Yogurt and Egg to grow long hair

Egg is one of the best conditioners for our hair. And, massaging hair with egg is one of the best things one can do to grow hair. Egg has lot of protein content which is very useful for the health of our hair. Start massaging egg into your hair for 45 minutes. And, you would see results in as less as a month.

But, many people are averse to the smell of egg and the mess created by using egg. There is an alternative. But, it is no less messy. But, it gives you freedom from the egg odor. Yogurt. Yes, applying yogurt to your hair before washing. Yogurt provides all the nutrients required by our hair and has been touted from centuries to be helpful in hair growth. So, start applying yogurt to your hair from today and see the difference in a month. A better result would noticed if you apply yogurt daily on your hair and wash off without using a shampoo. And, shampooing your hair only twice a week or as usual. I know it would mean having your hair oiled all time and tied down and not being able to style. But, the remedy is worth that sacrifice. And, this can be done at least on the weekends when you are not planning to go anywhere. Trying it once a week also gives fabulous results. Not only does it stimulate hair growth, but also, makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny. It keeps hair moisturized and well hydrated. Yes, you would not need any pre-poo treatment if you are doing this regularly.
If you have read this recipe I had published a while back, you would know that yogurt is one of the ingredients in making a biotin rich drink. This means that applying yogurt is actually giving all those nutrients directly from outside. Not only that, it is pretty useful for people having a blood group of A. Blood type A people have hard time absorbing the B group vitamins. Similar is the case with blood type B people. They have hard time absorbing A group vitamins. And, our hair needs all the B vitamins to stay healthy. So, feed your hair all the healthy vitamins from outside as well as inside. And, do not forget to ingest at least two servings of dairy products daily for a healthy head of hair.
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  1. Anonymous says

    Hi , thanks for the tips . But I wonder what type of yogUrt should we use? Any type?
    I had just cut my hair short and now I’m researching for tips to make my hair grow asap within a month.
    Beside this is there others useful method ?

    • Niki P says

      I have problems with my hair loss its sharted from when i had done reboding my hair and now i want my hair like naturely so can u tell me if iuse eggand yogurt and i mix up so it will be like that nature hair

    • Niki P says

      hii am worried about my hair loss becouse i have done rebodingand my hair fall is losing and what my hair back into nature look so what can i do if i use egg,yogurt and mix it up it will go for me and tell me what should i do for it to come back in nature hair

    • says

      hi Niki, yes using egg will help you gain the hair back and repair the damage but it will take a bit long and lot of patience and also eat well. nutritious food is very important for healthy hair :)

  2. says

    Yes, you can use any kind of yogurt but a homemade one would be the best. The market yogurt is not pure yogurt.
    Well, technically, a human’s hair grows only a half an inch per month and that is also affected by the kind of lifestyle we lead. So, it would not be possible to grow more than half an inch a month. There are many useful methods. You can check in the hair section. And, I would be posting more soon.
    One, I would suggest is massaging your hair with extra virgin olive oil. If you can do that everyday, that would be great but make sure you do it at least once a week.

  3. Anonymous says

    egg as in egg white only? the article mentioned egg yolk.. i leave egg white on my hair once in awhile just to make hair thicker(?).. ur articles are all helpful thank you.. questions.. i’m developing dry flaky (not dandruff-only near above my ears.. so i kept having to pull my hair to get the white stuff out..it’s hard to tied my hair back & people not seeing it.. i’m not sure it’s the result of using egg white?

    • says

      the dandruffy stuff is from the egg cooking while you rinse it out. I would suggest if you sit under heat with egg in you should stop because this could damage your hair. I use an egg plain yogurt honey and olive oil mask it works wonders to bring back heat damaged and colored hair. I just started using it and it has smoothed and shined and strengthened my hair! I love it. make sure you shampoo first and then let the mixture sit for 15-20 minutes (no dryer hood) rinse in semi-cold/luke warm water just a bit cooler than that of the water you would wash a newborn in. and condition after. I promise you will love it. you only need to do this once a month.

    • Anonymous says

      ms shanita, id like to ask if is it okay to use egg and olive oil or baby oil mixture every week or only once a month?

    • Anonymous says

      shampoo after applying the mixture to head or before??? em a little confused.. please tell me… actually i have a thich and smooth hair but now a days em suffering from hair loss.. can’t figure out the reson may be bacause of my papers and all the tension due to them but now em really worried so please help me.. i applied alovera to my hair but its of no use… my hair has become very weak plz tell me something

    • says

      How do you wash out the olive oil from your hair using a homemade shampoo and conditioner? I tried the DIY dry shampoo but that didnt work at all.

    • says

      How do you wash out the olive oil from your hair using a homemade shampoo? I tried the DIY dry shampoo but it didn’t work at all for me. I also tried baking soda with water and that didn’t get the oil out either.

    • says

      How do you wash out the olive oil from your hair using a homemade shampoo and conditioner? I tried the DIY dry shampoo but that didnt work at all.

    • says

      @anonymous the hair loss might be just because of stress. its perfectly fine. just take it easy and this mask should be used before washing your hair.

  4. says


    I am really sorry for replying late. First thing is that I am sorry but I did not really understand your reference to the egg white because I have not specified egg white anywhere in the post. And, the article I have referred to in the post says that you should massage egg yolk only but I actually do not believe in that because even egg white has lot of minerals and vitamins good for hair. So, do not bother yourself to separate those two and apply the egg as a whole.
    And, the white stuff you are talking about is definitely not because of the egg white you use unless you are not washing your hair properly. And, if you are sure it is not dandruff then I would request you to please be more specific about the situation you are facing. If you would explain it, I might give some solution. And, in the mean time, I can advise you to go for regular hot oil treatment. It would do your hair good. And, the white stuff in your hair may be just the particles of a flaky or dry scalp.

  5. says

    Hey…yogurt and egg should be used mainly on the scalp to encourage hair growth. you should also pay attention to the ends to avoid splits and keep them moisturized. So, in short, cover your entire hair from root to tip.

  6. Anonymous says

    Hello.. I recently came across your website and i find your tips very useful and i am planning to try some. one question, can i mix egg and yogurt together and massage? i have very fine hair and have the hair-fall problem and need a resolution. Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. says

    hey…I am glad that you find the tips useful :) would love to hear your feedback after you try them…..
    and regarding mixing the egg and yourt, yes it can be done…just make sure you are not suffering from dandruff…if you are suffering from dandruff do nto use yogurt….otherwise yogurt and eggs are very useful on fine hair…

  8. reshma says

    hii my problem is if i use heena egg at my hair that comes on my hand at applying time so much so please make me solution as soon as possible. my hair is too short rough dry & earlier my hair was too long & thick now i required soft silky hair.

  9. says

    hey Reshma may be egg doesn’t suit your hair so you might try using curd!!! it may also be possible that henna doesn’t suit your hair so use egg alone or curd alone and see if it has any effect on your hair!!!

  10. ammu divya says

    hello my name is diviya my hair is veryyyy long and thick but now i lost my hair can we uyse egg or egghairut or curd my hair type is kora mudi

    plessssssssss meeeeeeeee

  11. Anonymous says

    i have always had thin weak hair since childhood..but never had hair loss issues..got my rebonding done 3 years ago and i started feeling better and lustrous as i didn’t need to comb my hair (hence no breakage)… this year in january i got my rebonding done and felt the same till beginning march then started having severe hair fall..so much so that i have to clean my bed with all the hair every morning..im scared, please help

    • says

      rebonding and other chemical treatments do affect hair in a bad way so it might be the reason for your hair fall and since your hair is weak originally, the chemical treatments might have affected it. apply egg every week to help improve the condition of your hair and drink fenugreek water. it helps stop hair fall. http://perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/2010/01/how-to-increase-hair-volume.html
      hope this helps :) and, do remember that hair does take a lot of time to grow back so give it time and patience and it will grow back. don’t worry :) and do let me know how it goes.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Swati
      Just that last time i rebonded my hair, it suited me and i started feeling my hair getting thicker and lustrous because i never needed to comb my hair hence no breakage…this time, two months after rebonding, it started falling..if this rebonding wasnt good for me, how come the hair fall didnt start right after rebonding.. or hair fall is gradual??should i just apply raw egg?? if yes then for how long??? plus to get rid of the smell,i will need to shampoo it twice…or you have another solution for this?

    • says

      it might have adjusted for the first time but repeated chemical treatments do damage the hair!!! hair is weird so acts weirdly for everyone :) yes, apply raw egg and you can keep it for 30 min – 1 hour. One time shampooing is enough but I do wash my hair two times. You can add essential oils to reduce the smell of egg. Rosemary, cinnamon, lavender and ginger are all amazing for hair so you can add them.
      Generally, hair fall is gradual but sometimes, it can be pre-empted. Depends on different hairs and everything.

  12. Anonymous says

    hii i have very thin air and recent days i am suffering from lots of hair fall now my head luking bald do u have any suggestion to regrow hair

  13. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    My name is Manal and I am suffering now from Hair Loss and breakage. Two Years ago My hair was just wonderful and long. Now I have short and damaged hair but really damaged. I am very disappointed because my hair was just great but now my hair is very weak. What is the best solution for my case? I was always going to Beauty salons and applying chemicals to change its color but 2 months ago I stopped and I am juts drying my hair at home. Can you please advise as I feel very sad because of my hair :(

  14. Anonymous says

    I am 29 years old don’t have hair loss problem but my hair is dry and have lot of grey hair. I am applying yogurt mixed with black pepper thrice a week started this week. This is helpful to cover grey hair and my hair had become soft and looking darker. My question is will black pepper with yogurt cause any damage to my hair?

    • says

      hey….oh wow…if you read this remedy on my blog and tried it out, thanks a lot for the feedback :) I didn’t know it could cover the greys too!!! no, black pepper is great for hair growth and doesn’t harm the hair at all so don’t worry about it.

  15. says

    hi swati,
    m also swati :),I am 23 yrs old,yar i wanna knw how to stop hair fall.I have rebonded my hair a few months back on that time they were perfect but after some days i was having the dandruff in my hairs (lot of)but gradually it disappeared but now i m having hair fall badly m very scared :( i don’t want to try ne chemical treatment for stopping that.Please swati help me out and tel me how to stop hair fall naturally… m waiting for ur reply!

  16. Anonymous says

    hey m Sonia my hairs are Soo weak nd m badly suffering from hair fall plzz give me some useful suggestions to stop hair fall plzzzzzzzz

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi… I hav had rebonding done twice. Once 5 years ago. Everythin was fine after dat. But had it again 3.5 years ago. AFter dat hair looks dull, lifeless, frizzy, split ends, dry, entangled n hairfall.. I hav had very dry, frizzy n curly hair since birth. But now it looks damaged plus I hav got a copper kind of colour now wich maybe due 2 exposure 2 SUn or chemicals. How can I remove dis colour?

    • Anonymous says

      Thanx.. I use olive oil wid a lil coconut oil mixed in it. But wil now try mustard. How 2 infuse amla?? Thanx in advance. N I read somewhere dat egg yolk dries hair. Is it true?

    • says

      drop dried amla powder into a bottle full of your hair oil and leave it in a dark place for a month or so. you can also keep it in strong sunlight in the morning time to speed up the infusion process. keep shaking the bottle daily. your infusion will be ready in a month.
      regd. egg yolk drying the hair, I am not so sure about it coz its rich in fat!!! but, might be possible but I always use whole of egg and never felt that it dried my hair and I do have dry hair and scalp, if that helps. you can mix it with a spoonful of honey or oil to counter dryness if you feel!!!

  18. Anonymous says

    hi, my name is riya, i’ve got some problem with my hair, its very dull , rough, fizzy and unmanagable…it was goos some months age but now its getting worse, for the record, i apply olive oil once or twice a week to reduce the dryness and appy henna mixed with dried amla,fenugreek, youghurt,and egg once a month, but still i’m suffering from this lifeless dry hai. please help me out :(

    • says

      try changing olive oil to something else. many times, olive oil doesn’t suit people. have you started it recently?
      and, don’t use henna for dry hair. instead use only eggs or yogurt mixed with eggs and honey.
      I would suggest you to use rogan badam. it had helped my hair. also, take care which shampoo n conditioner are you using. i can’t give any recommendations coz i haven’t yet found a really awesome shampoo but you can give dove color rescue a try. use the sachets. but, whatever you do, don’t forget the weekly deep conditioning treatment. if you are interested you can check out:
      I would really recommend it.

  19. Anonymous says

    should i use eggs and curd to make my hair soft and then wash it out and i use one herbal shampoo and i use oil also

  20. Anonymous says

    hi sawtii.
    iam 18yrs old.. and in my hairs their is alot of dandruff and rough and hair fall and day by day my hair get thin . i eat so many medicine regarding this ..but few days i found the solution then again start the same thing ..what should i do.. ???? please help me out.

  21. says

    i rebnded my hair jst 4 mnths b4 and i got a trm jst b4 3 days. . my hair becam shrt and i love lng hair. . cn u jst tel me wt cn i do 2 make my hair grw lng. .in a mnth. . pls help me

  22. Anonymous says

    hi swati,
    My name is shraddha and im 22 years old,,my problem is there is to much hair fall,,my hair is really very ruff and dry,,,by reading this all resolution given by you im applying curd, egg and honey in my hair once in a week but i think if i will try only egg it will more good for me so is there any way to rid out from the smell of egg,,bcz of that smell im unable to apply only egg in my hair,,,
    or is there any way to sorted out my prob,,,
    PLz reply ASAP your help would be highly appriciated,,,,

  23. shilpa says

    Hi swati
    I have lost a lot of hair after delivery…specially in the front. do you have any suggestions? can i use egg & yogurt mix on coloured hair?

  24. Anonymous says

    hey swati…can you please suggest me no. of ways to remove dandruff? and if i use ambla shikakai water to wash my hair, will it help? does shikakai help in growth of hair as well?

  25. Anonymous says

    i am suffering hairfall since last 4 years, have taken all hormonal tests, everything is just fine… allopathy, homeopathy nothing seemed to work so now undergoing Ayurveda treatment!!!this information looks useful, but i once tried applying egg and i had such a bad hair fall that day while rinsing my hair, that i did not dare to put it again, but my hair looked great that day!!! can i apply yoghurt and egg mixed together every week???

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi I am suffering from hair loss and lack of vitamins in my hair nowadays I am taking 500mg vitamin C and other daily supplements per day and 4 years ago I settled in new city from That time my hair is falling please consult me That does envoirment effects on hair fall or not?

  27. Anonymous says

    hey swati..,
    i am suffering hair breakage from the mid way. i started noticing it from last month.My hair looks pathetic when i tie them up or even if i leave it open. its like those broken small hair become curls and get very much noticed..!! plzz help!

  28. Anonymous says

    Hi my name is sanju 27, I have dry scalp my hair have become thin, I don’t have dandruff and it’s falls lot from last 6 months, plz tell me what shampoo should I use, even if my massage my head I can see lots of hair in my hand, :-( n my hair fall lot after bath, should I wash my hair daily or weekly?

  29. says

    Hi m Meenal…to get the volume and stop my hair loss m applying white egg with curd and lemon. I apply this once in a week without any fail…

    Please suggest me if I am doing correctly. Also I have got weavy thin hair so is that fine with these kind of hair.

  30. says

    Hi m Meenal…to get the volume and stop my hair loss m applying white egg with curd and lemon. I apply this once in a week without any fail…

    Please suggest me if I am doing correctly. Also I have got weavy thin hair so is that fine with these kind of hair.

  31. says

    Hey i am namrata, 24 yr old,actually i am getting married in jan but i am suffering from too much hair loss as well as hair thinning and ma hair growth is stopped…..please please suggest me any home remedies which can help me at least in 2 months my hair should get thick…and as well my skin will glow…..please help me…i am so worried about ma hairs…

  32. Shabana says

    Hi am 24 years old n av got to much hair lose can u plz tell me some tips to regrow hair,n da egg thing does it really stops hair fall

  33. surabhi khandelwal says

    hi .i m surabhi 26 yrs old..after delivery i have had bad hairfall…and could nt taake good care of my hair..i also have dandruff on the scalp ..i dnt know what kinda dandruff it is as it is not visible above my hair;so i m nt not just too worried about it..
    can i use egg and dahi in combo to bring back shine and softeness for my hair ?? if “yes” then in what proportion and how ..

  34. Anonymous says

    hey swati i am also suffering from the problm of hair fall and dry unattractive hair. i am facing this problem from 2 years. plz sugges me best way for long shining and attractive hairs..:):)

  35. Anonymous says

    Hii i got my hair rebond two yrs back..my hair usually falls bt i nva bothered fr it..n now it falls n dis is inevitable…my hair looks very thin n curly as well as rebond was fr jus one year …i dont luk good in curly hair..i lost my confidence olso…as my hair doesnt allow me to make dem straight in parties olso..dey look v bd widout doin straighteng..i m nt gng to parties olso now a days..n most f it i wl get married in coming..n m thinking for d rebond again bt i m scared as it already falls to d extent bt if i dont do it i dunt luk gud…what should i do m very worried….pls suggest me i want my hair look straight after my marriage it suits me..is dere ny alternative r is dere ny oder way dt i cn rebond fr d second tym n it wl nt fall lyk it s falling now..m vry tensed if i do r if i dunt….pls suggest me sumthin asap pls

    • Anonymous says

      Wen i wash my hair it falls lyk nything wen i do oil massage n den i comb it do falls alot n even wenever i comb my hair widout doin oiling it falls den olso…i dun knw wot to do…i reaally want to get rid f it…n i want to get my hair rebond fr after my marriage..bt m damn scared if it wl fall den lyk it s falling nw…den??????

    • says

      replying to all your comments, yes, you can use egg and yogurt both.
      i would suggest you to get a trim and get your hair as short as you can go. better to manage with lesser hair when you are having issues.
      you can apply yogurt and rinse it off with water. and, if you want you can apply oil and then shampoo your hair next day. its nourishing for the hair. if you are afraid to oil, I would suggest you to apply yogurt or egg on alternate days and wash it off.
      try this to help stop hair fall:
      it really helps.
      also, you should get checked for your health coz excess hair fall is actually abnormal and indicates health issues. rebonding does lead to hair fall in most cases. now, regarding straight and curly hair, its something you have been born with so you can’t totally get rid of it. I’m sorry but learn to live with the hair you have coz you did try to do something and its really reacting in a negative way. hope you can retain rest of your hair. And, I’m pretty sure you would look good in curly hair as well. you just need to find the right style and learn to accept your hair. I am not preaching but just telling you what you probably are trying to change in yourself.
      I would suggest you to go for high frequency hair growth treatments at really good salons. don’t bother much about money coz it really helps. they are available at all most all salons. it will definitely help with hair fall. and, do check out other posts on the hair loss category in the drop down Category section in the side bar. they might also help :)
      and, don’t stress out, that’s worse for your hair.

  36. Anonymous says

    It looks dry n freezy;-(
    N tell me olso if i use egg r yogurt…will it b gud??
    R shud i do my hair trim every 15 dys…n i cnt go fr hair cut as it looks so short nw…hope fr d positive reply soon

  37. Anonymous says

    Wl it b gud to apply yogurt in hair n not den not to shampoo???
    Dese above three msgs were mine
    Pls reply fr ol f dem
    I l v thankful to uh

  38. Anonymous says

    Thankyu so v mch….fr d positive reply…i l b doin ech n evrythin lyk u said….
    Shud i go fr d rebond agn if ol dese wrk fr hair fall??

  39. Anonymous says

    Na na i wl stop dis frst n hopefully it wl wrk…m asking fr it dt shud i do rebnd in dec???
    As my marriage s in jan

  40. Anonymous says

    hey, my problem is hairfall. ungrown hair since from 4-5 year,white hair and headache so kindly pls suggest me some method to get rid of it as soon as possible..

  41. Anonymous says

    hey, my problem is lot of hairfall my hair size has become 1/3 now plz suggest me for hair growth also as it has become very thin plz nd as soon as possible and ya plz suggest the sure shot and which helps very fast growth of hair .

  42. Anonymous says

    Hi, I have dry curly hairs and an oily face. When i use oil for my hair my face starts getting pimples. Doctor advised me not to use oil on hair. But without oil my hair has become dry and unmanageable. Plzzz suggest some remedy.

  43. Anonymous says

    Hii i just wanted to know what is dis smoothening??
    People do talk abt it …
    Is dis better than the rebonding??is dis more expensive than rebonding??
    N for how much time will it stay??
    I got my hair rebond one n half n year back..n now it has came to d previous texture like they were before…they are very thin also…so what should i go for..pls suggest…

  44. Anonymous says

    hi evry1..i live in hostel whr d water is from tubewell…..previously my hair was soft and silky but aftr cumng here it has becum v dry dull n unmanageable……plz tell me sum home remedy…..

    • says

      hey….you can boil the water and then use it or you can use shower filters if you can get one but this is something very difficult to tackle so apply eggs every week for 1-2 hours. it should help to some extent. the water does affect hair a lot and one can’t really help!! does your hostel provide aqua guard facility??? if yes, then, wash with that water. its a bit better. rest, use a good shampoo and conditioner which keeps your hair soft!! hope this helps :)

  45. Nana Osei says

    I am called Nana Osei … I have some problems with my hair growing , I use the Perming Pomade to wash my hair, I saw it longer but within some few days, all disappeared and Now I am looking very Bad.. Swati . If you found this, Kindly help me because I am worried and disturbed

  46. says

    I’m 22 yrs old from last 10 to 12 months my hair has been falling very badly my scalp has been visible a little bit I recently started using egg with yoghurt. Will my hair regrow at this age and with this much serious falling?

  47. Anonymous says

    Hi im rhea long time im using mayonnise and egg with banana or coconut oil to my hair
    And my hair is verry look nice its great i never go salon to do my hair im so proud of my hair using this things.Guys do same what i am using for my hair its worth it ,,,,

    • says

      check out the hair fall and dandruff categories in the hair care section on categories page in the navigation bar!!! I have written lots of things which are hard to put down here :)

  48. says

    I am a 23yr old boy and Recently i have noticed that my hair is getting thin n i loose to many hair during washinf of my hair .is there any solution to prevent further thining of hair n os there something dha hormone aatches to the hair n leads to thining plzzz hlp me out ?

    • says

      it might be due to the dht issue which happens in males. its a hormonal imbalance or something. you can go to a doc for proper diagnosis. rest, you can check the hair fall section in the categories (on the top of the page in the navigation bar).

  49. Anonymous says

    Could you pls tell me applying egg and yogurt once every week can straighten hair naturLly and make it smooth and shiny ????

  50. Anonymous says

    Hi dear Swati,
    I m 24 yr old , My hair is long & thick , From last 5 – 6 months I m suffering from dandruff ,dry hair, shin less, breakages,& hair fall, static hair .

    I had never tried anything before, expect the coconut oil for my hair & i m using the aloe vera base shampoo for my hair.

    Plzzz suggest some remedy.


    • says

      hi Rupali…you can continue with coconut oil only…if you can get the organic coconut oil, that would be great. rest, you need protein so increase your protein intake. and, apply egg every week if you are not a pure veggie. that will help with dryness and shine. breakage will take sometime to get ok. use this oiling method diligently for sometime:
      also, i would suggest switch to a good shampoo. which shampoo are you using???
      static hair is something you can’t avoid in winters so just make sure they are adequately moisturized. i would also suggest using a drop of coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner after washing the hair. that would help with static. also, i would suggest you to look into the hair care section on the categories page above (in the navigation bar). there are too many articles to just put them down here :)

    • says

      Dear Swati,

      Thank you for your prompt reply. Could you please explain how to use Egg on hair. One more thing I just want to add is my scalp is oily , does it affect the egg remedy?

    • says

      yup, egg is fine for oily scalp as well. beat the egg until it froths and take it and massage it into the scalp. apply the rest on the rest of your hair length and keep it for 1 hour or 30 minutes or as long as you can bear the smell :D let me warn you, it really smells nasty. if you have any essential oil, your might use that. rosemary, ylang ylang are great for oily scalp and helps with hair growth and dandruff as well.

  51. says

    Hi Swati, I am Kala from UK. Let me, on first hand, appreciate your confidence you show in writing your articles. I recently came across this blog while I was searching for hair treatment. I suffer severe hair loss ever since I moved to UK 4 months back. I can say, I lost the density. I read your article on applying egg on hair once in a week. I followed that for 3 times(once in every week *3) and I find consideralbe hairfall arrest. However for almost 2 weeks, I couldn’t continue this process as it is too chill and frozen here which stops me to take hair bath. But today I thought to apply it and did so. I could see that I face the same hairfall as I felt in the beginning. I was upset which prompted me to clarify – is it that the gap I caused after 3 weeks resulted in the hairfall? How long should I continue with this egg treatment? Should I apply any mild shampoo after rinsing hair coated with egg that day itself or the next day? Please advise. Thanks much, Kala.

    • says

      hey Kala…thanks a lot for your kind words :)
      actually….I don’t know where you stayed in India (to say if your body is used to the cold) but London is damn cold right now (which you obviously know :D) so what happens is that as the weather gets colder, hair fall kind of becomes imminent so don’t worry about it at all…it will be fine when the spring comes and till then just make sure that your hair doesn’t get static…that’s one of the biggest issues in cold months and try to avoid hair masks coz you might catch a chill and stick to oils and hair wash or may be you can go for dry shampoo as well. try the egg treatment once the spring starts. you can use the egg treatment as many times as you want so that’s not an issue at all. hope this helps :) and, don’t forget to use leave-in conditioner. that helps with static hair and use silk scarves.

  52. anu says

    hi i am going to get marry with in 4 months but from last 4 tears i am having hair fall now i have only 25percentage of my hair pls help me to regrow my hair before my marriage.i need natural methods i hope u can help me

  53. anu says

    hi thanks for ur reply but i couldnt able to open any of your links.i want only the natural home made products to control my hair fall pls concern me and tahnks for helping,

  54. Anonymous says

    thanks for your useful information to us but when i use oil on my hair and when i wash off them its falling a lot also i use almond oil then i massage it for 5 or 10 minutes,,, please kindly tell me what kind of oil should i use to prevent the falling of my hair. thanks

  55. Anonymous says

    dear Swati if we massage our hair with yogurt it has a lot of oil with yogurt, if we don’t use shampoo our hair are very oiled after using yogurt.

  56. Anonymous says

    Hi I am suffering with hair loss and normally have always had thick hair its now dry and getting finer by the day! I am about to try the egg treatment however i have recently been using cocunut oil maybe 2/3 times per week, just noticed your comment on not using oil if you suffer hair loss, well my hair loss hasnt lessened so should i stop using it?! confused!!

    • says

      hey…yup, is advised not to oil the hair too much when suffering from hair fall…it can trigger more hair fall!!! you can use egg treatment in that case :) and check for the hair fall section in the categories above in the navigation bar!!

  57. says

    hiii…..dis is angel.i m 24 years old.my hair are very dry and rough.i want t maje my hair straight and soft.so please suggest me something which qill help ingetting silky and straight hair……

  58. says

    hiii…..dis is angel.i m 24 years old.my hair are very dry and rough.i want t maje my hair straight and soft.so please suggest me something which qill help ingetting silky and straight hair……

  59. says

    hiii…..dis is angel.i m 24 years old.my hair are very dry and rough.i want t maje my hair straight and soft.so please suggest me something which qill help ingetting silky and straight hair……

  60. Anonymous says

    hey…i used to have really thick hair and i still do but over the past years i had alot of hair loss, i have exactly half i think even less hair then what i used to have, i’m just 17 what can i do to get my hair back and i also have dandruff

  61. Anonymous says

    can i used both egg n youghurt at 1 tym i mean both together or only 1??? and i wanna ask that can i apply any thing else in week i mean that 1 day egg n yoghurt and another day oil??

  62. Anonymous says

    Please am Hannah and i want my hair to grow longer can egg,folic acid,amla hair oil and vit E help me.i want my hair to be long and thick…please
    Help me.

    • says

      yes all the things you mentioned above help in hair growth. rest you can check out the hair care section on categories page of the blog. you can access it on the navigation bar above.

  63. says


    My name is Tiya and I have truly unmanageable and frizzy curly hair. I do hair massage with coconut oil twice in a week, use very mild shampoo & condition, only condition once a week and shampoo twice a week, use raw egg once a week, never used chemicals and also avoid straightening most of the times. But
    even after doing so, my hair are still full of issue. looks horrible, never grow and force me to keep them in a bun or braid when going out. Now hear that olive oil is a wonder for hair and regular use of curd can straighten the curl. I just wanted to know, is it true or I’m going to waste the time again. I’m waiting for your reply.

  64. says


    My name is Tiya and I have truly unmanageable and frizzy curly hair. I do hair massage with coconut oil twice in a week, use very mild shampoo & condition, only condition once a week and shampoo twice a week, use raw egg once a week, never used chemicals and also avoid straightening most of the times. But
    even after doing so, my hair are still full of issue. looks horrible, never grow and force me to keep them in a bun or braid when going out. Now hear that olive oil is a wonder for hair and regular use of curd can straighten the curl. I just wanted to know, is it true or I’m going to waste the time again. I’m waiting for your reply.

    • says

      hi Tiya…first of all, i have never used olive oil so cant say anything about it. curd does help a lot so you can try that out! use conditioner every time you use the shampoo. i would suggest you to use a leave-in conditioner. i would suggest the body shop grapeseed or dove nourishing oil though i have not used grapeseed product! also, i would suggest you to take a drop or two of coconut or almond oil and run it on your hair after washing it.

  65. Anonymous says

    Hi, this is for my friend. She got straigtning of hair done and her hair damaged totaly ie, like burned hair, too much hair fall, stiff and unmanagable. She is depressed, What would you suggest? yogurt n egg will help? or whatelse? awaitig for your valuable suggestion..

    • says

      i would suggest her to cut off all the damaged portion and start growing hair afresh. yes, yogurt and egg would help. check out the hair care section in the categories page. there are many amazing remedies which actually helped me :)

    • says

      yes, egg is good because it is protein so adds body to the hair and nourishes the hair follicles. generally shampoo is advised twice or thrice a week depending on how dirty your hair gets. dirty scalp is no good!!

  66. says

    Hey I am 31 years old male, for the last 1 year I have been suffering from hair loss and hair thinning, I have figured out for my case its lack of sleep and stress. My hair are thinning gradually. As I can even see the scalp through. My dad is 57 and has no hair loss/baldness.
    Also I do have dandruff, itchy scalp, split ends. Whats is the best recommended home remedy you can suggest for my case.
    Urgent help required. Thanks heaps.

  67. Richa says

    Hi! I tried your egg-yogurt recipe and for first couple of times it worked really well! But later whenever I applied egg-yogurt to hair, even though I washed with a shampoo, hair got sticky.. and i lost a bunchful of hair because of stickiness. What should I do?

    • says

      that’s really strange. did you change the curd??? or, may be the shampoo or any other thing??? if not, then its better discontinue. use only egg or curd but don’t mix both. that way you will know what exactly is not working out anymore.

  68. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am 27 yrs old, staying in Bahrain, Gulf. Hair-fall is the common problem over here may be due to climate and water. Can this Egg & Yoghurt mixture will help??

  69. says

    hey hi i am pooja.. i have an hair problem… before i had long hair, but i had cut down bcoz of thin hair.. please tell me how can i get long hair back and healthy and i m getting also like bald in front & ya i have also white hair from teenage so i m also coloring my hair with garnier black/brown colour.. please help me..

  70. Anonymous says

    Hii…I hav a very thin n damaged n hav dandruff also which leads to hair fall socan I use egg…would it be helpful in solving these problems.

  71. Anonymous says

    hey…after applying mixture of curd and lemon juice on hair…do we need to wash it simply with warm water…or i have to shampoo my hair??

    • says

      i would suggest shampooing because curd leaves a lot of greasiness on the hair. also, limit the usage of lemon on hair as it dries up the hair and scalp a lot!!

  72. nida sajjad says

    i want to ask a question… i am really worried .. actually my hair was strong and smooth but now a days i have a lot hair fall… don’t know the reason.. my mom think its due to the tension of papers and dieting but now em trying to take proper diet… plz help me and give me some tips :( my hair has become weak….

    • says

      hey Nida…your mom might be right! did you analyze since when the hair fall really started. also, its good that you have started taking proper diet. rest assured your hair will return to normal in a few months of time. any changes in the body reflect first on hair and hair is the last on priority list of repair so please be careful when you are taking care of your hair. also, i would suggest you to check out more on hair care articles because i have written a lot on it that i can not mention all of the here:


      and, i would suggest you to start with providing protein treatment so apply egg once a week and oil your hair twice a week and do scalp massage everyday for at least 5 minutes. that will improve the roots :)

  73. says

    Hi! To all! I read each story and a response to the question but I haven’t read anyone that has tried the egg alone or both egg and yogurt that has shared what their hair looks did it stop falling out and did it grow! So please someone anyone please tell what the result is for them today , bcuzz people like me wants to only try what really going to work! So I can begin the journey for stopping hair from falling and to make it grow!

  74. says

    hii m anisha i used to have long thick n silky hair but from last 6 months my hair started falling n the smooth have gone……….n now my hair has no volume it has become very thin……….i m using loreal shampoo bt no use…………………plz suggest sure shot tips for d hair fall n for the regrowth of the hair n also for thickness…………..n i do have lil dandruff……………………………plz plz plz plz suggest me d best n effective advice as im badly indeed of it……………

  75. says

    hi i am priyanka ,i am 28 yr old, my hairs are nt very from childhood, i have bouncy hairs, bt from last 4 yrs my hairs are breaking after my mariage, i have very thin hair also..so much hair fall from 2-3 yrs..
    .i wont gt much time 2 care, bt now decided to care for my hairs…frequent olive oil n hot oil make my scalp paining…suggest me ..plzzz guide me

  76. says

    hi m priya ,28 yrs old, my hairs are very thin n there is a bad hair fall, my hairs are nt very thick from childhood, bt from last 4 yrs after my marriage ,getting more n more thin day by day, my hair is also very-2 thin…i have little bouncy type hair..hot oil loke bringraz n olive oil start paining my scalp. like dane-2…plzz sugest me, now decided to start caring 4 my hairs …

  77. Anonymous says

    HI Swati, My name is Swati as well.
    I had heavy and long hair but recently they got thin and weak. How do i use this yogurt remedies as I highly allergic to egg?

    • says

      hey Swati :)take yogurt and beat it to a smooth paste by blending it a bit. it becomes fluffy sorts. apply in on your scalp and hair length and leave for 30 minutes – 1 hour and after that wash off with shampoo.

  78. Shafali says

    Hi Swati,
    Pls help me with my hair thinning and hairfall. I had long silky straight hair. After my baby, I had major hair fall and my hair started become limpy and curly. Also for the past 4 months, I have started applying curd+honey+methi powder+egg+cocoa powder. I leave it for 1 hour and then wash it after shampooing. But my hair are becoming in day by day and lot of hairfall. Can it be because of wrong ingredients.
    Also when I only applied egg+olive oil on my hair and leave it for 30 min before washing but it caused lot of dandruff.
    Pls help

  79. komal says

    i m suffering form heavy hairfall
    form birth only i don’t have good hairs
    but now m loosing them more frequently
    i want to know how i can prevent my hair from lossing and can gain hair

  80. Bushra Shahin says

    Good Morning, Ma’am
    I really appreciate your confident and hard work ,Obviously with lot of patiences in answering our questions n problems…Well, can u plz suggest me how to manage hair from not falling always..Thank You once again Ma’am.

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