Going for facial waxing….Wait and read this…..

I recently went to Lakme Salon for a hair cut. I have a problem of facial hair and was thinking of getting a facial waxing done as a quick fix. Home remedies do take a lot of time and you have to be consistent with them. otherwise, they do not yield the desired results. I asked the girl who was waxing my hand about facial waxing. She asked me my age and advised me on a personal front that facial waxing should not be done till you are 30. It opens your pores and makes them look bigger and you older. I wanted to bring this to your notice before you thought of opting for it.

Instead, I would advise you to stick to the home remedies and follow them consistently and you should see some results in a month. I suggest you to try this home remedy. And, I am sharing today another home remedy to remove facial hair. Honestly, this never worked for me as I could not mix the paste in a consistency which would be apt for a peel off. But, you can give it a try.
1 egg white
Corn Flour
Method: Mix all the ingredients in a smooth consistency and apply it to your face. And, let it dry. Peel off after it dries. It would extract your facial hair along with it. And, applying egg white also firms up your skin. It is an anti-aging mask.
If you know, what consistency should be used to mix these things, please share it with others.
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  1. Anonymous says

    hey swati. my name is muskan and im 21 year old. i have problem of facial hairs.in neck, chin,and side face…please suggest me some good remedies for removing hairs and blackhead or hair problem on nose….please suggest as soon as possible. thankyou

  2. Swati says

    Hey beautiful ladies out there!

    Facial hair, unless specific to an ethnicity, could be a cause of concern, especially if it is accompanied by acne, blackheads and whites, menstrual irregularities – it could be sign of hormonal imbalance….


  3. says

    hey swati i am stuti i am 15 yrs old i have lots of facial hair i hv problem with m upperlip hair and i bcome an object of laughter infrnt of my friends. shud i try for katori wax or threading plz suggest .
    plz tell me if thse home remedies really work.

    • says

      hi Stuti…no, this won’t work for immediate relief…I would suggest to get threading done for face and waxing for upper lip if the case is really severe. i have tried the katori wax thing but I couldn’t do it properly. you can give it a try but it dries too fast before you pull it off so I don’t know if it will work out well but its not expensive so give it a try.

    • says

      i think its better to leave facial hair as it is. it for sure makes the pores look larger but whether it loosens the skin or not, am not sure. but, waxing face skin might be a little too much for skin!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I did a mistake by going for facial wax …it opened my pores and it looks damn ugly. .. der are pores on my entire cheeks… nd d hair grows back thick…what should I do treat both…my pores and facial hairs

  5. shweta upadhyay says

    Hey.. I am having a problem regarding hard hairs in chin and upperlip. Infact it jst seems like I am boy. Plz suggest any treatment plz

  6. Deba says

    If you do frequently then the pores will get larger avoid doing this.. Just do it in every 3 to 4 month then it will be good ..

  7. sapna dogra says

    I hv problem of redness nd bump on face skin after using wax… pls mam give me some suggestions … its 2nd day .

  8. Himani Sharma says

    Hi deba
    I have hair on china and my chin colour is getting black any home remodeis.that will be helpfull.

  9. Shanaya K says

    my dermatologist did not recommend for laser removal as my hair is too fine for it. However, they are pretty visible in broad daylight. Could you please suggest some facial hair removal methods?

  10. Deeksha says

    Hello everyone!! I think facial waxing is not a good idea for young girls as it really makes the pore size larger…. thats why i personally do not recommend for facial waxing as a solution bt if your facial hair bother u too much then u can go for waxing as a option bt not repeatidly… atleast 4-5 months gap should be present in between two sessions of waxing…. and in between u can go with other methods like bleach…. i hope that ths will help….

    • says

      hi Deeksha. yeah, facial waxing is a bad idea, true but some people do opt for it as a quick and better way to get rid of facial hair. it makes the skin saggy as well but apparently it works great on upper lips. a friend said but I have no idea. seems like the growth is slower so once a month is the schedule. but, I would definitely add that bleaching is also not a good idea due to the amount of chemicals. threading is an option though it does harm the skin and makes the skin saggy due to the repeated pulls. laser is probably the best idea!!

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