Are your salons hygienic enough?

Today, I would like to share with you a new article I read few days back. It talks about hygiene at salons. How much do we know about the cleanliness of the salons? Every thing that glitters is not gold. This cliche applies to the cleanliness of the salons too. Yes, we all go to the high class ones present at some posh area of the city and which charges accordingly for the services. But, what do we know about the lurking bacterias present in the wax used or the hair and skin tools.

The article says specifically that the wax should never be left open to air. It can attract a lot of bacteria which can enter during the waxing procedure. I read it after my visit to the salon and I remember distinctly that the utensil containing wax had been left open. Moreover, the hygiene practiced by the therapist. What if she has some bacteria on her hands. We all know that everyone is not used to the too hot wax temperatures on the body and everyone’s body has a different adaptability. If you find that a therapist is not doing her services according to your comfort, immediately request a change. Or, better, never go back to the salon. It has happened with me and believe me, that shows its effect later. And, I am sure, many people would have faced this.
Many of the tools used are not disposable in the salons like the wash basins, hair combs and brushes, manicure and pedicure sets. And, God knows, how many times they have been used on what kind of people. So, prefer to carry your set of tools with you. Of course, you can not carry a wash basin. I am talking about manicure and pedicure sets and the hair combs and brushes and anything else according to the service you are getting done like a blackhead remover for a facial. The article stresses on the fact that maximum brunt is born by the people who get manicures and pedicures.

“A previous client could have had a wart or fungal infection and if the tools are not washed properly, the infection can get transferred,”

And, the best way to judge the cleanliness of the salon can be to have a look at the bathroom. So, next time you visit a salon, do not forget to use the bathroom and inspect it closely. After all, its going to be you who will suffer for any misgivings of the salon.


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