Benefits of Papaya for skin

Well, I talked about the benefits of Apple on skin last time. Today, I would be talking about another very nutritious fruit “Papaya”. Papaya is the best bet when it comes to skin care. It is a good source of Vitamin A and papain. Vitamin A acts as an anti-oxidant, while the papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin cells. The best feature of the fruit is its low sodium quality.Since the salt content is less, the water retention is also little. The result is an overall hydrated skin. 
  • Papaya is abundant in anti-oxidants due to the huge concentration of Vitamin A
  • ‘Papain’ in Papaya is helpful in removing the dead skin cells so applying papaya on the skin will exfoliate your skin in the most gentle and natural way
  • Use mashed papaya for cracked and sore heels
  • Rub the Papaya peel on your face after eating the papaya. Let it stay for no more than 5 minutes and wash off with cold water. The AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids), which are the most coveted ingredients of today for their anti-aging properties, are in abundance in Papaya which makes it an acidic fruit. If you apply Papaya for more time, it would cause dryness and might even irritate sensitive skins. 
  • Papaya is a great skin-firming and anti-aging mask. Mash the uneaten Papaya with or without milk and apply on your face. It helps in removing blemishes, dark spots, evens out your skin tone and brings a glow to your face.
  • Papaya is, again, a natural exfoliator.
  • Mix mashed Papaya with honey for a hydrating skin mask.


  1. Baby Care Tips says

    Raw papaya is also recovered alternative for treating ringworm. Rub some slices of papaya on the ringworm patches. A paste made of dried papaya seeds can also be applied on the ringworm patches.

  2. Anonymous says

    thank you i started using papaya a few days a go there’s a great improvement on my sports i bet i will keep using it for sometimes
    i also find a mixture of lemon and few drops of honey very helpful on my sensitive skin

  3. says

    yeah papaya does help with dark spots and blemishes but you should not use papaya everyday….it has high concentration of AHA which is pretty strong for skin to be used everyday so use it once or twice a week…that will be more than enough and you can use lemon + honey every alternate day…hope this helps :)

  4. says

    I am not very sure if papaya can help with stretch marks but papaya does help with skin discolorations….for stretch marks, you should instead rely on cocoa butter and shea butter products or oils are even better :)

  5. Anonymous says

    What can i do to remove all my dark spots on my face, for how many days should i use papaya in order to get back my skin as before? i HAD Pimples and this had left dark spots on my face. Help me pleas to tighten my face also. What can i use?

    • says

      hey….you should not apply papaya everyday on the face!!! its highly acidic so it can harm the skin so apply papaya on the face two-three times a week mixed with clay or some other base so that its not entirely concentrated. it does take a bit of time to show results but you should immediate brightening of face from the first application. it will take almost a month to show difference in blemishes and spots but they will eventually go.
      another tip for spots is potato slices. rub a thin potato slice on the spots everyday and wash off after the juice dries. this will again take time to show result. but, potato helps with tanning, scars and lightening of the complexion.
      and, for skin tightening, aloevera gel or egg white are the best masks. take aloevera gel straight from the plant and apply it every night as a moisturiser. or, you can also take egg white and apply it as a face mask. it helps with tightening of the skin and wrinkles. hope this helps :)

      • Rin says

        Hi I have black spots left from pimples , I havent applied papaya to my face as I have really sensitive skin and not sure how it might react. But ive been eating it everyday. Will eating it still help clear spots even tho im not applying directly …

    • Ayishah says

      Him for pimple skin I hink the best is t take one teaspoon of honey and half teaspoon of cinnamon, mix well and keep in the fridge for a night. Put this on your face next day for 15 mind and wash with Luke warm water. Your pimples and mark will gone really fast. Try it coz my sister is using n is wonderful.

      • spooviniyal says

        iam 14 year old i have dry and completely tanned skin can papaya help me in regaining my complexion

  6. Moon says

    Almost its a four months that i am eating one bowl of papaya everyday. This helped a lot to clear my skin. Before, I had a spots and blemishes on face. But now its all gone. Eating papaya really helps to prevent aging as well. Do eat papaya.

  7. sivaranjane says

    whether eating and applyin smashed papya in face helps to make my skin clear and does it helps to get fair complexion????pls reply me

    • says

      hey…you can’t use Essential oils on the skin any time naked. mix it with any carrier oil/cream and then you can use it. any essential oils which suits your skin is good. I would suggest frankincense and neroli. they are amazing for skin. hope this helps :)

  8. Anonymous says


  9. Anonymous says

    I use papaya homemafe facials 2 to 3 times a week and it has really improved my skin. The dark spots are disappearing and my skin is really soft. Its only been a few weeks and the results are amazing. Before now I never liked papaya. Today I even made a vanilla & papaya smoothie ;). I’ve found a new respect for the benefits external & internal of papaya.

  10. Anonymous says

    heys how about using papaya seeds and milk and then put in the blender and make it as a paste and applying on ur face . does that theory work ?

    • Anonymous says

      I don’t think that the seeds have the benefits that the pulp and the skin have. My dad used papaya as a meat tenderizer. Mix a chunk of papaya with water in the blender to make a smoothie, add it to the meat and let it sit for no more than 40 mintues as the meat will disintegrate. I have been doing this to all meats since I can remember

  11. Anonymous says

    I was wondering… Does this also apply to unripened papaya as well? Because occasionally some of the papaya’s from my tree fall off before they have ripened, but I feel as if it would be a waste if I just threw them away. So does unripened papaya also work for acne and blemishes?

  12. Anonymous says

    I have a papaya mask on as we speak! im into papaya lately. Trying to rid the dark spots on my chin from hormonal acne. Yesterday I made a Papaya smoothie and the left over smootie i added 2 raw eggs and used it for a Protein hair conditioner. The ingredients are: Papaya, yogurt, lime, honey, coconut milk, and 2 eggs. (eggs for hair conditoner). That was the best smootie in the world!! Yum!

  13. Anonymous says

    i have a dark spot like burn spot on my face for month ago due to electric razor what should i do can i apply raw papya on my face.. plz advice me i will be very thank ful to you

    • says

      yes, it does :) but, don’t use it daily. make sure to use it as a spot treatment on only the acne and pimples!!! and, for face mask, use on alternate days or twice a week only!!!

  14. Anonymous says

    any one could tell mee that any home remedy for cheeks lifting with any application of fruit..and i heard egg white is good but it only gives temporary result as u leave it ur skin will becumm loos???

    • says

      no, you can’t use fruit for such a thing. no, egg white also just firms up the skin but doesn’t lift the cheeks or anything. and, its temporary only and the effect will stay only for some hours at max. but, no it doesn’t loosen the skin any further of you are afraid of :)
      but, yes, aloevera does help with firming up the skin on regular usage. no immediate effects though.

  15. Anonymous says


    I have a very dark and oily complexion.Could you please suggest me some tips so that i can get some glow on my skin.I have bought papaya massage gel,but of no use :(

    Please help me

  16. Anonymous says

    I dont think so if papaya help a lot maybe for some other type of skin but not for me! Sorry but that is the reality.

  17. Anonymous says

    You are sweet and patient. Great advice but people if u would just read some of the repetetive questions will cease. Be mindful of swati time!

    • says

      use sunscreen very regularly whenever you go out..they are more likely sun spots if they were not present since your childhood. it will take time to see results depending on what their size is.

  18. Anonymous says

    hi i have dark spots of hydro pigmentation on my face and i am using lemon juice,tomato juice and papaya but i can’t see the result can u advise some remedies for me
    thanks in advance.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi im only 23 and i have fine lines under my eye please help what can i use to erase them completely? Plz reply

    • says

      pierce evion tablets…take a bit of gel and apply it on the undereye area gently with help of ring finger…don’t rub, just tap. it really helps!!! its vit E purely so its helpful :)

    • says

      hey….papaya is a good fruit but it shouldn’t be taken by pregnant ladies or those who are trying to conceive so you might have heard that!!! otherwise its very healthy :)

  20. Anonymous says

    Wow,thanks for those useful tips.i hv fair skin but of late due to PCOD,i started getting acne.I never squeeze them but on one unfortunate day,I squeezed an inflamed acne filled with pus as it was paining n i wantd d pus out of my skin!
    ultimately it left ugly scar on my face. hope dis papaya helps. how many days/weeks will i hv to wait to see result?
    any other tips for preventing acne due to PCOD?

    • says

      hmmm…i know what you did coz i did the same….apply neosporin on the wound…is it still a wound or has it healed and just left a scar??? no, there is nothing you can do for acne due to hormonal changes so leave it as it is and don’t pick!!! use potato slices on the scar every night. rub the slice and leave it to dry and wash off. papaya can also help but the skin there is sensitive so better to use something alkaline and not acidic. it can take anytime from 1 week to 1 month. mine took almost 3 weeks to heal completely.

    • Anonymous says

      hey thanks fr quick reply Swati… it happened 3months back,so right nw its just an ugly scar. but as a result of squeeze,im getting new acne near to the scar.
      Will surely try the potato tip… im presently applying a paste of sandalwood {i hv a block ๐Ÿ˜€ } and mix with rose water n apply every night before sleeping. It does make my skin smooth but too early to comment abt its effect on scar as its been only 1week.

    • says

      hey Shilpa…lemme make one thing very clear…the area where you had the acne would remain sensitive for life so take good care of that area and don’t let anything happen there coz mine also breaks out at the point where i squeezed mine. so don’t even try to itch when you feel that way. the sandalwood paste does help but it will take time :) do lemme know how it goes :)

    • Anonymous says

      ya i guess u r right…it does keep breaking out in same area no matter how clean i keep my skin.
      *sigh* i really regret of squeezing! i had flawless fair skin which everyone admired in my college. now ppl ask me wats wrong with my skin! :'( hope i get my previous skin back!!!

    • says

      i know Shilpa coz even my forehead troubles me a lot :( any product which doesn’t suit me is sure to break me out on the forehead though i never had pimples and acne till that awful time!!!
      don’t worry. stress not coz stress is bad for skin ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Swati, guess your skin is pretty much like mine too- SENSITIVE!!! Even if i apply oil free moisturizer,i break out everywhere. I cant apply sunscreen and hence get tanned badly whereas I was totally fair during my teens and early college days!
      *SOB* *SOB*

    • says

      hehe…probably yes Shilpa…it definitely got more sensitive after that acne attack ๐Ÿ˜€
      aaaw…that’s sad that you can’t apply any sunscreen….yup all sunscreens are generally greasy :( btw, have you tried lotus whitening emulsion…it really suits combi skin very well…i am using it and its going good for me right now…moisturizing but no oil!!!

    • says

      stretch marks are really difficult to control. it happens due to skin breakage or collagen breakdown. so, you can apply oils. bio oil is said to help so if you get it, try it out.

  21. Anonymous says

    hey Swati, i think you are doing a wonderful job. is it ok if i use mashed papaya with milk twice in a week and the rest of the week i apply honey and cinnamon pack every night.

    • says

      thanks for your kind words :)
      yup, its absolutely fine as long as you don’t use papaya too regularly :)
      cinnamon will really help when used daily and its safe as well :)

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi, i was wondering about how long do you leave the papaya(with milk and honey) on? And how much of each do u put in?

  23. says

    Have you ever used black opal’s papaya body butter, if so does it work in giving you even glowing skin, im thinking of ordering the papaya exfoliator(it says to use only 2 to 3 times per week),papaya daily wash (morning & night), and their papaya body butter(morning & nignt). Since, I saw that papaya is only supose to be used no more than a few times a week, I’m wondering does this just apply for natural fresh papaya and not general skin products like the one mentioned above. Thanks

  24. Anonymous says

    hi Swati, lately i have been having pimples on my face every now and then, maybe its because of my rough beard, i thought after reading your blog that i can apply papaya twice a week, is there something else i can do or put on my face for the rest of the week. please suggest what can i do. Thanks.

  25. Anonymous says

    my face looking very dry with pimples.which is the best medicine papaya or aloevera .when to apply morning or evening?

  26. Anonymous says

    hello dear.please help me.i m suffering from the brown spot on my face.specially under is haridity problem.please advise to remove spot.thank u.

  27. Anonymous says

    hello.i m 23 year old.i have brown pigmented spot on my is spread day by day.the same pigmentation spot are my father n my grandmother’s it is difficult to remove.plase give tips.plz should be helpful for me.

  28. Anonymous says

    hello hi..once papaya is applied on face and after 10 min can we use our regular face wash and face creams ?? i do use Himalayas neem face wash and olay essentials beauty fluid nourishing day fluid. will their be any reactions on face once we use this cream n face wash.

    Thanks :)

    • says

      please check acne skin care section on categories page (accessible from the navigation bar on top of the page). there are a lot of remedies. in fact papaya also helps a lot.

  29. Anonymous says

    i’ve a normal skin. bt skin looks really dull and i’ve got dark circles as well… i had previously used papaya bt my skin got some alergic affects, i guess i’d used it a lot…i havent applied papaya on my skin from last few months….suggest me something to get rid of these dark circles and for a glowing skin….plz plz help me out

  30. Anonymous says

    i have normal skin, in some seasons my skin complexion reduces, how can i improve my face complexion? plz rply me..

  31. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati! I am 23 years old and i had pimples and black spots on my face which my pimples had left it. I have consulted one dermatologist in billroth hospital and she has suggested me some ointments but after applying it my face become black on both my cheeks and near the eyes. I can use papaya mask with lemon or honey for ten minutes to get rid of these things. Please help me in this regard. I will be very thankful to you if you advice on this.

    • says

      yes, you can use but make sure not to overdo things. use the mask only on alternate days or twice a week if your skin is oily or dry respectively. on other nights, you can use potato slices on the spots. you can also try using banana peels.

    • says

      yup, you can use cinnamon mixture on alternate days but I would still ask you not to overdo the treatments coz excess of everything is bad and potato and banana peels are themselves very good remedies which really work. doing all of them together won’t help in seeing faster results. you would need a bit of patience :) and, you can use potato or banana remedy everyday :)

    • says

      yes papaya whitens the skin but just eating might or might not help but it does bring a glow to the skin!! but, I am guessing that your skin is sensitive so better not apply it. only try eating it.

  32. Anonymous says

    please i have a red rips my normal lip skin peal off one time i wa dry and eaching but now is red and it doesnt siems to buld again but im not eaching any more or feel pain. do any one have idea what to use my lip skin to normal.its ebalasing as a lady and loss off self puting makeycup to cover but i dont like make up.any help

    • says

      I am sorry…I don’t think I really understood the problem but I would suggest you to leave the skin just like that!! putting on makeup can also aggravate the redness if the skin is extremely sensitive which I am guessing your skin to be. I would suggest you to use aloe vera fresh from the leaf.

  33. Anonymous says

    Hi This is Rakesh i have pimples and scars on my face and oily skin too, is while drinking popaya juice or eat can i get the good results pl z advice me…

  34. Anonymous says

    hi..i am 23 year old but i don,t know how my under legs got drak day by day :( i want to get rid of papaye helpfull????pls answer me…

  35. Anonymous says

    Swarti i had a skin burn from eating unripe cashew fruit close to my lips,it’s been there for there anything i can use to darken it?

  36. Anonymous says

    yey :) thank u how many times should i put papaya on my face for the pigmentation i have alot of dark spots on my face :(

  37. Anonymous says

    when i apply hone and lemon i get a rash should i use an ointment after and continue exfoliating my skin.please help

  38. Anonymous says


  39. says

    i have a black skin but not too dark and there’s somee areas who are darker and i think we call thaat hyperpigmentation buuut i wanteed to know how caan i usee papaya to lighten my darker areas likee homemade recipes and wheen i achieve my desired colour wiill it staay permanently??? (sorryy if i made mistake english is noot my language)

    • says

      yes papaya helps in lightening the areas so you can use it till you achieve the desired color by applying it on alternate days and then you can preserve the skin color by maintaining the skin. also, use sunscreen in the day time to avoid getting tanned and prevent melanin multiplication!

  40. says

    i have dark skin buut not too daark and i have areas whoo aree darkeer aand i think we call thaat hyperpigmentation???!! i waanted to knoww how caan i use papaya to lighteen my skin like homemade recipes and if i achieve my desireed colour will it stays permenantly??!! ( sorry for myy mistakes english is not my language)

  41. Anonymous says

    i have black marks on my skin in order to wind them permanently what is the best remedy and how much days it take?

    • says

      you can use papaya or potato or tomato on the dark areas. it can take any number of days depending on your skin but you should hopefully see difference in a week or two!

  42. Anonymous says

    I have only type of skin. I have pimples scars n dark circles. Need your help. I have my engagement on 29th of dis month. I tried so many creams which doctors prescribed me bt still no result. Im worried if my law family cancel dis engagement coz of my face. Tell me instant remedy for scars or any natural thing which can hide my scars for 5 to 6hrs coz i dont like make up etc thing.

  43. says

    Hi this is Rubeena…my family went to Goa and we have tanned our skin very badly and can we use papaya for that and can we use the same for my 7yrs old son too……

    • says

      yes you can use papaya on your son as well. just make sure to wash it off within 5-10 mins as papaya is very acidic. and, this applies to all skin types – child and adults.

  44. says

    Hi swati me and my family had gone to Goa and got ourselves tanned very badly can we use fresh papaya for our skin and use the same for my 7yr old son too….

  45. PapayaGirl says

    I have been using raw organic shea butter from Nubian Heritage that has been blended with coconut oil and papaya (papain)extract. It has done wonders for my face! It has tremendously softened and evened out my complexion. My question to you is: Does papaya seed oil have the same levels of papain as the fruit does? The papain is what I’m after as it seems to have been the miracle ingredient in the product. I want to be able to add the papain to the skincare products I use on other parts of my body. Oil seems easiest as it won’t go bad, but I don’t want to purchase the oil if the papain is in the fruit and not in the oil. Please advise.

    • says

      hey…honestly i am not sure of the answer. but, you can definitely give it a try. actually how the oil has been extracted has a lot to do with the nutrition elements in it. i would suggest you to try a small sample of the oil if available!

  46. says

    I used papaya over my face regularly & i am very happy with the results. Skin looks clear, fair and bright. My question is how can I keep continue this effect without using papaya on daily basis because as soon I stop putting papaya over my face for 1-2 days it started getting back in older texture. Can anybody help me to prolong the papaya effects over my skin.

    • says

      do not use papaya on a daily basis. it is very acidic. use it on alternate days if you have oily skin and twice a week if you have normal or dry skin. that ways the skin would also remain fine. and, apply watermelon or other fruits as well. use hydrating fruits like watermelon or cucumber when you are not using papaya.

  47. Anonymous says

    hey swati, nice blog:-)
    i hv oily skin and sensitive skin, i hv acne scars left by pimples just on my cheeks no where else. and rednesss on my cheeks. so what should i use patato juice or papaya?
    can potato juice be applied every day.?

    • says

      you can use potato everyday and papaya only twice a week. it will help with the oiliness and not make the skin extra-sensitive. also remember that do not use payaya for more than 10 minutes on the skin. it is very acidic.

  48. Anonymous says

    Hey i use mask unripe papaya for 2 weeks but nothing happen. I have a lot of acne scars especially at cheeks and forhead. I really really want to remove it. I use foundation in order to cover my acne scars. I have a blackhead too at my nose. How long does it take to remove the acne scar and any tips for blackhead? Please…

  49. says

    Hey i was looking tru the comments and couldn’t find what i needed, whether to use raw papaya or just an ordinary papaya? Thanks

    Haha so many comments haha, thanks for help, we appreciate it.

  50. falak says

    hi swati,my skin is very sensitive.most of the time I get pimple on my face so I dont apply any cream or other product.just want to know that if I go for papaya facial then will it increase pimple…really want your help…and 1 more thing my 3 years old baby has dark coloured there any home remedy or any fruit which can help to make it little fair..plssss reply back soon…

    • says

      hey Falak…papaya facial – will you be doing it on your own with fresh fruit or outside. whatever you do, never keep papaya juice/pulp on face for more than 10 minutes because it is quite acidic.
      aah…reg. the baby, its ok. don’t worry about it. let the baby grow. you can do all those things after he/she enters the teenage. till then its best to let them develop as they would.

  51. falak says

    Hi Swati. My 3 year old daughter has dark colored lips. Is there any home remedy or fruit that can help to make it fair?

  52. Anonymous says

    I recently bought the Nubian Heritage (Shea butter infused with coconut & papaya) on a whim because I had heard good things about coconut oil. I started to use morning and night for two days now (no directions on bottle). It is amazing! I have a large area on my forehead that has been darkened by years of sun. I tried bleaching cream from doctors with no success. Within two days my skin tones are starting to even out and fines lines looking better. I was curious what papaya was adding in the Shea butter. So I googled it and found your site. I just wanted to say thank you for all the information I was to get through reading all of your posts. I will be cutting back my applications to twice a week and will be trying a few other things mentioned on here. One quick question should I wait a week before applying again since I have used 4 application in two days? Thanks you again for all of the information given :)!!!!!

    • says

      you can used coconut oil as many times as you want. i think the papaya extract in the oil would not really affect the skin that much! in this post, i was mentioned about the fresh papaya which has acidic enzymes. so, continue using it once a day preferably at night :)

  53. alexis jm says

    Is it necessary to wash/rinse cold water only after applying papaya on the face?
    Can it be washed by warm water or mild soap?
    Can i apply moisturizing face lotion after washing the applied papaya on my face?

  54. Deepak says

    Great article on this wonder fruit. I wanted to know if the recommended usage of the papaya face pack , i.e. 2-3 times a week holds good for men too. Or can they use it more regularly..?
    Thank You.

  55. Smita says

    Hi Swathi,

    I have been recently reading ur blog and it seems to be great.

    I have open pores and dark spots here and there on my face. I have not yet tried applying pappaya on my face but want to start. Will pappaya work for open pores too. Also, I have been applying olive oil as a regular moisturizer for almost two years.

    I just wanted to know if i can apply the olive oil as the mousturizer after washing off the pappaya mask


    • says

      thanks a lot Smita for your kind words :)

      for open pores, generally there is no solution. the pores can not be reduced in size and, btw, their size does increase with age which is why they show up much. for that, generally egg white mask works pretty decently. it temporarily reduces the size of the pores. also, applying ice cubes also reduces the pores so you can try out this method when you have to go to a party or somewhere special!!

      also, reg. using olive oil, if it suits you, you can continue using it and yes you can use it even after applying any kind of a fruit mask, not only papaya. btw, always remember that while trying out papaya, do not keep it for more than 10 minutes at a time and don’t use it more than twice a week if your skin is dry and thrice a week if your skin is oily.

      hope this helps and do let me know how it goes for you :)

  56. manu000 says

    Hi, can u suggest me which soap is best of skin ??? N papaya reduces the black marks on my face??? Marks spread over like just anything on my face and let me know the solution so that it will a great help for me. Thanks in advance, Manu

    • says

      There is nothing called the best soap. Every skin reacts differently to different products! So, use the one which suits your skin the best. Natural homemade soaps are good but they might prove to be very expensive in the long run!
      Yes, papaya reduces the black marks.

  57. Ishita says

    I got a very bad beach tan on my face and the skin on my nose is peeling as well. My skin became extremely rough as well. Please help.

  58. Bailey says

    Hey I heard you could preserve papaya skins for acne?? I ate the papaya and saved the skins, how could I use the skins for acne treatment??

  59. jared says

    hey swati ,i have a dark spots on may face which the pimple left behind… And i am using the skin of the papaya, i just wanted to ask if i should use only water( hot water? or cold?) or also add soap? Btw you are doin a really great job.. JARED

    • says

      Hi, you can apply the peel on the cleansed face at night twice a week if doing full facial treatment or daily if doing spot treatment. You can wash off with cold water and moisturise there after.

  60. oumakie says

    Hi! swati will there be no side effects when using papaya
    Or if I started using it should it be for the rest of my life,or if I leave it will I regain dark complexion

    • says

      Hi. You must use papaya only twice a week on your face and only at night. Do not use it in morning and always use sunscreen. Otherwise papaya increases photo sensitivity of the skin and makes it darker in the long run.

  61. swati bathe says

    hi iii , i have dark spot on my face ,papaya will help to reduce it and also improve my skin tone from dark light?
    is good to use papaya everyday ?
    plz help mi?

  62. Ann says

    Hi Swati going through your block has been so interesting, I have a dried, dull and sensitive skin, can using papaya cleanse off the eczema like thing on my face? and can I use papaya all over my body for those 2days in a week? please help me, I will appreciate.

  63. SEEMA says

    HI , I have pigmentation on top of my both cheeks . My skin is normal to oily .I been using all sorts to get rid of these pigmentation but no good results .I have started using papaya everyday but just read ur post that I should not be using it more than twice a week .Can u pls help me to get rid of the pigmentation coz i m very concern .My face is all clear ,no any acne but I have dark eyes circles and pigmentation on both cheeks.Thanks

  64. SEEMA says

    I have pigmentation on my both cheeks and also dark eye circles.I have tried most of all home remedies but no result yet. I have started using papaya on my face daily but I seen ur post today that papaya should be used twice in a week . I m also using alovera gel twice daily .Can u pls advice me how can I get rid of this pigmentation problem coz I m very distressed with it .I got it from last few months and I don’t go under sun much .

    • says

      hey Seema. first thing, you MUST apply sunscreen whether you go in sun or not. once you start applying sunscreen regularly, you will definitely see a difference in your skin. most pigmentation issues occur due to sun damage. and, no product or home remedy can actually reduce pigmentation because that damage happens in the inner layers of the skin where no product reaches. so, just stick to cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating your skin regularly. you will definitely find difference. and, to remove tan, you can use tomato juice every night for two weeks or alternate nights for a month. as you said, papaya or pumpkin or citrus fruits must be used only twice a week and you can use aloevera gel, straight from plant. if you are using a drugstore brand alovera cream, make sure it has no additives. hope this helps :)

      • SEEMA says

        Thanks for ur reply I realy appreciate .I am already using aloveragel its 99.9 percent pure that’s what it says on the tube .Its difficult for me to get fresh plant as I live in Scotland . I have bought a sunscreen lotion aswel today and will start using it soon . I heard honey and cinneman are good for skin pigmentation too.I have used it couple of time .Do u think I should stick on to papaya twice a week and sunscreen only or should I try cinneman aswel at the meantime.
        One more problem,,,,
        I have long hair .My hairs fall a lot , can you advice me something for it .I have started using egg from couple of months not sure its helping yet .I also use henna for conditioning.
        Thanks a lot.

  65. SEEMA says


  66. abc says

    Maam i suffering from dark pigmentation around my lips which appears very bad and embarrassing pls suggest how papaya will help me in this , so that it will get removed completely within less time

  67. madhu says

    hi madam,

    I am 26 year old,i have dark pigmentation around my lips, which are very embarrassing for any girl, please suggest me what to do so that the pigmentation could be removed fast and permanently. …… Please reply soon

  68. says

    Mam as you have told that aloevera gel helps in tightening the skin but i had used it and it does not suits me.Can u tell me? What should i apply on the skin instead of aloevera.

  69. ID says

    Hi Swathi can we drink daily a glass of papaya juice with out sugar instead of applying twice a week..will it be good if I drink papaya juice daily for clear and even tone

  70. Sam says

    Hi Swati,
    . You have a very informative blog. I have few acne scars ( like pockmarks) on my face , I tried rubbing potato on them. But I got few pimples due to that surrounding the scar area. Can you kindly suggest how can I get rid of the scar. I would love to have a smooth face. Hope to hear from you soon.


  71. Sam says

    Hi Swati,
    . I have got acne scars on my face. I tried applying potato but then I get pimples. Can you kindly suggest what else can I do to remove the scars.


  72. Joany says

    the pores on my face are very large and open up. will the papaya help shrink them. it’s really bad and embarrassing. Or any suggestions.

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