A homemade leave-in conditioner

Today, I would be sharing with you a homemade leave-in conditioner which I generally prefer over the expensive and chemical laden leave-ins available in the market. And, the ingredient is Glycerin. Yes, it protects our hair from losing moisture and gets absorbed into the hair very easily. Take a very less quantity, probably a drop of glycerin, mix it with some water and apply on your hair. Pay special attention to your ends. Make sure you do not take more of glycerin as it will weigh your hair down just like any other leave-in.
Recipe for a home-made leave-in conditioner:
Vitamin E tablets (1-2)
Rose Water / Distilled Water / Floral Water
Method: Fill a third of a bottle with glycerin. Extract the aloevera gel from 5 leafs and put the gel into the bottle. Cut open the vitamin E tablets and pour the gel into the bottle and fill the bottle with either distilled water, rose water or floral water. Store the bottle in fridge. And, shake the bottle well before use. Pour out a small quantity and apply it onto your hair. Prepare small batches and use them before making the next batch. And, store the liquid in a glass jar.
The conditioner would be in a liquid watery consistency, instead of being gel-like. But, the effectiveness is the same or even better. Your hair will get wet. But, it will turn soft in a matter of 15-20 minutes. You can try it out at night for your own self (if you do not trust me) and see the results for yourself. Use the conditioner to moisturize your hair everyday. And, it will promote hair growth too as it has aloevera and vitamin E. And, it also prevents split ends.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi. I would really like to try this. My hair is naturally curly (I’m mixed). It looks terrible. The top on my head is very dry, brittle and super frizzy. There is no curl to it at all on top. My problem is that I would like measurements to your recipe. If I use a bottle that holds 1 cup, how much of each ingredient do I use? Thank you for the great information!

  2. says

    hi…the measurements re not exact and a little rough so there is a bit of hit and trial involved…since your hair is curly and flat on top, I am assuming you lack volume on the top and your hair is dry generally. Fill any bottle up to 1/4th its original size with glycerin, add aloe gel (from the leaf, this is optional). I use 5 leaves gel but you can go with 2 also and fill the remaining space with water. Don’t go for commercial rose water as they are adulterated and they can dry out the hair. Mix the mixture every time you are going to use and spritz the mixture on your hair. Do not take it into your hand as it might be a little watery and you wouldn’t be able to apply it evenly. Spritzing allows the mixture to be distributed evenly and let the hair air-dry. Do not spritz more on the top if it is flat!!! Hope this helps :)

  3. says

    1.Can i use Patanjali hair gel and rose water?
    I can arrange aloe leaves but for rose water i have Patanjali rose water only.
    2.And are you sure that it could be used on daily basis n it wont damage hair anyway?
    3.I will put it in a plastic spray bottle in refrigerator.
    I will use it after taking a bath then spray on my hair then w8 for 5 mins and wont touch my hair ,and then wash with cold water.is it ok??
    Srry for asking so many questions 😛

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