Is Glycerin drying for our skin?

Well, the title may seem really odd. But, yes, there have been lately many contradictions to the fact that glycerin draws moisture from our body and not from the air. Here, you would find one of the articles which states such a claim.
Glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap making process and is separated for soap to be used in the lotions and creams. 100% natural glycerin is highly concentrated and is not considered good for our skin as it can cause blisters by drying our skin. But, the glycerin which you get in the markets is not the original concentrated glycerin but the diluted glycerin which is good for daily usage.
And, when you use glycerin, you mix glycerin with other ingredients and then use it on face (or for any skin care). Interestingly, a mixture of glycerin and rose water used to be a favorite moisturizer in the olden days when there were no body lotions available. And, your grand moms will swear by the remedy. So, basically, it does not dry out our skin. Instead, it acts as a humectant just like honey and provides a protective covering instead of just coating our skin like Vaseline does. So, if you are buying a product which says it has glycerin in the top of its ingredient list, do not worry, because it is not the original glycerin but rather a diluted form of it. And, it would not cause any skin irritation or have any drying effect.


  1. Megha says

    I tried the glycerin and rose water mist just to spray on face …you know…rose water can be an obsession :) :) , so….just add a very little drop (or else might get oily ans sticky on skin)…..
    I have real dry and sensitive skin, esp during winter, no matter I apply olive oil, sweet almond oil nothing seems to help. Can you suggest me some good brands of moisturizers without harmful parabens and waxes. Thanks

  2. says

    yeah Megha you are right about rose water…it is amazing once you get a good brand to stick too….and yes the combo is great as a mist if properly blended…..thanks for the tip :)
    Megha I have not tried many brand and before pointing out brands, I want to tell you one thing….you might agree with me or not but still….parabens are less than 0.5% in concentration in the products and they are the most used preservatives..the report which came claiming parabens are dangerous are not properly done tests so they are not proofs that parabens are bad….I will do a post on this soon…
    anyway there are very few brands which do not have parabens and all…one I can say is Biotique….since you have dry skin probably wheatgerm cream might suit you…Tanveer has a great review ont he product…chec it here:…hopefully it should suit you….I don think any other brand is devoid of parabens…oh you can again try Fab India…heard a lot bout their products but never tried them so can’t suggest but they have some vitamin E cream which you might like so chec out….

  3. Anonymous says

    Glycering doesn’t agree with my skin at all. I’ve used numerous hand creams with glycerin and they’ve all left my hands dry. Glycerin draws the moisture in itself – from the air AND from the skin so it actually strips your skin of moisture. It may feel moisturising at first but once you wipe it off, you’re left with even drier skins. I swear but petroleum jelly, it coats the skin and prevents the natural moisture in the ski from vaporating. And when you was it off you still have soft hands.

  4. Anonymous says

    The best way to use glycerin is with water so it traps that water to the skin. I usually mist in on my damp skin. It keeps it lovely. I have incredibly dry skin and can say it’s been of great benefit.

  5. Anonymous says

    Hello Swati.. My skin seem to be very oily… And in winter its dry.. Iv read about the banana peel.. I have blemishes, dark spots, pimple spots. Iv tried almost everything. What can I use that will make my skin clear again…

  6. Anonymous says

    Rajni: For blemishes, dark spots, pimple spots ….Apply lemon juice and potato juice every night without fail and feel the difference with one week…………if you can tolerate itching of direct lemon juice than apply only to the dark spots it will be great………..

    • Anonymous says

      Rajni, can you be more specific – do I boil the potato with the lemon juice. I really want to try this concoction.

  7. Anonymous says

    i used concentrated glycerin to treat the burnt skin. i had burn marks all over my body. but then i was told u use concentrated glycerin and stay out of the sun at the same time..after 3 months of winter vacation. during my childhood and use of this remedy. my body looks fairly tan and as if i had darker skin to begin with. but i have no burnt mark what so ever. so even though i dont wana have the sticky feeling ever again. i do have glycerin to thank for having no burn marks anymore

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