A refreshing homemade face spray

So, as the summers draw close, we all need to gear up for combating the hot and scorching days and keep our skin looking fresh and supple as ever. So, I would like to share with you the recipe for a refreshing face spray which can be used to make your skin feel look supple all day long.
– 2 cups Boiling water (distilled, bottled or filtered water)
– 1 Vitamin E tablet (preservative)
– Lemon peels (any citrus fruit peels)
Mix the vitamin E oil in the boiled water. Put the peels in a bowl and pour the freshly boiled water and let it stay overnight. Pour the mixture next morning in a spray bottle and your face spray is ready. Make small batches to ensure the freshness. You can also mix your favorite essential oils. You might also improvise by adding fresh rose, lavender or jasmine petals with the peels. And, you can also add Aloevera gel taken straight from the plant. It would be better if you do not add anything commercial as the product is homemade and without preservatives. Do not forget to shake the bottle every time before use.


  1. says

    Hi ann…no you shouldn’t use vit C tablet coz the ascorbic acid in vit c breakdown immediately on contact with water so it will not do anything for your skin…its always best to use vit c tablets fresh…instead you can mix vit c with water and apply it to your face…keep till it dries and wash off but remember that vit c makes the face sensitive to sun rays so do this at night and make sure you apply proper sun protection in the day time!!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,

    Thankyou fo d info.

    I just want to ask you is it ok to apply orange juice directly on skin….???? I have a sensitive skin. Plz lemme knw.

    Further I request you to plz mail me your reply at AskSree247@rediff.com.

    Expecting an early reply.

    Warm regards

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      hi Courtney…no, don’t use baby oil as it has mineral oil in it which is not really good for skin….instead, you can go for a table spoon of glycerine :)

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    Is there anything you can use in place of vitamin e oil or maybe just make it without it I can’t find Vitamin E capsules anywhere

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      yes, you can make it without the vitamin E…not exactly very necessary or try to get glycerin (vegetable glycerin preferably but any will also do). hope this helps :)

  4. Anonymous says

    I have dark spot and im using papya regularly on face.but u suggest me regularly using is right or wrong.or use alternative

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi, swathi, I have got lot many pimple scars on my face, I am really disturbed…currently I am using basin and turmeric powder with curd,…. I just wana know, which is really good papaya or potatoes…:/ plz help

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey swati
    I have pigmentation on my hands . Is raw papaya helpful in removing thse marks and how mch tym it will take?

  7. Anonymous says

    Hey swati I have pigmentation on my hands .is raw papaya helpful in removing pigmentation and how much tym it will take to disappear?

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