Homemade Coffee Hand Scrub

Well, today, I would like to share a scrub which I made for my hands. I do not have much time to spare for manicure and pedicure. So, I thought I can at least make a hand scrub which will keep my hands beautiful and soft. Its nothing complicated. Just drop your favorite scrub into your hand wash.

What I did?
I had 2-3 small hand wash liquid tubes which I got as complimentary in a hotel. So, I did not know how to use them. I also ran out of my hand wash liquid. So, I emptied the tubes into hand wash bottle and mixed it with water to keep the soapy consistency but increase the volume. Then, I mixed it with a little of vitamin E oil and some coffee powder. And, my hand scrub is ready. It keeps my skin soft and smooth. The scrub works wonders on your skin. You can feel the difference in just a day. You can use it after every household activity you perform like laundry, cleaning utensils, cleaning your house, et cetera. The oil would not let your hands dry up and the coffee granules would keep on renewing your skin by exfoliating it. If you do not like to exfoliate your skin so often, you can use this scrub once in 2 or 3 days. That should do the job and you would see no need for manicure.
But, if you use a bottle with pump action to squeeze the soap, refrain from storing the scrub in such a bottle as the coffee will get stuck in the pipe. Use a normal pour from bottle to store the scrub.

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