Benefits of Neem leaves

Today, I would be sharing with you some home remedies which use neem leaves. Neem is the best natural medicine available. It can take care of things from skin disorders to health problems. We will talk about the beauty aspects of neem.

  • I know this one is the most difficult. Chew everyday 2-3 leaves of Neem. I know it sounds disgusting. Believe me, it tastes really horrible. I have done it. At last, I could not bear to chew so I started swallowing the leaves. Wash them properly before in taking them. Do not boil them. A help would be take them with honey or jaggery. And, follow it up with a glass of water. Do not worry if you vomit in the starting days. Your body and taste buds will adapt gradually to it. And, the results are too good to ignore. In take of neem leaves would clean your system internally, improve the body metabolism and toxins elimination process. It would clean your blood of impurities and as a result, give you a clear skin. It even helps you get rid of constipation and improves your immune system.
  • You can boil neem leaves in water and pour the water in your bath tub or use it for bathing. It would get rid of all skin disorders gradually. It helps in getting rid of bacteria at private parts and even the repelling body odor.
  • If you get any skin allergy, boil the neem leaves and apply the water on the allergy after letting it cool. Chilled will work even better. It will soothe your skin. And, the allergy will subside in a day or two. Last September, I had got this severe allergy which my dermatologist could not even diagnose. It had subsided with application of neem water.You can even apply neem paste on your allergies. I think it should be more effective.
  • You can store the neem water in small batches and use it to make face packs. It would be great help with pimples and acne.
  • If you get hold of neem oil, it treats acne really quick. Applying neem oil keeps your skin safe from any bacteria and fungal infection.
  • Of course, I forget to mention. Chewing neem leaves would help with cleaning your teeth also. And, just in case, you are thinking that you can substitute neem leaves with neem water. Do not do that. Because, when you boil neem leaves, a strange pungent odor comes which will repel you from drinking the water. Surely, you would even lose you apetite, the odor is that strong.
  • You can make a neem face pack by grinding the neem leaves with some water. It is a great face mask for anti-bacterial purposes. It heals acne really quick.
  • In case of any nicks and cuts, injuries and skin burns, you can apply neem oil, neem water or neem leaves paste over it. It gives great relief.
  • Neem can also be a part of the refreshing face spray.
  • Dry the neem leaves well under sun and powder them. Make small pouches containing the powder and put several of these pouches in your cupboards. Your cupboards would be free of moth infestation. And, you do not have to bother with changing the pouches everyday. They will work up to an year. You can replace them again after an year. You may put your favorite essential oil in the neem leaves powder to impart a pleasant fragrance to your cupboards and clothes.


    • mansi pareek says

      you can keep neem water for 2-3 days. try to boil that much neem water which you can use in one day and still if it is left put it in refrigerator.

    • mansi pareek says

      you can keep boiled neem water for 2-3 days. try to boil that much water which you can use in one day but if still it is left put it in refrigerator.

    • Anonymous says

      Cut off a tiny piece of Neem tree bark, and rub it on a piece of stone with some water. Put the paste thus formed on any acne , and wash it off after sometime. It will be cured in no time.

  1. says

    You can keep boiled neem water up to a week in refrigeration. If you have extra water leftover after a week, pour it in your bath and use it up. And, prepare a fresh batch next time. Always prepare small quantities to ensure freshness and effectiveness.

  2. Anonymous says

    How do you make a Neem Water bath?

    1. Ratio of leaves to water while boiling?
    2. Ratio of neem water to tap water (or filtered water? I have severe skin eczema) after the boiling?
    3. Soak overnight then boil or vice versa?
    4. Boil (turns brown) or not (stays green)? (or simply make it lukewarm and not boil).


  3. says

    There are no ratios as such. Neem leaves are pretty strong in odor so it is better you keep towards a lesser side. Using at max of 10 stems of fresh leaves is fine for an immediate water bath.
    If you have a geyser at home, then boil a mug full of water (a liter) with 10 stems separately. Boil the water till its first boil and then out on simmer for half hour so. The water will turn a little greenish in shade and give a pungent odor. Strain and pour it in your bath.
    In case you use a heating rod or gas to boil water, simply put the leaves in the water and boil till the water boils.
    But, in case, you are planning to store the water, it is better you use dried neem leaves.

  4. @nj@li says

    is it effective, if we use neem exract which we get after boiling it in water, to cure severe dandruff infection??

  5. says

    @anjali yes you can also use the neem extract after boiling neem in water….the liquid is very potent and effective in curing all kinds of allergies and infections….

  6. Kat says

    Hi i would like to knw is Amla juice taken with aloe vera juice also good for acne and acne scars. I suffer from acne and most of the time the marks are left, my MIL in india has been drinking this and her sun burnt marks have faded, i just want to knw if this will help clear my face as well and also if amla churan is more effective or the amla juice. Can you also adv if basil leaves (if eaten) are good for acne as well? Thx

  7. says

    Hi Kat….well I am not sure how much amla juice helps with acne but I can tell you one thing why it worked for your MIL…amla is the richest source of vitamin C and vitamin C helps in collagen repair from inside and detoxifies the body improving the skin texture….thus I think you can drink this on a regular basis if not everyday (may be once in three days)….another added advantage of vitamin C is that it increases absorption of iron in the body which is very important for ladies…aloevera is definitely good as it improves the digestion and gets rid of stomach disorders first and foremost…but I am not very sure how much it would help with acne but my guess is that it should definitely help coz one of the main reasons for acne is when body is not able to throw the wastes properly so this juice will help in that process…and it would definitely bring a glow to your face so thats enough of temptation :)
    regarding amla churan and amla juice I would say that amla juice if freshly squeezed is better otherwise avoid the amls juice coz vitamin C breaks down immediately when it comes in contact with air so if not consumed within 10-15 minutes, it breaks down and does nothing for the body….if you do not have fresh source of amlas for juicing then you can go for amla churan…one tip is that instead of buying the churan from the market, buy around a kilo of amla fruits and dry them in shade for a week or so till they get dried properly…do not dry them in sun….then grind the fruits after removing the seeds and the core (wash the fruits well before drying them and keep them in a clean place so that they don’t get dirty)….the powder will last you a long time…you can also take the powder in the morning along with some milk or honey coz it will be extremely bitter in taste so beware of that…
    and regarding basil leaves they are extremely good for clearing the skin and acne so yes they will help and they are really good for seasoning too….

  8. shan says

    i m having acne scars and holes on my face,i would like to know what is the best way to treat my skin and is there chances 4 me 2 get back my smooth and healthy skin.thanks in advance

  9. says

    hey shan…yes it absolutely possible to get the healthy skin even after a severe acne attack…but since you are saying you have scars and holes on your face, I think it is better you visit a dermatologist to get the extent of damage to your skin checked…home remedies help acne only till the time they are present or you can only treat the scars but no home remedy can help you with holes (I am assuming you meant small craters left in the skin) in the skin…getting a professional advise is wise…coz I am assuming you will probably have to go through some peeling sessions to smooth out the holes part….but if you have only scars to deal with, you can check out my section on Acne Skin Care…it has quite a lot of posts which talks about how to deal with acne and what helps and what doesn’t….one thing I can point out is that you should do regular exfoliation (only if you do not have existing acne)….but before that there are a lot of things on which the treatment whether home or professional is based like the condition of your skin, do you still suffer from acne, severity of your acne and lot more….I hope my answer was useful….please do get back if you have any doubts or questions :)

  10. Anonymous says

    Hey hi!!

    After reading your article I have started having neem leaves but I got a doubt.. You say you swallow it without chewing.. so will it work the same way as chewing? Actually even I wanna swallow it as chewing leaves is difficult because of its horrible taste.. so hope you clear my doubt.. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi there, I take the neem leaf powder in capsule form. No bitter shock, no nausea. Works great! I take 3 capsules, 3 times per day. I also take triphala caps daily (similar benefts) – really good for skin and the immune system. So, not sure hw much neem I’m actually getting by swallowing in pill form (as I do both), but I feel great an my skin is clear again so I’m happy. I’ve been taking them a little over a month now. There was an initial cleansing of my skin deep layers but now only a couple small red spots that should be wiped out withn a week.

  11. says

    hey…yup swallowing is not a good option actually…coz ven we chew the food we are helping our stomach by breaking down the food so that the nutrients can be absorbed easily but if you we simply swallow the food the stomach has to breakdown the food and in some cases the food passes out as it is without breaking down so chewing is always a better option but neem leaves are so bitter that I tried chewing but it was really bad so I tested swallowing with a lot of water which worked better than chewing but if you can stand chewing it is the best…otherwise pair it with honey….that does seem to help a little bit :) not much though!!!

  12. Anonymous says


    Good day!
    I am happy to read what you are posted. I am planning to apply the neem plants to skin problem.
    Hope that it will helps a lot to us.

    Thank you.

    misty eye

  13. says

    hey misty…sure it will help you…neem is one of the most potent of ayurveda remedies so do give a try and share your experiences!!!!

  14. says

    hey Sonvi…aloevera does help with scars and all so I guess it should help too…I am not sure coz it does have additives in it which might be irritating to your skin…even then it would be better to couple with other remedies for scars also like applying honey and lemon juice and sandalwood powder and for acne, bring a change in your diet and apply onion juice and garlic juice and ginger juice on the effected areas…also drinking apple cider vinegar at least thrice in a week does wonders for acne and skin overall…take care :)

    • Anonymous says


  15. Anonymous says

    actually i wanted 2 knw will it b useful 2 loose my weight by chewing 2-3 neemleaves daily???????

  16. says

    hey…I am not sure if you will lose weight with just chewing neem leaves…they just help in clarifying the skin and blood from inside not cut down on the fat…so you can compliment it with simple exercise done on a daily basis…I have posted articles on how to control weight with simple change in habits so you can go through them…hope this helps :)

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi ….
    It was gud 2 read ur article… I am only having small acne over my cheeks and usually have acne on my neck n chest.. So wanna knw that will bathing with neem water wud be of help to me…

    waiting for ur advice….

  18. says

    hey….yup bathing with neem water will definitely help but acne has to be also tackled from the root cause…so try to avoid acidic foods and spicy foods too…detoxify your body from the inside too…that will help a lot…I have done some posts on detoxification…you can go through them…but yes bathing with neem water is definitely helpful…if you want my advise chewing on neem leaves would be the best cure as it will act from inside and cleanse your body…I know its difficult but you can give it a try if you want to…hope this helps :)

  19. Anonymous says

    Hello ! I stumbled upon your blog because of my father. He suggested i tried chewing neem leaves and drinking it too. He has been doing it over a week and he told me he feels great and even more energetic. He told me that his diabetic friend started taking neem leaves and over a period of time the stopped taking insulin. I don’t know if that’s possible lol Since i don’t know the guy.

    My father told me he’s gonna give me some leaves to try out because i have acne and acne scars and my immune system it’s not very good, i get headaches every day. The doctors still don’t know why. I also feel tired and weak and dizzy most of the time. I wanna gives neem leaves a try, but i have acid reflux and gastritis and i really don’t want to vomit or have acid reflux pain I’m a big scary cat :( lol

    Should I give it a try?

  20. Anonymous says

    bd hey hi….
    how much time we hv to eat neem leaves….??
    &when we get proper releif from acne & pimples…?
    how many leaves we have to eat in a day.??
    plz reply….

  21. says

    hi…eating neem leaves will definitely not bring acidity but vomiting is something which probably might occur in the starting but you get used to the taste of neem leaves afterward…eating the leaves is a good habit and 5 per day is more than enough but I am not sure how much the leaves will help with the headaches and immune system…headaches can be due to the poor dietary habits so taking a balanced diet and enough amount of water may help….try that :)

  22. says

    hey….eating neem leaves is a good habit and not a treatment…in taking it daily will help purify the blood and it is not necessary that the acne and pimples go away just coz you take neem leaves coz they may be occuring due to hormonal problems….but eating neem leaves will help with the digestion and metabolism so it is advised….it might or might not give relief from pimples and breakouts depending on the causes and chewing on 5 leaves daily will really not cause any harm so it can be given a try to know how it benefits the body :)

  23. says

    hey hi…it was a fab article..
    i wanna ask whether swallowing 2-3 leaves a day is sufficient???
    and can we make its paste n then swallow it…it will reduce the work of stomach…ya i know it will b difficult but not more difficult then chewing leaves…whats ur opinion??

  24. says

    hey Nikita…yes chewing 2-3 should be sufficient I think on a regular basis…yes, making a paste can also be done!!! and it can also be swallowed with water easily :)

  25. Anonymous says

    pl let me know can i drink boied water of neem leafs. Iam comfortable with it But will it give same result as chewing of leafs

  26. Stag says

    I was used to drinking boiled neem when very young, it is used for malaria treatment then.
    My questions are:
    1. can neem paste be mixed with locally made soap for bathing?
    2. Can drinking the boiled one & also bathing with such soap bring about, pimples, wrinkle free & smooth glowing skin?
    Thanks for your efforts in responding to questions.

  27. says

    hi Stag…yes, as far as I think neem paste can be mixed but how will you mix the soap??? I mean do you prepare the soaps on your own??? you might give it a try then!!! it wouldn’t be reacting harmfully anyways!!! and, yes, using such a soap should definitely help the skin but I wouldn’t say that it can reduce all the skin problems.

  28. Anonymous says

    neem oil has just had a drastic effect on my skin. it made my eczema come back. i used a very litle drop of neem oil with about 10 drops of olive oil. earlier dermatologist had said neem leaves r not good for my skin either. so it is best to consult a doctor before use or do a patch test. :(

  29. Shopwrecked says

    I bought some fresh neem leaves to eat and urrrgh – the smell almost made me vomit. Just the idea of chewing them brought tears to my eyes! But I hit on a really good solution – I dried the leaves, crushed them into powder, added water to make a paste, rolled the mixture into pea-size balls, and then coated them in honey! The neem is now much easier to swallow 😀

  30. saurabh khanna says

    hey swati

    I am suffring from urticaria, and from today i start drinking boiled neem water with empty stomach. Is this right move, plz help

  31. says

    my sister has regular pimple problem as its leave marks on her face can u plz suggest some tips to get rid of thouse pimples & those ugly marks

  32. Anonymous says

    I have acne and lot of acne scars. I want to try neem remedy. And I know I will not be able to chew the leaves so want to try the option of swallowing neem :-). Can I make paste of fresh neem leaves and roll it to small balls and consume 1 or 2 every day. Will I have to refrigerate it? For how long will I be able to keep it before making next batch of neem pills?

  33. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,thanks for the article..but i wanted to ask,am fair but my colour is darker than it should be..can neem help in skin brightening?if yes then how…if no,then what can?

  34. Anonymous says

    hi, we can boil neem leaves and store the water for a week in a spray bottle… many times can we spray this on our face IN A DAY IF WE HAVE ACNE….because excess may cause damage???

    • says

      hey, yes, you can do that too but remember that neem water will go bad very soon so make small batches!!! you can spray it as many times as you want. it wouldn’t damage the skin at all :)

  35. Anonymous says

    hi swati;
    i have jst read ur profile and your suggestions.actually i have a problm that iam suffeing frm pimples ,acne and skin darkning problem.did neem powder really helps agnst it ?and how to make neem powder and how it is use .it is a big question for plz suggest me and tell me ur more ideas regarding this.hope u help me.

  36. Jibran says

    I’ve been having neem water for almost 3 years now, basically started drinking it to treat my acnes, it was a quick thing but wonders my regular tonsils were healed, no exaggeration but it’s been quite many years since I was seriously ill, anyways I haven’t tried other neem stuff as just the neem water did the wonders :)

  37. says

    I am suffering from severe allergy from chemicals for years.
    My skin is very dark now except for forehead.

    When pimples come on my nose, even after the pus is gone the swelling remains and it becomes part of the skin.

    Please suggest me something

  38. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati – can neem help for a person with melasma? due to Hormone inbalance? If so, should it be consumed, wash the face with boiled neem water after it cools or all of the above?

  39. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati, I have severe Joints Pain (Rheumotoid Arthritis) and taking Drugs daily. Can I get some relief on Blood Purification by taking Neem Leaves Daily? Also can I get More Immunity by taking neem Products? Pls help.

  40. Dhaval Patel says

    Hello Swati,
    Can we chewing neem leaves daily? Can we take neem juice daily? I would like to know that what happen while using daily?

  41. Anonymous says

    Hi… myself shrutika i wanted to get rid from pimples. by using neem leaves by grinding them can do na?

  42. bindu says

    hi iam bindu.i have pmples on my face and i serriusly want to get rid out of it.i saw ur article and started applying neem paste yestarday it cures ten percent.and i have oily skin my question is that do i eat neem leaves for quick results or i use neem capsule..please help me swathi

  43. Anonymous says

    hi myself,sandy..i wanted to get rid of pimples fr ever..nd pinkishness on my face..a bit fair..i would like to knw whther dis neem leaves help me????

  44. Pats says

    Hey, hi pats here i got a dark spots on face due to d pimpels. If drnk o eat neen leaves vl it help to cure d spots. Pls help

  45. Anonymous says


    i have got acne and post acne marks..i got neem leaves, dried them under sun and made neem powder..Can i use it as a face pack now..will it help in getting rid of acne and pimples and how often should i use the pack..

    • says

      yes, you can use it as a face pack. you can use it daily as well. I do hope it works for acne and pimples but its not always guaranteed depending on the root cause of the acne. hope this helps :)

  46. Anonymous says

    Thanks dear… please tell me how to use, how many times a day? for how many mints to keep n all… plz

  47. Anonymous says

    Do you know anything regarding dark circles. what can be use? tell me regarding pimples how to use neem leaves (times to use in a day, mints) Thanks a lot… (shrutika)

    • says

      for dark circles, use almond oil…it really works well :)
      you can use it once a day for around 15-20 minutes or till the time it dries off. hope this helps :)

  48. Unknown says

    Please suggest me some tips from neem leaves so that my face could be pimple free and tips for clearing impurities of blood and good digestion…??
    waiting for a reply

  49. Anonymous says

    hey if i grind neem leaves and keep in fridger and apply for face for pimples wil it be useful or i have to use them fresh

  50. says

    he my sis has skin sores all over her body and dr’s can’t help her. a friend recommend that she uses neem leaves. how or what should she do

    • says

      boil neem leaves in a liter of water and mix it with the bath water. you can also apply the neem juice on the boils. grind the neem leaves and squeeze them to extract the juice.
      but, also, try to get a second opinion with the doctor!!!

  51. Anonymous says

    My mom just made me neem water(by drying neem leaves and boling them). I’m planning to drinkna glass of this water everyday, and also bathing with it. Does it help with urticaria? I also have mild but persistent acne on face and back. Whats better, to apply the water topically or drinking it? Or both?


  52. Anonymous says

    Also, after bathing with neem water, can i wash it off with soap and regular water? Is it still effective? Or should i wait for the neem water to dry off a little?

    Also i was told to apply neem water to scalp and hair for dandruff and leave it overnight. Does this work? Do you have any suggestions?

  53. Anonymous says

    Hii.. U doing a great job.. I m having a problem since march..i have allergy in my blood coz of which i get ithching all over my body followed by big red rashes..changed five doctors but no gain.. Plzzzzz help..i have started drinking boiled neem water since two days..

  54. Anonymous says

    Hi swathi i have a problem of pimples and dark spots so can i apply neem paste everyday to get rid of it or how many times a week and can i take neem leaves once a day enough plz help

  55. Anonymous says

    hi, can you please tell me is there any side effects of chewing neem leaves and is there any time limitation of using neem leaves. I have some allergy on face so i m chewing neem leaves from last week is it sufficient or i can continue if no side effects are there. thanks for any help.

    • says

      nope, no side-effects…just make sure they are clean and healthy :) there is no time limitation…for the allergy, you can apply neem paste or boiled neem water. yes, you can continue using it :)

  56. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati , Please suggest me how to make neem paste as i have tried making paste (leaves with water) but no success and any home made neem face pack for clear skin. :)
    Thanks for any help.

  57. Anonymous says

    hi my daughter will soon be 17 years old she had a skin infection two month ago its going away now the doctor treated her for waterbore desease she is off the tablet and she using a cream now can i give her neem leaf to drink or if i get the tablet and also my hair is droping I am 39 can i use neem too

  58. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati. I had a couple of chemical peels on my skin. Actually my skin was never acne prone. After continuous peels I started having painful pimples. Due to my inherent genes, a mark after pimple takes time to go. So, I am suffering from pimple marks on my face too. People suggested me to apply neem leaves and haldi paste on my face for the whole night so that i’d get rid of pimples and marks. 1. Is it safe to apple the paste for the whole night daily ? 2. Can I also drink neem juice? I have also observed that my face has become a bit darker due to the paste application. Your suggestions would mean a lot now.

    • says

      wow…your problem is definitely very complicated…since you have had peels, i would really suggest you to check out with a dermatologist because your skin is very sensitive right now and using anything for hit and trial is not that great an idea!!! and, no, no face mask or anything should be applied for entire night. yes, you can drink neem juice but i don’t really think its an internal problem. i think its due to skin sensitivity that these pimples are coming. I might be wrong though!!
      I would suggest you to apply mint juice or rub cucumber slice on your face. anything acidic will cause problems so stay away from citrus fruits!!! your skin can be prone to hyperpigmentation so i would also suggest you to apply sunscreen regularly in the morning. hope this helps :)

  59. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, thanks for the reply. The dermatologist himself gave me peels that made me sensitive. Since my face is combination type, can u suggest a very nice non-greasy sunscreen? and yes, i will try mint juice or cucumber! :)

    • says

      hmmm…honestly, I don’t trust any derma’s…they all are very money-minded!!!
      yes, i would suggest neutrogena dry touch. its amazing and make sure you apply a good amount of the product for proper protection!!!
      and, do let me know how it goes :)

  60. Anonymous says

    I am suffering from black spots on face. I do not get much fresh acnes or pimples. Bt the left over black spots r really a headache. I have tried almost everything on thm. Pl help me to make thm vanish very fast using home remedies

  61. Anonymous says

    I have serious condition of Psoriasis. Will neem help to any extenet to decrease it? If so which will be most beneficial way to use it? Thanks.

  62. Anonymous says

    Hi ive had pimples frm de tym i was 16 and they come and go. Ive tried everting and its not helping. In june i started havin itch all over my body! my breast was itching and up to now its still itching.

    ive been to a dermotologist buh wat she diagnosed is nt helping. My co worker told me about neem. I want to drink as my water! how shud i prepare it.

    And if im drinkin it as my water can i still eat 3 leaves a day.

    please reply!!!

    *concerned teen from the caribbean*

  63. Anonymous says

    how should aloevera fresh gel be applied? n for how long? can neem leaves paste be applied for 15 min during the day n aloevera in the night? i have a lot of pimples n marks on my face, i have my engagement coming up so am really tensed.

  64. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will definitely let you know how things go. Can aloevera gel be applied for the entire night over the face?

  65. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, I have had psoriasis for about 5 years.. i wanted to know what the benefits were on using neem leaves.. also what shall i do if i wanted to bathe in it? thank you!

    • says

      boil neem leaves in a huge bowl of water…take around 1-2 stems of leaves…mix it with your bath water.
      I don’t know if it helps with psoriasis…you should check that with a doctor.

  66. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati. Thanks for the reply. I shall take out the gel daily from the plant. Can aloevera be stored in fridge for about 3-4 days?

  67. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, very nich to read this blog and happy to know that Neem leaves workable for skin, my question–My baby 1 & half years old and suffering from some skin allergies which itching to mush we understand also some black spot located at hand, last 3 days taking her bath with boiled neem leaves water, pls advise how many days it can do as treatment to remove black spot as well as skin problem.
    B.Regards/ Nasrin, Dhaka,Bangladesh.

    • says

      take your baby to a dermatologist…don’t experiment on her/him!!! their skin is very sensitive and also use handmade soaps instead of normal soaps. hope this helps :)

  68. says

    Hi Swati,

    My cousin’s been having her period for more than 3 weeks now. Some say neem helps irregular periods and help attain back to normal. Are there any remedies that you can recommend?

    Thank you.

  69. Anonymous says

    hi, i wanted to know that swallowing neem leaves directly with water everyday would not be a problem or is it a compulsion to chew them properly????
    this would cause any problem???

    • says

      swallowing is fine but what happens is that when you chew, you help your body extract maximum nutrients from the food otherwise what happens is that sometimes the thing passes off without getting broken down by the system :) no, it won’t cause any problem so its ok :)

  70. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,
    I have been using fresh aloevera gel from leaves as u suggested daily in the night for pimple marks. There is a lot of improvement. But since I have a very important event coming up like an engagement, could you please suggest any other remedies for pimple marks? I have these pimple marks all over my face. cheeks, forehead are plenty. Some one suggested applying milk, lemon juice and honey together on them. will that work? And, does honey or lemon juice when touched to eye brows or eyelashes make ur hair white?

  71. Anonymous says

    (cont..)I will be using aloevera gel in the night..I need something that i can also apply in the morning that will speed the process of removal of pimple spots. I tried cedar vinegar as u suggested. It did reduce breakouts of acne. It did not completely reduce though. I have dandruff too! Any remedies for it? Thanks for your suggestions! All your suggestions would be of great help since I have an event coming up! :)

  72. Anonymous says

    Thanks Swati. will look into categories. Can i try banana peel for 15 min daily? will that help clear dark spots n acne?

  73. Andreas says

    Is neem from india more bitter than thai version ive heard so but how much when i tried first time it was gross. But now 3 years later i chew 10 in one go easy, this is bevause i know know it is beneficial , i didnt know at firat time so its all in the head. Drinking boiled leavs i do before breakfast and it does not disturb my appetite.

    • says

      may be you are used to the taste now so it doesn’t matter coz I don’t think the Indian neem is more bitter but again if the one you take is a hybrid or something, that might be the case!!!

  74. Saint or Sinner says

    hi i had an acne problem on combination skin. i’ve been drinking neem water for a few days now on an empty stomach every morning. and i have also seen some improvement. but my aunt says having neem isnt good for me as my skin is dry and its going to dry even further. is it true? if yes, what can i do to enjoy the benefits of neem and also not suffer from dry skin.

  75. Anonymous says

    Hi there, i am also drinking neem powder but with peach juice :)is that ok? I have problems with EBV on my liver, and acne..

  76. Anonymous says

    hi.. i had severe acne problem so i consulted a dermatologist. It cured my acne problem but 2-3 scars are left on my face due to acne ( colour – brown-red ). what should i do to remove them ?

    • Anonymous says

      thanks for the advice but my acne keep coming n going. What should I do to fix this problem permanently? please help

    • says

      actually the reason why you are getting acne is not known so I can’t say how to stop it permanently!!! its better to ask dermatologists for such things coz they can actually tell what exactly is wrong…these home remedies are more of preventive measures than cure! hope you understand :)

    • says

      sorry, can’t help you with that. I don’t even know what they are if you are talking about anything other than normal blemishes!! check this:
      trying these home remedies would help with blemishes!

  77. Arathy says

    Off to collect neem leaves from my garden. Gonna eat and make a paste out of it for my acne and acne marks. Seriously hope it works

  78. Anonymous says

    hi i want to know that can i use neem juice by grinding leaves of neem in a cup of water..will it work..or tell me another best way to get rid of my acne

  79. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, I had been bite by bed bugs terribly couple of months back and even until now, some of the wounds are not fully heal because of the itchiness it caused. So, I had been scratching it and it took longer time to heal. A friend of mind recommending that I should blend the leaves and apply it on the wound daily before bed. Will this work? On another note,will it also heal scars? Appreciate if you’d be able to help.

  80. Anonymous says

    Hi ,

    i have pimples on my face. i went doctor she told it is acne-2.Avd gave some tablets and adapelne gel.I dont want to take tablets.I used to apply adapelene gel.If i eat food outside like chicken m getting pimples wtin in a day.Started applying neem paste.can u suggest wat can i do or o need to consult doctor.

  81. Anonymous says

    Hi..I have severe acne and my face is very sensitive I have tried almost everything and I have seen a face is really dry, red, dark spots , and holes do you have any suggestions
    Please reply

  82. says

    hi mam,

    I have acne and pimple problem and want to get rid off it. I have used turmeric, milk, bessan, Ice. But still cant be corrected please advise me what shall I use to cure it off. Please help

  83. Anonymous says

    hi I resides in Canada … not able to found neem leaves here…. can I user neem powder besides neem leaves… for hair wash,,,

  84. says

    I found that I can only order neem leaf online, and I would think they are dried. would boiling dried neem leaf, have the same effect as fresh neem leaf?

  85. Anonymous says

    I have a question , I can’t find Neem leaves any where and I’m too hesitated to use neem oil because of my acne prone skin. Will it be effective if I do a Neem facial spray ?? Get Neem Capsules use the neem powder on water and put it in a microwave ( like tea) and put the Neem water on a small spray container?? ( Sorry for the long question)

    • says

      yes, neem facial spray is also good but i can suggest neem oil. a drop will work well on the acne prone skin as well but you can try the capsule thing you talked about as well :)

  86. says

    Hi Swati! I am Himanshu, was going through the thread of people’s queries and your answers to them. Must say….you’re doing a great job. Even after reading the blogs, I couldn’t resist to ask….is it fine to boil the neem leaves and cool it and drink it? If yes, please suggest the right dosage/intake. Look forward.

  87. Anonymous says

    Great article.

    I live in the tropics but will be heading back to the UK soon.I have a neem tree in my back yard, what would be the best way to transport the leaves? Dry them first?

    Any help much appreciated


  88. mansi pareek says

    can i use neem ice cubes for cleaning my face? is it harmful? and please tell me if neem is helpful in removing marks caused by acne?

  89. says

    Hi i am having acne n pimple problem i heard about washing face with boiled neem water will help me out do it so if yes then how many times i have to wash my face with it n hiw much time it take to remove every acne n pimple problem
    Rply soon thanxxx

  90. sakshi says

    I feel to eat neem bark also called (chal) in hindi can i eat and sallow there any harmyl wffect.actually my gand ma used to give it to me when i get boils plze reply…… Thanku

  91. shma says

    Good afternoon mam’e,
    I got your email id from the internet, while searching good effects and uses of neem leaves. Mam’e, I have some skin disorder in the central part of my feet. Mam, at that time sir, the dot first appear with a yellow small dot, in the centre of my right feet, then it increased small in size which inturn become brown in colour after 3-4 day. And after sometime, the skin becomes dead and removes form that area. Similar spot was occurred in left feet , central region since from 2009. Sir, i checked to lots of doctors, one of the doctors from army said me that it is Pamoplantar Psoraisis, coz very minute spots i got rarely in both palms as well. Sir, i am tired , plz help me to get rid out from this problem. So, mam’e, plz tell em whether i can chew 4-5 neem leaver daily early in the morning?Is it safe to my body or not? Please guide and help em mam’e.
    i shall be highly thankful to you for the same.

    • says

      Hi shma. I am extremely sorry but I have no idea about the problem you have. The only thing I can advise you is to follow the doctor’s instructions. Sorry for being of no help!

  92. Anonymous says

    Hey actually I have boiled all the neem leaves and stored in a 2 litre of limca bottle I knw I want be able to use it all in a week so what to do know? ? I have an acne prone skin I use this water to swipe away with cotton ball daily at night. Please tell me how to make that water use for long?

  93. Anonymous says

    Boiled neem water stinks alot I have a problem applying it directly on face at night cos it make my nose block like hell with that strange odor.. can u suggest anything to lighten that odour ?

  94. Geeta says

    I have an eczema from 5 years my sister told me use neem on that .so from 10 days over I m using neem leaves paste on that and daily eating 5 leaves.
    I got very good result but when I should stop this treatment and I like to eat neem leaves nw can I continue forever please reply

  95. says

    This medicinal herb/leaves always amazed me though I failed on my attempts to chew neem leaves . I really can’t bear it but I WILL gather my 100% courage to chew it because of what you have said that it can whiten/clean teeth. Anyway, I have been using the boiled water out of neem leaves and undisputedly, it’s really effective.
    Kelly recently posted…How To Optimize Your BrainMy Profile

  96. sona says

    how much quantity of fresh neem leaves juice is recommended per day for good skin and blood purification? do we need to take it daily or at intervals will be beneficial? i made fresh juice of about 20-30 small leaves and added water to paste and extracted juice about 100 ml and drank it

    • says

      Hi Sona. This is not a medication prescription or anything of that nature so the dosage really depends on you. You can take as much of it as you want. What you did sounds pretty fine to me. You can do this everyday for 30 days and see if it makes any difference for you or not!

  97. Nav says

    Hi…I am 40 yrs old. Blemishes on my face started when I was 27. Slowly slowly blemishes are covering my whole face. It started from cheeks. I had oily skin but after a chemical peel it has got dry and flacky. I have lots of blemishes and black heads. Please help. Thank you.

  98. maitri patel says

    Medam plz give me info that if I grind the neem leaves and then I drink the pulp of neem with 1/2 glass of water ..will it work 4 me as I have some pimples on my face

    • says

      hi Maitri. you can give it a try for one months and see the results for yourself! I can not assure you anything as every body is different and reacts differently to home remedies. also, it depends on why you are getting pimples.

  99. Sasi says

    Hi ,I have this skin acne from 3 years back. At first it was only in biceps area.I neglected it thinking it was a usual food elergy.. But the same continued upto 3 years.. And after 3 years it started spreading on hands, thighs. Small small dots , which when sweating I get itching.. Consulted a dermatologist, he said it eczema and given some ointments, used them but no results.. Can you please suggest that anything from been can help me.. I will try them and by god’s grace they may work. Thanks in advance

  100. Sudipta sarkar says

    Hello swati mam
    I was using neem water after recovering from chicken pox.i do also have a very acne prone skin which has recently got badly scarred.but then One of my relatives said that using neem water or neem face pack on ragular basis makes skin tone darker.i am little confused as i have heard and read about so much benefits of mam can u please suggest me if its true at all or just a myth??

  101. priyanka says

    how and when to use neem oil? like when to wash face after aolying oil etc…can neem oil also be applied for increase the breast size?;..thnk u

  102. Rilvin khadz says

    Hi.. i am rilvin.. I hav got pimples n acne problems.. aftr reading ur article i hav started to use neem pastes on the affected area.. but aftr 2 or 3 days i can see a white thing scattered over the paste.. is it good to use the pack with that?? Can u plz tell me for how much days can v keep a pack aftr grinding it once??

  103. Jatinder says

    Hi Swati, I have just started having half teaspoon Neem powder with half teaspoon Amla powder in half glass water before going to bed at night. Will this help my skin to lighten as I have mild eczema which has turned my skin darker which was fair before. What are the benefits of eating neem and amla powders? Pls help. Many thanks Swati.

  104. sangeeta shringi says

    Can anybody help me out. I am suffering from skin allergy, which starts with itching followed by the rashes n increases in the night and reduces or disappears during the day time.

  105. sonali says

    hii. i have chicken pox spots all over my body. its now 20 days i recovered from pox. but spots are still left dark. plz help me out to get rid of it fast.

  106. says

    hii. i have left over chickenpox spots all over my body even aftr 25 days of recovery from pox. tried sandelwood powder to reduce spots. but still not too much effect. plz help me out to get rid of it fast.

  107. anmol bains says

    hlo mam,
    i drink neem juice daily and agar main neem juice ko fridge main store kru tu vo kitne Days ke lei useful hai

  108. Parvesh says

    I’m a 19 year old boy and I have oily skin. I have pimples on my skin for some years. How should I use neem leaves and specially how should use neem boiled water to treat acne ? I mean how many time… how to apply how remove … with normal water or soap or should remain on face…. how in night ? Please suggest me

  109. Ranveer says

    Hii i m 15 year old and i have so many pimples on my face 😔 so what is the best way to remove these disgusting pimples.

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