Lakme Vital Indulgence: Review

I recently received a booklet of Lakme coupons for free and the coupons gave good bargain prices. So, I went to Lakme Salon a few weeks back to make use of the coupons. Vital Indulgence had struck me particularly so I opted for the service. I thought it must be a luxurious kind of a facial but instead it turned out to be a hair loss treatment. I, nevertheless, decided to go with the service as I have thin hair.

The treatment started with a hair wash using a hair fall control shampoo from Schwarzkopf, a German company. Then, the lady attending me blow dried my hair and gave me a high frequency scalp treatment. A high frequency (violet rays) current was powered with the help of a vacuum (pipet look-alike) tube. The power of the current was adjusted according to the body tolerance and the tube was moved along whole of my scalp for 5 -7 minutes. This high frequency treatment is believed to kill the bacteria on the scalp. The scalp infections or bacterial growth on the scalp is one of the main causes for hair loss and thin hair. The bacteria inhibit the healthy growth of your hair. The high frequency current also stimulates your hair follicles and helps in detoxification process of the follicles.After that a hair growth serum, again from Schwarzkopf, was applied thoroughly on my scalp directly from the nozzle by partitioning my hair in different sections. This took around 10 – 15 minutes on me. And, I got a good massage starting from my scalp to the end of my back for around 15 – 20 minutes. It was pure heaven. After the massage, I was given an infrared radiation therapy for 5 minutes. The infrared light heats up the scalp and is able to penetrate to two inches in our body. This gives a deep conditioning treatment to the hair to ensure the complete absorption of the hair growth serum. And, finally, my hair was nicely styled.

And, if you are thinking about the potential effects of the high frequency current or infrared radiation therapies on the body, I can assure you that they are most commonly used therapies to eradicate scalp infections and promote hair growth. They do not possess any dangers to the human body. Infrared radiation, unlike the ultra-violet radiation, is used in the daily lives in forms of thermal radiation and is not cancerous. So, the Vital Indulgence treatment is perfectly safe and I can venture to say useful for people suffering from severe hair loss. I have taken only one sitting till now. And, it costs 800 Indian Rupees. The results may be visible after a certain number of sittings depending on the quality and condition of the hair.


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