond powder to this scrub in 50-50 proportion. that should help with complexion.
      also, try not using milk and see if it helps.

  32. khosi says

    Thanx so much for the wonderfull tips. when using the powder as soap on baby do I scrub and is there a risk of it removing eye brows and lashez

  33. Anonymous says

    hi what a wonderful tip. My daughter is 3 years old n even she has lot of body hair. i have applied besan n turmeric paste and also atta n mustard oil but it didnt help .do u think i should stop all this n start with moong dal. N for a three years old girl how long will it take n in a week how many days should i do.

  34. says

    hi, I’ve found your blog when i was searching for benifits of sunnipindi.
    i’ve few questions
    1) i’m 21 now and have a little facial hair on my chin and recently i noticed new growth on my nose and cheeks as well. i feel embarassed . will using this stop the new growth?
    2) i have a thicker growth on my will this reduce the thickness and darkness of the hair?
    3) will this remedy effect my skin colour at this age? i got this doubt while reading other comments.

    thanks in advance

    • says

      hey…yup, it does stop on being used daily but it has to be used everyday and you should scrub it in opposite direction to hair growth after it dries off. it won’t really help with body hair now that its thick and the roots are strong but you can give it a try but I would suggest you to wax the hair off first so that you can use this one new hairs which grow!!!
      it doesn’t actually darken color but use sunscreen regularly in appropriate amount coz it scrubs away the dead skin cells everyday and skin is sensitive to suntan.

    • says

      also i’ve been suggested by someone that turmeric(natural ..danchina pasupu) mixed with cow milk , applied as a pack also helps for unwanted hair. and then we can use soap as usual while bathing. as this soap removes the yellow colour of turmeric on skin.
      after application of any of these scrubs should we always let it dry and scrub it opposite direction?
      i’ve tried it for 3 months and have observed very little changes as i never scrubbed but rather washed it off.
      now that i think about it its like this sunnipindi recipe .i’ll probably start using it again,with this method of scrubbing.

      can we use soap as usual while taking bath? may be a mild soap (like dove )to retain the moisture. i wish to apply sunnipindi to my face in evenings

    • says

      sorry for the delay….no, nothing beats sunscreen but eating more of tomato might help but i would still suggest external protection as well. yes, turmeric helps and yes, you have to scrub it in the opposite direction. all the homemade scrubs like besan and turmeric and moon dal have to be scrubbed like that for proper results.
      i would suggest you to try face washes instead of soaps for face. they are harsh and you don’t actually need any face wash either if you use sunnipindi. it cleanses the face really well especially when mixed with milk. but, don’t forget to oil cleanse the sunscreen if you use one.

    • says

      Hey Swati , first of all Happy diwali…….again sorry for late reply. Actually there is sth wrong with my laptop i m facing problem with this. Sorry again……
      i did not understand this line” don’t forget to oil cleanse the sunscreen if you use one.”. sometime i apply ayur cleansing milk instead of soap and other things. Is that ok? One of my known doctor recommend medicated alovera cream from india without seeing her. shuld i apply aloevera cream in day time? i heard that we shud not apply aloeera in sunlight. i dont know abut this . pl suggest me.

  35. Anonymous says

    Hey i have a combination pores n pimpless….also spots…i tried dis powder for two weeks as a scrub ….it did giv a glow but caused pimples….and im allergic to besan.
    So can you please tell me whether i got pimples because of using moong dal powder or it might be another reason

    • says

      if you are allergic to besan, don’t use besan!!! besan and moong dal are not same and no you wouldn’t get pimple just coz of this but you might still check by discontinuing this if the pimples subside immediately :)

    • says

      no, its not warm or anything especially since we are not using any herbs but when you scrub it, it does make the skin warm momentarily so that’s something which might make you feel warm.

  36. says

    Dear Swati, My son is four year old and he has hairs on forehead and on face as well. please suggest me what to do. same is happening with my daughter of 15 months old. please help me

  37. Anonymous says

    Hi there, i have problem of facial hair, my face was realy clear a year ago but now the situation is tottaly changed. I wana use sunpindi for my facial hair but i dont know how much turmeric should i use? One cup moong daal and 1/4 cup rice but how much turmeric ?

    • says

      i think it is due to the internal hormonal changes happening. use 40% turmeric and 60% moong dal powder. this way it wouldn’t stain your skin. don’t use rice as it doesn’t suit everyone but if you do want to use, make sure it is not very harsh on your skin and adjust it to sunnipindi or besan or whatever you want to use int hat 60% ratio. keeping all flours equal is also fine :)

  38. says

    Hi! I just came across this page, what great info! I found moong daal powder at my local indian store, would that work too? I have rice powder already, but couldnt get my whole moong daal to grind smoothly. The powder is white, not greem
    Thank you!

    • says

      hi shalina….yes, the one you found at the store will work :) also, moong dal color is white only so don’t worry and just try to make the powder as fine as possible and you can pass it through a fine mesh so you get only the fine powder and the coarse one gets filtered out :)

  39. says

    Hi!, I just tried posting, but it didnt go thru. I came across this and im so excited to try it on my 3 year old! I bought moong daal powder, will that work too? its white, not green though..
    Thank you so much!

  40. says

    hi…read ur post nd ws wondering if it work fr my two year old girl who has body hair ….she had health issues so ws busy wth it ever since she ws born, and i missed the body hairs…cudnt do the basic care…and since have been hearing tht babies get rid of body hairs within frst year,dint and cudnt do much. Now tht m finally free to think bout other things m not sure will this wrk fr her,,,..she has sensitive skin…
    so how do i go bout it nd how often….m nt too wrried fr hands and legs, but m cncerned for hairs on shoulders,back,neck,nose ears….pls suggst…

    • says

      hi Usha…yes it will work for babies as well! first of all if she is so sensitive, try doing a patch test kind of scrub and see how her skin reacts to it. and then you can go for regular usage. this should be done everyday and it is absolutely fine if you do this from now on as well :)
      to prepare the powder, mix all the flours i mentioned above. main are turmeric and moon dal powder and besan. rest are all additives. check the following post for details on the procedure:

  41. Anonymous says

    Hi Wonderful blog really nice information .I have read in other place that we have to mix 7 items to make this powder but you have suggested to mix only moong with turmeric .Is it enough?

  42. says

    hi there,

    Thanks for this information ! :)

    But i have a few doubts.

    1) Does it work on dark circles and pigmentation. i dnt have facial hair issue. My only concern is under eye circle n uneven skin tone. Please let me know if its equally affective for these two at the age of 25.

    2) As you have suggested to apply oil before using the sunni pindi, which oil would be the best for it and is there any specific time to keep the paste on my face as a pack or all i need to do is scrubbing and 10 -15 is sufficing…

    Awaiting your reply !

    Thanks!!! :) :) :)

    • says

      hi Surabhi…scrubbing to get rid of dark circles in not recommended. yes, it works for pigmentation. yes, it is effective at any age.
      sesame oil is generally recommended but almond can also be used. yes scrubbing will suffice!
      for dark circles, i would suggest you to apply a drop of almond oil every night just before going to sleep on a cleansed skin. that helps :)

  43. says

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the information !

    However, i have a few doubts.

    1) Does it work on dark circles and pigmentation. I dont have facial hair issue, my only concern is under eye circle and uneven skin tone. Please let me know if it equally works on these two at the age of 25.

    2) As you have suggested to apply oil before sunnipindi, which oil would be the best and do i need to keep it for some time as a face pack or all i need to do is scrubbing for 15 – 20 mins.

    Awaiting your reply !

    Thanks a ton !!! :) :) :)

  44. says

    I personally believe that one should not use anything too coarse on a baby’s skin. I have seen mothers use besan and yogurt mix for the baby’s initial days for bathing. Once their skin is a little developed, they can apply these natural producs. Nevertheless, I would be cautious using these coarse bath powder on babies, who ate just few months old.

    • says

      hi Divi…you are absolutely right actually. and honestly i was also thinking about the same thing. in fact since i have read your comment, i have been searching more about it. but, the thing is i have actually seen it working!! its quite difficult to decide what to do. i shall read more on it and do a post :)

  45. says

    hi pls tell me sunnipindi benifit bcose i have dull nd acne scre skin,,,can i use my 6 yr old son he has tan nd not fair skin,,,pls help me ,,

    • says

      hey Harveen….yes, you can use it for yourself and for your son, you can wash his face using this powder. it will keep his skin soft and tan-free. and, use sunscreen for him without fail.

    • says

      no, don’t use this if you have active acne on your skin. try ginger juice on the pimples first and i would suggest that even if you use it, do not scrub, just let the paste dry and wash off. scrubbing can aggravate pimples.

  46. says

    Hi, I have one month old baby girl she has lot of hair on her face can use this to her.
    One more thing is what can I do for her complection bcoz day by day she is becoming darker.


    • says

      hey Shreedevi…for both facial hair amd complexion, mix turmeric in milk and apply it as a paste on her face and neck. let it dry and wash off. DO NOT SCRUB. and, don’t worry about her complexion. she is just a baby and their skin color keeps on changing :)

  47. Anonymous says

    i have a two year old who has lots of hair on arms, shoulders and back. i started sunnipindi on her two months back. i read ur post on babies, u suggest to use tumeric and milk to remove body hair. i have also heard of people using kneaded dough or egg white to remove hair. i m quite confused what is the best remedy for hair removal on my 2 year old and how long it will take for results to show. please advise.

    • says

      just apply turmeric mixed with milk as a paste, let it dry and just scrub it off with light hand. other things you can try when she gets a bit older. and, make sure the thing does not hurt her skin :) and, it will take a lot of patience and time for the results, minimum a month. just stick to it. it really pays off :)

  48. Anonymous says

    thanks so much for your speedy advise. is it better to use kasturi manjal or regular tumeric to make the paste? what is the quantity of milk and tumeric to be used? how long for it to dry? do i scrub it off in opposite direction of hair growth or in circular motion?

    • says

      if using for baby, use the regular turmeric. and, if for yourself, use kasturi turmeric but don’t forget to mix it with milk/curd. and, make a paste. it will dry in sometime and then scrub it in circular motion. that is enough!

    • says

      @Swathi Murthi. Firstly congratulations on your wedding.

      i have a question: what is the difference between kasturi turmeric and regular turmeric. is it based on concentrartions?

  49. Anonymous says


    I a 26 years old female..I have used vicco tumeric cream after wich I got so many pimples on my face ..and while pimples getting fade ,,it makes the mark on my face :( ,…I am worrying a lot about my pimples problem ..even I have pimples (like prickly heat ) on my forehead …

    I am applying katuri majal powder during night on my face and washing off..but its not providing ay result ..could you if I make the moong da powder at home ad apply on my face..whether it will cure my pimples porblem ?

  50. seema nair says

    Hi My son is 7yrs old and I have started using only sunnipindi and besan flour mix but not turmeric instead of soap during his daily bath .First thing I want to know is whether using this mix daily will make any significant changes to his complexion (basically he is wheatish) and the second thing is since he is a boy i would want him to have hair on his body,so just want to know will the mix be a problem for that. Thank U in advance……

  51. sravani koripella says

    iam 18 years……by seeing this home remedy i want to use this sunnipindi to my body to get glowing and fairer complexion skin…….is it ok to apply the mixture of sunnipindi with milk to get fair skin……plz plz plz rply me yar…..i really like glowing skin..but iam afraid to use the facials are any packs to my skin..but by seeing ur block i really want to use this remedy so plz plz rply me

  52. sravani koripella says

    iam 18 years……by seeing this home remedy i want to use this sunnipindi to my body to get glowing and fairer complexion skin…….is it ok to apply the mixture of sunnipindi with milk to get fair skin……plz plz plz rply me yar…..i really like glowing skin..but iam afraid to use the facials are any packs to my skin..but by seeing ur block i really want to use this remedy so plz plz rply me

  53. Anonymous says

    A very detailed and informative post and replies. :) I stumbled upon ur blog but am hooked. :) Added the site to my fav.

    my list of queries:
    I have a 10 yr old daughter who has a lot of hair on her face, limbs, and back. I have earlier tried atta/besan+milk+haldi and didn’t work. A few times (with atta) the paste stuck on and was really difficult to get rid of it. My daughter was livid with me. So, just checking this will not stick on right?
    What should be the consistency of this paste of moong dal powder+turmeric stick powder+milk? Should it be a thick paste? Can you please specify the portions to get the consistency right?
    I have a regular mixer/grinder – the turmeric sticks you mentioned are real hard to grind them in it. How do you do this right? also is kasturi manjal a good alternative – she has very sensitive and dry skin.
    Will this procedure dry the skin anymore?

  54. says

    I am using khus khus with grinded chirongi and milk on my 2year daughter.
    should i mi moong dal with milk and chirongi to reduce her facial hair and for improvement of her compleion.

  55. says

    I am using khus khus with grinded chirongi and milk on my 2year daughter.
    should i mi moong dal with milk and chirongi to reduce her facial hair and for improvement of her compleion.

  56. says

    I am using khus khus with grinded chirongi and milk on my 2year daughter.
    should i mi moong dal with milk and chirongi to reduce her facial hair and for improvement of her compleion.

  57. Anonymous says

    has anyone got the 100% result by using this sunnipindi on body hair
    if yes how much time did it take
    please reply as soon as possible

  58. Anonymous says

    I have 9 months old boy baby.. is it ok to use this sunnipindi to him. as of i am using besan powder mixed with moong dal powder. And also kindly let me know is it ok to use kasthuri manjal(turmeric powder adding in it) for boy babies.

  59. Anonymous says

    Thanks for sharing this remedy with us but could you pls let me know if we have to used boiled rice or raw rice

  60. Anonymous says

    I asked about almond oil for the face on another post. Please reply there! :) Also, I read here that you suggest using sesame oil before using this scrub. Sesame oil is gingelly i.e. til ka tel, right? What is the use of this particular oil? I mean what is it rich in and how does it work on the skin (what benefits does this have)? Thanks!

  61. Anonymous says

    may i use it for face……….. my face is so sensitive………..
    and havinf so many hairs……….it can help me haaaaa

  62. Anonymous says

    I have a 9 year old and she has some hair on her arms and legs. She is starting to get concious of the same. Do I powder green gram with skin and mix turmeric with it and apply it for her? What is the time frame for results to be visible when done every day or regulary through the week? Thanks!

  63. says

    Hi dis is very useful method but one thing I want ask dat m using dis on my 3 yr old boy but still he has lot of hairs on his body can plz help me how can I remove his hair .he has hair on nose face nd back….plzzz help me

  64. Anonymous says

    Hii, my skin used to be fair but nw it turnd dark….nd i wnt to get fair skin bck……tell me ur remedy wrks for dat?? In hw many days i cn see da difference??

  65. zaina says

    hello there, i have been using sunnipindi on my 3year old daughter for quite a while now, but she is developing mild rashes, what measure can i take to minimize it?? i scrub her soft handedly. but one thing is i dont oil her an hour before as u instructed in ur blog, coz she cannot keep oily body for so long and start fussing over. can i mix some olive or coconut oil in it?
    also please tell me what is the shelf life of this powdered scrub?
    Thank u for ur patience.

  66. pooja says

    Hi I am 36 years old. and i had blemishes/melasma ( i dont know exactly) on my face around 7 or 8 years back during my pregnancy. but still cudnt be cured. i have applied all homoeopathic, allopathic or home remedies but still two patches on my cheeks are apparent. do you have any treatment for it. pls reply

  67. Neha says

    Hello ,

    My 4 year old has hairs on face and back….is it late to start now?
    Is it ok to use split green moong daal? Do I have to soak rice and daal to make flour? After applying paste on body do I need to Wait till it gets dry?

    Pls respond me

  68. Shriya murthy says

    hi Swati, my 7 week old baby has acne/rash on the face (cheeks, forehead, eyelids, chin) and shoulder area and back of neck, skin on cheeks is very dry. some are saying to apply amul butter or ghee, please help, thanks in advance

  69. Anandakrishna says

    Hallow there
    Greetings .we are living in goa region and little extra organic and traditional bodies(technically).since we have heavy rains here we prefer Shenagapindi for our daily it OK .kindly suggest.

  70. bhargavi says

    hello madam, my baby is 23 months old and she has small hairs..will those be cleared after using this.. pl tell me ty

    • says

      Hi Bhargavi, please do this treatment every single day and yes it should clear off the hairs. But, it will definitely be a month before you see a difference!

      • bhargavi says

        Hi swati
        Thanks for your prompt reply. one more doubt and what about the color. Does it also improve. actually my baby was very very fair when born. But now gradually her color is changing . On face the color is same(fair) but entire body its little dull (darker)

  71. nisha says

    I have an 8 yr old daughter. She has a very dry skin and prone to allergies with any soaps. We live in Dubai and climatic conditions play a major role too. However,the doc had asked us to use idsoderm body wash and after the shower ,we need to apply dermaveen body lotin on her body.
    But as the years pass by, her skin tone is getting darker. Kindly suggest me some home remidies so that she gets back her natural glow and improves her colour. she is getting darker day by day and i cannot changes her body lotion and body was as she will get rashes once i do. Please help

    • says

      Hi Nisha. Since it is a medical issue and you are already consulting the doc, I think it is better you follow the instructions because it is better to stay away from the allergies!
      However, sometimes, these products do show their effect on the skin so may be the darkening is result of the products and it has been years since you are doing this routine so may be you could just discontinue using the products for a week and see if her allergies reinstate. If not then may be you could gradually reduce the frequency of using those products and eventually stop using them! Hope this helps :)

  72. nikhitha says

    Hi swati,
    This is nikhitha,I have a doubt,I am using sunnipindi to my 4 months old baby boy,is there any hair growing problem will come in future at his cheeks and chin area,because he is a boy right ,so without chin he looks not good na in young age,please reply me Swathi as soon as possible…..

    • says

      Hi Nikitha, I am sure this would not stop his facial hair growth coz that happens at the puberty and it is more of a hormonal thing so do not worry about it. Also, the skin texture for men changes when they reach puberty as compared to a female so the facial hair of female is much more softer than that of a male.

  73. prachi says

    Hello Madam,

    I am a 31 year old lady. Your tips and suggestions are very informative and useful. I have tried with the sunnipindi and it makes my skin smooth and bright by removing the dead cells. Thanks a lot for the blog.

    I have two questions:
    1. How to make the colour of the skin in my underarm same or similar to the body colour?
    2. I have lot of minute dark spots and very small patches on my back. These were not there from my childhood. In my late teenage, I used to have a lot of dandruff on my head and the dandruff cells used to fall on my back. I had a bad habit of removing those cells with my nails. That have resulted in these spots. One of the doctors told me that it didn’t happen because of dandruff falling on my back. He told that I must have had acne on my back at that age. And as I scratched them with nails, they have left spots. They look very ugly. Can you suggest some home remedy to get rid off them and have a smooth bright skin on my back?

    You can mail me or post your advice on this blog.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Prachi.answering your questions in the same order.
      1. Do you wax or shave or use hair remover on your underarms. Scrub your underarms lightly with sugar mixed with lemon juice once a week till it lightens. And, do not forget to moisturise everyday. Do not scrub when you have had any hair removal procedure for 5 days after the removal.
      2. This is an interesting problem because I can say that I also have dark spots, small patches on my back which are weird to explain and I never had back acne or even dandruff. I think it was sun exposure in my case which resulted in uneven pigmentation and it just stayed. I do not really do anything for it but I have noticed that they get lightened a bit when I scrub my skin regularly and use sunscreen but get darkened when I ignore my skin care or do not moisturise for days together. So, the only answer I can give is to take care of your skin because using any home remedy at such an area is not really easy and it does get cumbersome slowly. If you are still interested, I would suggest you to use the same scrub as above twice a week on those areas which are pigmented and make sure to cover the area properly and apply sunscreen over the exposed skin to prevent further pigmentation.
      Hope this helps :)

      • Prachi says

        Dear Madam, Thank you for your suggestions. Sorry for replying late.

        1. I only wax my underarms. I don’t shave or use any hair removal cream. Can I use the “sugar-lemon juice” scrub 2-3 times a week? Is is harmful to use more than once a week for faster results?

        2. I always wear clothes which cover my back. I don’t even wear deep neck salwar kameez. I will try with the sugar-lemon juice scrub.

        I would like to ask that what scrub did you talk about that you use regularly? What is the composition and how to prepare it? I would like to try that one.

        While preparing the sugar-lemon juice scrub, shall I wait for the sugar to melt a bit in the juice before using it on my underarms? For how time shall I scrub? Shall I allow it to dry before washing ?

        Please reply. Thank you once again.

        • says

          hi Prachi. great to hear from you. sorry, I was not accessible to internet so could not check you comment.
          1. use it only twice a week. overdoing really does nothing to the skin. there is nothing called faster result because your skin will take its own time to heal :)
          2. do try sunscreen because this back pigmentation is something even I could not figure out :(
          try this body polish:

          use powdered sugar or ones you get in the sachets and do not wait till it melts because then you wouldn’t be able to scrub. make it right when you are in bath or just going in and then use it immediately. scrub till sugar melts. you will know it. leave for just a minute or two, wash off and moisturize properly. it would not really dry, I guess if you mix honey so just wash off after as much time you can keep. hope this helps :)

          • Prachi says

            Thank you Mam. I will do as you have suggested. I will get back to you with the results someday.
            Thank you once again for patiently answering every small query in detail.

            Take care.



    • says

      Hi Renu. skin Color changes for kids all the time so please do not bother till they actually cross teens. Also, do use sunscreen for your kid when she goes out in the morning time. That will prevent sun damage!

  74. Neelam says

    Ma’am i am 26 years old and hv been treated an possibly cured of pcos but now hv really thick hair on my entire body with scars on my follicles post waxing….ma’am is dre any possible solution toh dis problem. …I cn get rid of the scars using lemon aloe vera or potato. ..but thick hair all over my body damages my skin big time along wd my self confidence

    • says

      Hi Neelam. I am sorry but generally it is a hormonal issue and you probably have hirsutism which means excess growth of body hair. I do not think if the is any cure to this. You should really talk to a doctor.

  75. sonam says

    hi swati,
    Will hair removes permanently from baby’s hair by doing these method and is there 100% guaranteed that there will not be hair anymore.

  76. sonam says

    sorry… i mean to say that will the hair of baby’s body removes permanently by doing solution you have given above? Is there 100% guaranteed that this method will remove hair for permanently. is it safe to apply on baby’s face too?

  77. vishnu says

    I’m 30 years old male…can I use sunnipindi for As a face daily basis?? Plz help me..some one says Sunni pindi is only for ladies

  78. Shubha says

    I have a 3 yr old daughter. She has lots of hair on her body too. I am going to start following this. Hopefully she will be hair free !

    Will this still work on her? Or does it suit only newborn babies

  79. veena says

    hi swati,
    I am using above mixture for my baby but instead of oil i am using butter.
    my baby get rashes on stomach but i don’t know why its happened.

  80. sam says

    Hi mam my daughter is 4 months old she hv lots of hair on forehead. Should i apply sunnipindi direct on forehead plx explain

  81. says

    Hi mam I heard that everyday application of sunnipindi/ ayurvedic bath powder is really useful but direct exposure of skin to direct sunlight is harmful after the usage of this sunnipindi.many say that remedy for this would be using a sunscreen lotion but even sunscreen lotions are also prepared with chemicals .already sunnipindi is used to avoid chemicals then what is it’s use if it has ill effects .plzzzzzz suggest me a remedy

  82. sanati says

    hi swathi mam , can sunnipindi wiill help me to get a fair complesion.bcz now a days my face and whole body is getting darker day by day and on my face small pimples are appering as well as dark sports can you please help me to get a clear and fair skin color. plzzz

    • sanati says

      i used lemon juice , potato juice on my face to get rid of tanned skin from past 1 1/2 month but i still did not see any result .n im finding my skin more darker than before and when i apply lemon of my face its start burning for sometime . i used to keep it for 30 to 45 mins on my face ,legs and hand but im finding no results. plzz can u help me out is that sunnipindi will help me to get a glow skin

  83. B.GOPINATH says

    Hi Madam i saw ur sunnipindi post we r applying to my baby girl daily she has hairs on her back it will remove the hair r not second thing can we apply daily to her body instead of soap she is of 4 years old please suggest

  84. Mrs Varsha Amit Chikate says

    Hi mam,
    My baby girl is 2yrs old. At the time of birth she was very fair but now her skin is becoming darker. Please suggest me the effective remedy for her.

  85. Mrs Varsha Amit Chikate says

    Hi mam
    My daughter is 2yrs old. At the time of birth she was very fair but now her skin is becoming darker day by day. Please suggest me effective remedy for her. I m early waiting for your reply.

    • says

      hi Nikhila. wow. congrats :)
      yes, stay with sunnipindi and follow with a moisturiser which suits you. go for Vichy or H2) for hydrating ones. do not worry much about chemicals in that way. they do not really get absorbed by skin. just stay away from retinoids and medicated stuffs. do not forget sunscreen and drink loads of water and get your vitamins. that is enough :)

      • mary says

        .Hi mam,

        My baby is 4 months old. initially we exposed him to sun and after that he is becoming dark day by day till today. regarding baby’s complexion you had asked to apply aloe vera gel. should we apply pure aloe vera gel from the plant? i use brihans green leaf aloe vera gel. can i use it for my baby as wel? please advise

  86. Janaki says

    hello swati,

    I am using sunnipindi for my newborn baby(25 days). he lost eyebrows hair as we tried rub on his forehead,do u know any tips to regrow!!

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  87. Janaki says

    hello swati,

    I am using sunnipindi for my newborn baby(25 days). he lost eyebrows hair as we tried to rub on his forehead,do u know any tips to regrow!!

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.

  88. Sana says

    Hi ,my baby z having a cafe au lait mark below her eyes .She z one year old ,how to get rid of it? Thanx.

  89. Vandy says

    Hi swati,
    I have already started the besan and curd for my 3 year old want to know that this green gram powder and turmeric will darken the skin of the baby?

    Can we do this procedure in evening to prevent exposure from sunlight ?

    • says

      ummm…hi Vandy, do this only when you are giving him a bath. keep him / her indoors to avoid exposure but a little sunlight wouldn’t do any harm. infants must get sunlight for proper development and growth.

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