Use Orange peel to bring a glow on your skin

Today, I would be sharing with you a simple scrubbing method for your face without getting into the trouble of elaborate recipe making techniques. Yes, just as I talked about Banana peel last time, this time I am going to talk about how to use orange peel.

Eat your orange. Now, rub the peel directly on your face or anywhere else. Make sure you dig into the skin of the orange peel with your nails to extract its juice and apply it to your face. Keep on rubbing till the skin color of the peel changes into black. Do not wash your face immediately. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Then, wash off your face with cold water. Do not use any cleanser or soap after this application. Your skin will glow and be squeaky clean. And, this also ensures reduction in blemishes and dark spots. But, remember to do this at night as the citric acid makes the skin photosensitive and dry.

A tip: Dip the orange peels in raw milk for 1 hour before scrubbing. This would balance the drying effect of the orange peel with the moisturizing effect of milk.ย 

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    • kaushik says

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiii swati can u please tell me , can i use a combination of orange peel powder n aleo vera ? Will it be helpful for my oily acne n pimple face. ?

      • says

        hi! yes, Kaushik. you can use the combination and i am assuming it is as a face mask you want to use it. also, try to get tea tree oil. it helps with breakouts!!

    • Varsha says

      Hi swati.. I have been using orange peel for acne on my face. I never had pimples before. Suddenly dis pimples have appeared on my skin. I do nt how to I remove brown spots on my face.. orange peel has been helpful but the process seems to be very slow. Kindly advice..

      • says

        hi Varsha. yes, all home remedies take time to show the results. also, use potato slices and tomato slices on alternate days on clean skin at night and follow with a moisturiser. In case you need a recommendation, try grapeseed oil which is great for combination and oily skin and will definitely suit you as well :)

  1. Anonymous says

    Hey I have question can I mix orange peel powder with sunnipindi and use it everyday?
    and for sunnipindi can I mix water or curd since my skin is oily i cant use milk


  2. says

    hey Saritha…yeah you can definitely mix it with sunnipindi…no problem in that and yeah it is better not to use milk for it can cause acne and all for you :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Another question: which side of the orange peel do you use? the white inside, the orange outside, either or both?

  4. naveen says

    Hi…the above matter says dat ‘we have to dig the skin of orange peel to extract juice n den we hv to apply it 2 our skin’..y should we do der any effect if apply it directly

  5. says

    @Naveen digging into the orange peels would release the essence of the peels which is extremely effective so dig into the skin and then apply it on the face!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Hi I was wondering how often can you clean your face with the orange peel? Can I do it everyday or should I do it once a week?

    • all that i know says

      swati, dont u think the orange peels are too much drying? especially if u dont use a moisturiser or ur regular beauty routine?

    • says

      no they are not exactly too drying but even if they are depending on skin type, I have only advised it anyway for one and two times a week for dry and oily skins respectively!!! so, its not exactly a daily routine either.
      and, whatever one follows or does not follow, moisturizing is imp and should never be skipped so these are extra treatments but basic treatments have to be followed religiously. in fact, I am gonna put up a post on moisturizing next week itself.
      would love to know your views :)

    • Anonymous says

      @swati after applying it wld the skin turn from tan(dark) to fair,and if yes then (fot oily skin) how many days shld we aaply it

  7. Meherun says

    I tried to rub the whiten side
    (inner side) of the peel,but it’s dry, the juice come from outer side not from inner

  8. says

    hi Mehrun…yes the peel seems really dry but when you rub with it, you will feel the juice coming out of it and it wouldn’t be as if it will be really wet or something but its more like you can feel the essence and digging into the peel helps release the essence better. But, if you find the juice comes from the other side, that’s equally possible but I have no idea coz I never tried rubbing it on the other side. Will definitely try it :) thanks for the tip!!!

  9. prerna says

    i had powdered the dry peels( dried in sunlight for many days) in mixer and i apply it daily by mixing in water..i keep it for 15-20 min and then rinse it off with cold water! it gives super shine and glowing skin! removes pus from pimples too! very effective! :)

  10. Anonymous says

    I grated the orange peel in mixer and put it in ice tray, and pore little amount of water into it and freeze that, and when ever i need that i take 1 cube and rub on my face. I want to ask is this a right way to apply orange peel?

    Also, i have oily to normal skin can i apply it daily or lesser.

    Please reply

    • says

      hi…you can use air dry the peels until they are entirely dry and then powder them and keep them and use them as face packs whenever you want. I don’t know how much of the essence of orange peels go into the water you pour over it as you freeze it immediately. It takes a warm temperature to absorb the essences. And, you can apply a face mask of orange peels every alternate day, preferably at nights as they make skin photosensitive.

    • says

      hi Lakeja…I don’t know how you mean by simply dusting the powder to clean your face? I would rather suggest you to mix the powder with milk or besan and use it as a cleanser. hope this helps :)

  11. Anonymous says

    Hey, i make a juice of the raw orange peel and apply on my face .. I get an instant glow after doing it .. I’ve been doing it only for a week actually .. Do you think it will be effective to reduce my dark spots on my face? Or is it important to add some other ingredient with the orange peel juice? Thanks!

    • says

      hey, that’s a great idea. Can you do a post on that??? I would love to know how the juice comes out and everything. Yes, it will be definitely effective but don’t apply it in the morning. do this at night always. you can mix either tomato or potato juices along as they are good at removing spots.

  12. Swathi Rekha says

    Can we use Mandarins instead of oranges??
    will that give the same result as oranges do??
    please tell me how are mandarins different from oranges??

  13. Anonymous says

    I LOVE the smell of oranges! But will washing with water completely remove any pesticides? Or should I use only organic oranges?

    • says

      hi…well, if you do get organic oranges, that’s the best :) but, they are not exactly available in India very easily so I have no idea about them. yes, washing doesn’t remove all the pesticides!!!

  14. Anonymous says

    My skin is oily..n my cheeks have become red in color due to acne can i use orange peel powder in order to reduce that redness…

  15. Anonymous says

    can i use qrange jucie on my face…. coz my skin pores are open little bit…i tried but my skin was staring buring for som time……

    • Anonymous says

      m very gald to knw ur answer…… is it good to use tomato every day…. if it is,then how should i use tomato……

      i have another prob also actually m sencitive area are black i used many things like soap,creams but nothing happen ,before i used to apply hair removing cream but now m using wax but then also no effect sooo plzzz it would b very help ful to me if u give me some tips for this prob

    • says

      rub a slice of tomato wherever you want. yes, you can use it everyday but if you are apprehensive, use it on alternate days. do it at night.

      I am sorry but I totally lost you on your next issue. I mean which area are you talking about? bikini, underarms???

    • Anonymous says

      i meant to say both of my area r black, bikini + underarms
      so what should i do to remove black skin???

    • Anonymous says

      1) Coconut oil and Walnut powder make good exfoliators for dark skin patches. ….
      Another great remedy which surely works is milk cream. Mix 2) milk cream with a pinch of turmeric and apply on the affected areas…….
      these both i got for my problem but i dont understand ,cocount oil simple we should apply?? and after apply we should wash off or not?? and how often we should apply and 2nd 1 i dont understand milk cream ?? and 2nd 1 how often we should apply plzzz i will b very gald to knw??

    • says

      walnut powder is too harsh for skin and not recommended at all. coconut oil is used as a body lotion after you have bath on clean skin so applying 2-3 drops per area would be enough and you need not wash it off. you can apply it as many times as you want. milk cream is the surface on the milk which gets formed when the milk is allowed to stand undisturbed for long time. you can use milk instead of milk cream as well. you can apply it everytime before you wash your face.

      • mht fdo says

        My face skin is oily but not the hands and feet do i have a oily skin or not?and can i use orange peel powder and honey should i appply it daily or not and at what time should i apply it?andalso can u help me to know how much should i use i mean the quantity of peel powder and honey???and please tell me can i use green gram honey and lime juice as a mask during using the above mentioned pack .please help to know the tips

  16. Anonymous says

    My skin is very dry and some pores and some rashes are there.. Can i use orange juice for my skin? How to use it for dry skin?

    • says

      nope, don’t use it. even if you would like to use, I would suggest tomato juice mixed with honey as it is less acidic and gentler on the skin. don’t forget to mix it with honey :)

  17. Anonymous says

    when the orange peel went dry it smelt discusting, i vomited!it had a very sickening smell to et! urrrgggh. it made the house smell gross,is there anyother way dat i can not make da orange smell gross. thanx dude :)

  18. Fatima says

    I crushed the peel, mixed it with basen, coconut water and yogurt; this works really well to soften the skin, remove dead skin, make it glow, and the yogurt is a moisturizer. :)

  19. kiru says

    as oranges are acidic, is it prone to harm my skin if i apply it directly? as you have mentioned in the banana peel post, that lemons tend to harm our skin. :)

  20. Anonymous says

    hi, I am using dried orange peels mixed with some lemon juice, honey, gram flour and turmeric mixed with milk? Is it effective? would it harm my skin?

  21. priya sri says

    Hi friend,
    i m priya.
    i have a dark complexion and oily skin,and i have a acne and dandruff problem too.i m feel so bad with these problems.i want some remedies to prevent dark complexion and acne,dandruff.
    i m employee due to busy schedule i dont have time to take care of these problems.with this pollution my skin gets hard day by day, i have tried so many but couldn’t give best result.
    above tips are good but i couldn’t try yet.
    please give me tips to prevent these problems..

  22. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I recently came across you blog and found it interesting. what’s most interesting is you patience in answering all of our questions. I too have one for you in regards to my skin problem and truly expect your suggesting on it. I am unable to identify my skin type coze at times it too oily and at time is so dry that if I don’t apply a moisturizing cream then i end up with dry skin irruption and later my face becomes black. How safe is it to apply Orange peel, also can i get an orange peel powder in the market, it so can you please suggest the brand that I should use or go with. Thanks Preethi

    • says

      thanks a lot for your kind words, Preethi :)
      probably your skin is combination and depending on the humidity levels, it goes to oily to dry coz same happens to me :)
      ok, may be you could try out lotus whitening emulsion…that’s something which is suiting me since i have started using it and the only moisturizer which i have liked till date!!
      also, i would suggest you to make your own orange peel powder because generally the ones in the market are adulterated but if you can’t then there is this brand called dr. jain which is not exactly available everywhere but you can give it a try!!!
      or, go to any ayurvedic shop, you can get all these :) they are more or less reliable!!! hope this helps :)

  23. Amazing Dude says

    Heii…. ur blog is amazing..
    i wuld lyk to know wethr we can put the orange peels for one hour in a bowl with milk nd tarmaric powder ?? .. reply me soon… tc

  24. Anonymous says

    hey I gt acne n it’s jst nt loking gud n ma face , I tried peeling orange skin n my face n it ws burning me so plz can u suggest me a Btr way to gt rid f acne

    • says

      use potato juice on the acne and turmeric for spot treatment as well and you can also check acne skin care section int he categories page (its there in the top of the page in the navigation bar)!!!

  25. Anonymous says

    Hi me sasmita I have applied orange Peel in sun and as my face was burning I washed with water soon. Now my face became so black. Any help frm u ppls, who knows about this.

  26. says

    I tried this a while back, it burned a bit, so i washed it off n rubbed rose water thru my face. Do i have to stop or i can continue? I can see the difference… face feels n looks smooth.

    Also, if we dry them (the peels) will they have the same effect later..?? Or can i grind and refrigerate them in an air tight container for later use.. as stock? :)

    Kindly revert back. Thanks. :)

    • says

      hi…i think you had commented a while back as well…i donno where you had commented but i had replied to the comment….i donno why its happening but you should discontinue using it if you feel a lot of burning and irritation. yes, dried peels also have the same effect. yes you can grind the dried peels for later use…that’s how they are generally stored and mixed with other ingredients.

  27. Rosie says

    Hey swati,i av a very big problem with my pimples and d spots from it…nd my skin is very oil,plz tell me how best i cn make use of natural product/fruits..most especially d common ones..m tired of using chemicalz,dey dnt help

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi..,can i use powdered orange peel with honey..,but when i washed it off after half an hour i felt my skin was dry.let me also know do i need to apply it daily..,thanks

    • says

      yes you can use it! is your skin dry or oily??? if your skin is dry, don’t use this mixture for 30 minutes, use it only for 10 and follow with moisturizer. yes, you can use it daily.

  29. Anonymous says

    Hiiii….i have under eye dark circles,….so pl tell wat do for them
    Is orange or orange peel helpful for me?

  30. Anonymous says

    Love this tip! & just discovered your blog and love it too! One thing has me confused, i rubbed to orange peel on my face,with pressure & til the peel felt dried out. But it never turned black,the color didnt change at all.. How dirty does someones face have to be to turn the orange black? Or am i doing something wrong,tho i didnt feel like i did anything incorrect.

  31. Anonymous says

    Hiii….can we use jonhson baby oil for dark circles?
    Rubbing of orange peel on eyes helps in reducong dark circles?
    Reply soon.

  32. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati, i would love to try your orange peel with milk remedy for lightning my skin colour because my body is fairer then my face!
    And also i can’t use any whitening products as they make my skin even darker! Hope this helps… :)

    – Chitra

  33. Anonymous says

    Hiii…plz help me out
    I have dark circles n i heard abt tinted eye roll on of garnier… Should i go for it or nt and any other eye cream can u suggest.

    • says

      i have maybelline roll on but honestly i didnot find any difference so can’t comment on the garnier one either. but, you can apply a drop of almond oil on your eye area for the dark circles. it helps :)

  34. Anonymous says

    hey hi….u said that orange peel powder should be used ,preferably at nights as they make skin photosensitive..but i read it somewhere that orange peel powder mixed with green gram powder can be used for bathing instead of soap….actually i was planning to do the same for bathing(n this is summer and my skin is oily)….now what should i do..?????


    • says

      hey Sruthi…m sorry for so much delay in replying to your comment!! yes it can be used but i prefer it to be used at night only! you can avoid using orange peel in the bathing powder! you can use multani mitti instead!

  35. Anonymous says

    Hey Swati.. you are so nice coz you are patiently answering all of our questions. I have normal skin and have dark circle around my mouth and i never started sun screen cream till now coz if i use sun screen i felt my face became reddish, dull and dark than what i have. Can you plz suggest me suggest me the sun screen with SPF number.


  36. Anonymous says

    ive rubbed the zest of an orange to my face, an ive fell that my skin has not oiled for hours. thou for the first, it feels a bit minty but after a minute or two. it feels really great and my skin stayed smooth. all you have to do is to grate the outside portion of the orange skin to get the zest and rub through out your face. trust me, it really feels great and you’ll have a smooth skin through out the day :)

  37. Firdaus says

    @Swati Murti May 29, 2012 at 9:33 PM

    Hey Swati, this is the first time Im visiting your blog. Congrats for the success and I appreciate your good work :)
    I’d love to share something very important with u and with all the visitors on your blog. You r right when u said we dont have organic oranges available in India But there is a way to remove the pesticides from oranges or any fruit or vegetable we eat. Take oranges in a big bowl or bucket, pour white vinegar, add some baking powder to it and table salt. mix it in water and leave for 10-15 mins. Before throwing water, rub the oranges nicely with your hand. Now rinse with fresh water 2-3 times and your oranges are free of pesticides. To make your “anti-pesticide liquid” more powerful, u can add some lemon juice. This is the best home made method based on my research to remove pesticide.
    Stay healthy and beautiful :)

  38. Anonymous says

    hi, i have super oily skin and dark complexion what is your recommendation for me and how often should i do the peel mask to see result? my face and neck is darker than the rest of my body and it is killing because it hard to find a foundation. Please help. thanks for your precious time

  39. Anonymous says

    hi i have dryed orange peel n made powder out of it…………. so can u plz suggest me how 2 use for dry skin…n wen 2 use it

  40. says

    Hi can i wash my face with soap and water in the morning then put on shea butter please reply asap because i really want to try this method because i have really DARK spots on my face

  41. Anonymous says

    hi I want to know can I mix orange peel powder, turmeric powder and milk? is it good for what

  42. Anonymous says

    hi i had just take the orange peel and squeeze it on my face and my face is burning now is that bad ?? :(

    • says

      well, i am guessing that your skin is very sensitive so please discontinue using orange peels. you can instead dry them and powder them and mix with besan or something and use as a face pack.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hi swati ur blog is quite interesting I’ve a problem of combination skin n acne plus darknish could u guide please

  44. Anonymous says

    Swati can I use besan and orange powder n raw milk together I’ve a combination skin n oily t zone

  45. says

    Hi, My face & neck skin is getting blackish & also small 2 multiple holes are on my face… i don’t why such .. Please suggest useful treatment .. Thanks.

  46. says

    Hi Swathi…I admire U for ur replies for each and every question..Thanks so much for all ur tips.I m here with a question..I live in a place which has extreme winter and dry weather..even the water is of mainly processed..I hate to use dody wash or soaps(chemical) I m using dried mandarine peel powder for my face and body every day in my bath instead of soap wash..I m free from acne, spots etc..but I somehow feel that my skin is dry…from ur answers in ur blog..I think..I m not suppose to use this way??just tell me which way I can use it?? I Shall I use it with almond powder mix or olive(moisturiser)

    • says

      hey Shruthi….thanks for your kind words :)
      yes, mix it with chickpea powder or moon bean powder and almond powder. don’t mix it with oil, apply the oil separately but remember that olive is a little heavy so you might end up feeling greasy! hope this helps :)

  47. Anonymous says

    Hi can i also use the orange like the actual orange and just rub it on my face? :0 and also can i do it in the morning or only at night?

    • says

      do it only at night and i am supposing you mean you can use orange peel as you would use regular orange and rub it into your skin. yes, you can. just make sure you rub the white part.

  48. Anonymous says

    hi i dont get it i rub the orange peel in my face is your face supposed to be dry or something before waiting to wash it coz there’s not much juices in the orange WHAAAT

  49. Anonymous says

    i rub the orange peel in my face and it’s dry my face doesn’t have any juice from the peel is it supposed to be like that? and can i also rub the actual orange juice in my juice? what does it do in my face? :) thanks

  50. Anonymous says

    sorry for asking this random question but i’ve heard that milk is good for our skin what does it do? ad which mlik do i have to put on my face? is it ok if i go with the full cream? THANKS I’M LOVIN YOUR BLOG! ♥

    • says

      hey. yup, milk is great to lighten skin color. you can use any sort of milk but best is raw and pure cow milk. yes, full cream is also fine and thank you so much for your kind words :)

  51. Anonymous says

    love it! it’s work for me really great! now my skin is glow everytime i do this everynight then when i wake up in the morning my skin feels healthy and SOOO GLOW! don’t need to put any moisturizer! thanks

  52. Anonymous says

    hey I have dark spots on my face and I have to get rid of them in two months will orange peel help me and how am I supposed to use it?

  53. Maria says

    Hi Madam Swati,
    1) orange peel powdered + glycerin
    2) orange peel powdered + coconut oil
    For anti aging and acne skin

  54. Parwinder says

    Hey I have blemishes and dark spot on my face my skin is normal I want to know can I mix orange peels powder with butter(makhani) is it good and what time is good to apply the powder?

  55. namrata says

    Hiii.. can i use orange peel directly without drying it, and grind it? we have to take only outer portion or we can take full peel.
    and can it also use for dark circle, if no then suggest me any natural homemade tip for dark circle.

  56. madhurendra says

    Can I use orange powder n tomato juice mix n apply on my face. N can I mix orange powder n milk n apply as I HV oily skin
    Thank u. Plz answer

  57. khushi says

    Hi ts s khushi i had orange peel powder for 1st time i mixed with water nd applyed to skin but it started to burn can i continue ts r shal i stop applying ts to skin

  58. Swati says

    Hi Swati,

    I had little hairs on my face so i used wax, having less knowledge and did wrong. Now i have hairs on chin, neck etc. I never had pimples but now have lots of on my face.

    Kindly recommend on this how to get rid of unwanted hairs as well as pimples.

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      hi Swati. unfortunately, there is no remedy which works for facial hair. you can try laser hair removal. or, get your hair threaded every time.

  59. Nelson says

    This is Nelson am 23 now I not yet got my mustache or beard properly but I am applying orange peel with aloe vera gel for the dark spots does this combination affects growing my facial please help me.

  60. Pooja says

    Hiii…swati… I have oily ,big pors and acne skin… I apply orange peel face pack daily on night… Can i use daily orange face pack and other things How to reduce big pores size …please suggest… Plesae mail me ur ansewer….

  61. akshata says

    Hii swati .. I hv naturally dark skin.. Will applying orange peel powder help gain a fair skin? If yes then in how many days? And also how regularly shld i do it?

  62. nivetha says

    I hv died the peel of orange..can I use it with gramflour multhanimetti and rose peel powder for better result

  63. Murali says

    Hi Swati,
    We have two kinds of oranges(green ones and orange ones)..So when u say orange peel powder, which one is it?
    Could you tell me the best way to use this powder to get a glow in the skin like with what it should be mixed?


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