Get rid of the blemishes and dark spots on your body

Today, I would be sharing with you a very simple home remedy to get rid of blemishes and dark spots anywhere on your body. Well, that is banana peel. Yes. Eat your banana everyday to get your vitamins and proteins. And, instead of throwing the skin, use it to beautify yourself. Applying banana skin or banana to your body gives the same benefits. Its just that one you can gain from inside and one from outside.

Rub the banana peel over your body and let it stay for 5-15 minutes. Go and take a shower. Your skin would be smooth and soft. Banana nourishes and moisturizes your skin well. And, a regular usage would ensure your dark spots and blemishes are all gone. Enjoy a flawless skin. And, do not forget, banana also helps in anti-aging skin care.


  1. Anonymous says

    i heard of this apparently banana peel also help skin tag…not sure if that is true…nice blog..i just saw it a couple mins ago…

  2. Anonymous says

    I have curently use the bannana peel for just 3 weaks and my skin is clear , smooth and a lil lighter and I think amm glowing. :) perfect treatment. It actualy works more afective than how lemon destroyes ur skin..

  3. says

    My skin is normal to Oily…and have few blemishes.Here you suggested to use Banana for removing darkspots and blemishes.
    But in one of your blogposts,Ansh said that oily skin should not use banana/curd packs.
    Will that make more worse.

    • says

      yes, Ansh meant using banana pulp on the skin!!! but, banana peels wouldn’t make the skin more oily. also, yogurt was discouraged as a precautionary measure because sometimes dairy products trigger acne. if your skin is only oily and not prone to acne, you can definitely use yogurt but it will all the more better to use buttermilk instead as it has no fat!!! also, you can use tomato, potato or cucumber slices on the blemishes…they suit oily skin very well!!! hope this helps :)

    • Anonymous says

      I have black spots and black area on my face, My skin is normly to oily .Can I use banana peel and how long does it take to get rid of its, I also have dark spots on my nose, cheeks. I’m fair in not to fair complexion. Now m trying Rejuglow face wash,Is it Patches or can i use anti agning products.I m 26yrs old.I m worried to this thing .pls suggest me.

    • says

      yes you can use banana peel. it might take a week or two to show some difference. you have to be patient. yes you can use anti-aging products if it suits you. and, use a reputed face wash like dove or something!!

  4. Santosh says

    Thanks Swati…will try potato/tomato/cucumber slices.
    My skin type is normal to oily.Can i use toner after cleaning my face.If yes,which is the best one to apply

  5. says

    This is great information. I have a dark spot on my face from the sun(?) that I bought a very expensive product that was supposed to help it diminish. Nothing. I’m trying the banana peel. If I see results, I will let you know. I really enjoy your blog and am following you on GFC, Twitter, and Pinterest; I would love a follow back.

  6. Anonymous says

    I am using an acne free 3 step kit. At morning and night. Is it good to make a orange face paste with milk daily in the evening ? Which milks are good to use?

    • says

      yes, you can use the orange paste. you can use any milk but for acne, milk is generally not recommended as it can worsen the acne so you can instead use green tea or any fruit juices.

  7. Anonymous says

    I just used the banana peel method and i used one banana peel on my face before going to sleep for exactly 3 days on friday i got a blemish so i decided to do this on saturday i tried it and then on sunday i saw results instantly and i used it on sunday then monday now the blemish is gone there is like a teeny tiny spot ๐Ÿ˜€ it shall be gone ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. says

    I’m going to try this! I have 2 spots.. One on each cheek in the same location that resulted after having my 4th child. It’s been 5 yrs & they won’t seem to go away, they are worse during the summer because of the sun. I’m 34 yrs old & have always had great skin, I hate these spots & I feel like they age me! I could totally go without makeup sometimes (working out, pool, etc) but always feel the need to try & cover up those spots! I’m going to use the banana peel.. Any other suggestions to treat this aggressively?

  9. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati- Do we have to use Green bananas or the yellow small type banana. Pls advice asap as I wish to start from tomorrow. Thanks Monica

  10. Anonymous says

    I am assuming this would also work on my bottom? My bottom cheeks are the only place on my body I have blemishes.. I just threw out 3 banana peels this morning after I made banana bread muffins.. Now I’m mad! Lol

  11. says

    I have black spots on my back from acne. I am currently using the Neutrogena Salicylic Acid body wash and Oxy Acne pads to keep the acne from reoccurring. I am getting married this year and I would really love if I could get rid of the dark spots. Please help me. I should also mention that I am of darker Indian skin.

  12. Anonymous says

    II want to removed dark spots off my skin. Which side of the banana should I use. And is it a ripe or green banana.

    • says

      actually, there is nothing which can be done for chronic dark circles because more often than not, they are hereditary. you can try applying almond oil – a drop of it on each eye and pat it gently using the ring finger pad. it really works so do try it.

  13. Anonymous says

    I am currently using the banana peel method, i was wondering if its best to apply it overnight and washing it off in the morning or a couplle times a day and i wash it off right after? Also i was wondering when is it best to apply lotion after washing it off & since i have oily skin, what is the best lotion to use?

    • says

      you can use it at night and kep it for 15-20 minutes and wash off. the area might be sticky which will make a mess of bed linen. doing it many times in a day is not gonna be of much help. once a day is enough. yes, apply lotion after washing it off. i would suggest nivea body lotions depending on your skin type.

  14. says

    I broke out one day wen i look my hole body had black spot it make me look n feel nasty i made a banana lime n tomato paste will dis help n how many times a day do u use it help me get my pretty skin bac i never had dis happen b4 can u help me

  15. Anonymous says

    my skin is giving me great concern. ℓ̊t makes me look malnurished. the inner part of my laps я̩̥̊ black same as my bom. my legs is dry n stetch marked.i learnt about vitamin E oil S̶̲̥̅☺ I am trying ℓ̊t out? Will bannana peel be of more importance?

  16. Anonymous says

    i have black spots all over my face, i have tried may products , i have a question , someone told me to use snel gel so i dont know ?

  17. Anonymous says

    I have blemishes on my face (I’m african amerian btw )and I just used the egg white process with a few drops of lemon juice should I wait until tommorow to do the banana peel on my face or can I do it tonight, I’m just really tired of having these dark spots on my face :( they make me feel ugly

  18. Anonymous says

    Hi, I also have dark spots on my nose, cheeks and fore head. I’m fair in complexion. And I tried every product I can remember.. Now m trying garnier face wash, toner, and vanishing cream.. Which leaves my skin shiny and I hate it.. I also been using garnier anti spot and marks pen for a month. It only started to peel my nose, and I think the spots are getting worse.. Pls help me every1 can notice my marks especially da 1 on my nose

  19. Anonymous says

    Can Banana skin also help me to get rid of dark/brown tiny spots on my face? I had them on face for years now.

  20. Anonymous says

    i have dark spots from acne and i try everything but it will not go..
    do u think the banana peel will work ..

  21. lola says

    I have a dark area on my face, the eye area is dark and part of my cheeks too. Pls what can I use, can d banana peel work for it?

  22. says

    Hi! I have no pimples before…September last year, I’ve tried using liquid foundation and after two months, it caused many pimples on my face, most on my forehead..I’ve tried many soaps, toners, etc..and January this year, I found a product for me..a soap and cream with salicylic really helps me to get rid of pimples, but it leaves pimple scars..can you help me please, what home remedy fits for me, and is it okay to do home remedy while using my products?

  23. says

    Hi! I have no pimples before…September last year, I’ve tried using liquid foundation and after two months, it caused many pimples on my face, most on my forehead..I’ve tried many soaps, toners, etc..and January this year, I found a product for me..a soap and cream with salicylic really helps me to get rid of pimples, but it leaves pimple scars..can you help me please, what home remedy fits for me, and is it okay to do home remedy while using my products?

  24. Anonymous says

    m avin black spots all over my body,since i was 7 years old and i am nao 19 years,d spots dont make me 2feel free 2wear anyfin,even when m wth my friends,pls can i use d banana peel

  25. Anonymous says

    I am 50 blonde medium complexion, raised dark spots, uneven skin tone, dark circles under eye, which treatment is best potato, banana.

    • Anonymous says

      i have a black spot on my back and now its coming front as well
      after shower its skin too dry on that spots my full back now going dark
      need any treatment what i do

  26. Anonymous says

    Dear on my back skin going dark with some small black spots and some big black spots
    after shower its too dry specily that black spots kindly tell me what i do is it bannana is good or need any other treat ment
    in the start only on back now its coming front and near to nack
    neet good treatment plz help
    kind thanks

    • says

      hi Kashi…i have replied in the above comment.
      and, for dry skin, please apply a good moisturizer on the body after having bath. nivea dry skin is a good product!
      and, the dark spots do not look natural so please consult a doctor for them!

  27. Anonymous says

    Hi Im afrian american and have facial dark spots I’ve been using oatmeal soap & lemon juice on my face will this make my problem better or worser??????

  28. Anonymous says

    I’m 23, ever since high school I broke out. Now I have dark spots all over my face. I really need to get rid of it! I’m just wondering if banana peels really work and how long does it really take to see results?! I’m very impatient when it comes to these things.

    • says

      well, being impatient doesn’t help coz sometimes it might take time to show results! but, yes, it will definitely help. do it every night after cleansing the face. you should be able to difference some difference within a week or two.

  29. Anonymous says

    I am Indian and I have like black heads and spots on my face due to pimples . What should I do to help this.

  30. Anonymous says

    Hi I have a 14 year old daughter her father has psoriasis she get these wepts on her legs her arms and back. Now she has dark spots on her legs and her back.
    What can I use. Please help.

    • says

      get her checked that if she also suffers from psoriasis. and, get her treated accordingly.
      for dark spots, use potato juice treatment. rub the potato slices on the dark areas and leave it to dry. wash off.

  31. Anonymous says

    hrey ive read all the above posts and was wondering how long does it take to show effect of a normal brown skin.
    ive got dark circles as well as dark area around my lips..
    i know i cant do much about dark circles but i want an even skin tone for the face.
    help out please.

    • says

      this would not really work for dark circles. use almond oil for dark circles. pat a drop of oil on the eye area every night before sleeping. and, for lips, exfoliate every day and moisturize with lip balm. you can use tomato juice on the lips.
      yes, this would work for evening the skin tone.

  32. Anonymous says

    HI, I used to squeeze on my face and body a lot and now I am left with a lot of spots and blemishes. I used to have a nice skin actually, a glowing one and it wasn’t like I had many acne but I infected my skin with my nails.When I was younger those blemishes would go away within a week or two, and that’s why I didn’t put much though on it. But now I am 23 and I feel like my skin is not regenerating anymore. I have a lot of marks left and my skin has started to look harsh and holes started to form. Do you think this will help me? using the banana peel?

  33. Anonymous says

    My facehas a lot of oil and blemishes. I need them gone quick because i have a preformance in less then a week will this help? Also my face breaks out to certain things its very sensitive and with my allergies i just don’t know. I don’t think i’m allergic to bananas i’ve never had one. please what do you think?

  34. Anonymous says

    here i have used tooth paste on a pimple on my nose and my chin but it dried my skin and now my skin has peeled of creating a drak patch how can i remove the dark patch naturally at home ? please help

  35. Anonymous says

    Hi. I read about your Banana peel thing and i feel it will work. Just one question, do i have to leave it overnight or should I wash it after sometime.
    Also, I have dry, dull skin. I was fair, but my complexion went down. What should I use?
    Thanks a ton! ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Anonymous says

    hi i been trying all sought of thing on my body for a brighter complexion and flawless skin my skin is very dark and would like to have a brighter color

  37. Anonymous says

    Is it possible that my dark spots could disappear after two month…..I am about to graduate in june 20th… is quite embarrassing to show my skin to everyone…..and couldnt wear pretty and fancy dresses

  38. Anonymous says

    Hi I have dry skin…since last one month i m getting pimples that turns to dark spot on both cheek..should i use banana peel regularly?

  39. says

    can I apply banana peel in the morning and potato juice/slice at night daily or should I be using one thing at a time. Also I want to use the orange peel too which u have mentioned should be used only at night. how do I alternate betweeen all the options as I want to use all the things for a faster result.

    • says

      use only one thing and use them alternatively. use one remedy each night ๐Ÿ˜€ if you are working or anything, you can apply the banana peel at night as well. its not mandatory that you need to apply it only in the morning. rest you can use anything anytime, just make sure you use the citrusy elements in the night.

  40. says

    can I use banana peel in the morning and potato slice/juice at night simultaneously. Also, if I want to use the orange peel too should I avoid using potato juice that night. Please advise how to use all three things for best results or if I should use one thing at a time.would really appreciate to hear from u at the earliest.

  41. Anonymous says



  42. Anonymous says

    Is it possible for my dark spots to go away in 2 month? I have been using it for around two month..but I see no improvement…should I continue applying banana peel to my body

  43. says

    Hi Swati, i really need u to help me, i had chicken pox many yrs ago but the spots/blemishes are still all over my thighs and legs also scars from injuries OMG it’s horrible i don’t feel comfortable wearing skirt or short gown. Will banana peel clear it and how long. Thanks in anticipation!

  44. says

    what can i do to clear chicken pox spots/blemishes on my thighs and legs and also scars from injuries for many yrs i’ve tried so many things but they didn’t work. It is really horrible, pls help.

  45. Anonymous says

    hi! when you made a potato slice and after used there’s still left, you can still use it on the next day or it should be freshly slice?

  46. says


  47. says


  48. Anonymous says

    Hi swati, I have a serious issue, I am having a scsr like mark on my inner thighs and its kind of black, i consulted a doctor 2yrs back and he said its due to liver problem and a cream and a medicine he gave made it ok within 20 days but today I noticed it coming again on my both the inner thighs and it seems more growing and covering a bigger area this time, will the banana remedy work on it, please help me I am too worried… i am 18yrs and white skin so it is looking too bad, please help….

    • says

      it is some internal issue because of which you are getting the mark so i would suggest you to go to a doc again for treatment. banana remedy might or might not work. i can’t say. but its better to get a heath checkup done.

  49. Anonymous says

    hi,ihave been having acne for years now ,am 25 years and the acne has reduced but my facial pores are opened plus dark spots.what can i use

  50. pooja says

    m pooja,m 23 and i have butterfly mark on my left cheek.will the banana peel remedy work fr it?how long will it take?i have normal to oily skin.

  51. Anonymous says

    I have had pimples for sometime. Used alot of products and now instead of my brown colour, am very fair. I have black sports on my face and back. Will the banana peel help take away dis sports and maintain my previous complexion or will it make me lighter

  52. Anonymous says

    Hi swati, my name is jennifer. I just saw ur msg on d banana peel. I have dark spots on my face. I have a gud skin, but d only problem I have is the dark spot on my face.I have tried everytin possible to remove the spots but to no avail. Plz swati, I hope d banana peel will work fast cos am tired of the spots. I also hope it clears soon cos I will soon b gettin married and I dt want my face lookin dis way. Pls swati, I nid ur help.

  53. Anonymous says

    Hi swati, my name is jennifer. I just saw ur msg on d banana peel. I have dark spots on my face. I have a gud skin, but d only problem I have is the dark spot on my face.I have tried everytin possible to remove the spots but to no avail. Plz swati, I hope d banana peel will work fast cos am tired of the spots. I also hope it clears soon cos I will soon b gettin married and I dt want my face lookin dis way. Pls swati, I nid ur help.

  54. Anonymous says

    Swati murti garu, it’s so nice of u to reply all the questions…since 2010!!!
    thank u for providing the info.

  55. Anonymous says

    Hi swati I am shahul.i hv one setups question to ask U.i hv lot of black spots in my face bcz of pimples.i gone for laser treatment to remove my black spots on my face but I had sideaffects after my laser I stopped my laser treatment.i am goingn to marry this year.i want ur U said can i apply banana peel for black will remove my spots within a weak?U tried it and got good result?plz reply to me

    • says

      Hey shalu
      Yes you can apply banana peel safely. It does Give good results :-)

      Also can I suggest you to mix turmeric in honey and apply it every night just before sleeping on clean face. Keep for 10min and wash off with warm water. Follow with moisturizer. It’s equally amazing :-)

  56. Anonymous says

    i have small holes on my face , those holes r due to pimples.. please tell me how to make my skin even …. please help me…

    • says

      Hey! No idea about pits but I shall look it up and let you know :-)

      To make skin even toned, use potato slices on your fave every night. Apply the juice, let it dry and was off.

  57. Anonymous says

    hi… please help me in another 20 days my sisters engagement is there and there are many small holes on my face due to pimples i want to make my skin clear… please help …. suggest me some home made remidies..

  58. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I got black spots on legs because of tick bites. Its almost 8 months, but haven’t reduced yet. Can you please suggest me for a faster removal of those marks as my marriage is nearing.

  59. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati…My name is sameer and i have a black spots since years at many area of my body like my neck, chest, back and on my bottoms….else my skin tone is good, smooth and wheatesh, will banana peal help me to get rid of this black spots and how much time it will take? should i use it daily before bath?

    • says

      Do give it a try. May be it will help you. I would also suggest visit a dermatologist once to know what is the reasoned these spots.
      Yes, use it an hour before taking bath so that it gets adequate time to act on the spots. Also I can use papaya or pineapple juice on the spots.

  60. Anonymous says

    Iam suffering lot of skin problem at a time such as oily,open pour,hyperpigmentation,loose,black heads and dark complexion occur very soon after washout the face. Plz help me to get rid of this situation

  61. Anonymous says


    Gosh, you getting a lot of comments here! Thanks for replying to each and everyone! :)

    Here goes my problem….. I got dark spots behind my back and upper arms. It’s been several years that I have got them, may be around 8 or 9 years. Does this remedie work for such cases as well?


  62. Anonymous says

    This is amazing, my spot is so much on my face and really bad. do you think this banana peel will work for me? i was also advised to use cucumber for abt 30mins, wash off and then apply honey on my face. does honey really work?

  63. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,i have too much of black sopts on my face and i want to try ur banana method,but the problem is in my place we don’t get yellow banana which is small in size,instead we get green banana so can i use this regular green banana to get rid of dark spots,pls help me out soon,coz i have my son’s 1st year b’day party next month and i don’t want this spots on face pls reply me soon….

  64. Abraham says

    Hi Swati, tanx 4 d info!! Wanna know if d banana peel will help remove d spot on my forehead? (am not a Muslim)

    • says

      Hey. I have no idea why you mentioned about your religion but I am assuming you said that because of the caps which they wear! Yes, banana peel will definitely help remove the mark. Also please be patient!

  65. Anonymous says

    I am an African American 15yr female I start school on the 9th of next month. I have black spots and pimples all over , my forehead , chin, jawline,back,shoulders, and arms . will this banana idea work in time for school? my skin has even gotten darker because of the pimples and dark spots , will it become lighter if I do this .do I use the whole peal ????? PLEASE HELP. !!!!

    • says

      yes, it will definitely work but if you want faster results i would say use lemon juice but don’t overuse it. its too drying for skin. you can also use tomato juice.

  66. Anonymous says

    hi Swati, my name is Kelly. i wish to know how to use the banana peel. is it that i scrub the inside of the peel and apply on my body or i just use rub like that on my body?

  67. Anonymous says

    Hi swati myself soumiya manna. I am getting married at the end of this year. I have normal to oily skin. Will you give me some good home remedies for glowing skin.I am using just almond mask on my face.But don’t improve. I want glowing skin. So please help me.

    • says

      congratulations, Soumiya :) use tomato juice + honey on your skin – face + neck. do this every night after cleansing your face and before going to bed. keep it for half hour or 15 minutes and wash off. it will give you glowing skin :)

  68. Anonymous says

    Good day, my brother has pimples on his face what remedy can he use to get rid of them please help

  69. Anonymous says

    Hello swati, myself somi manna.I want glowing skin. I am using almond paste on my face every day.But it is not working.Will you please help me to get glowing skin. After 3 months i am getting married.So please reply me soon

  70. Anonymous says

    i have dark spots all over my hair pores right from birth please what can i use to get them off my skin.

  71. Anonymous says

    pls i hv black spots all over my legs.can i add honey and milk to the banana peel and apply it on my legs every day before i bath? and pls do u think it can fade out the spots cos it makes me worried.thaanks

  72. Anonymous says

    i have a light brown skin,i am treating d acne on my face.can i apply the banana peels for my spots, while treating d acne wit d other medication.if yes,how do i combine dis

  73. Anonymous says

    I have dark spots from my eczema, and they are really huge on the back of my leg.. Do you think the banana peel would help?

  74. Anonymous says

    hi… am new to this blog… actually i have dark cpmplexion.. Do the banana peel helps me to lighten my skin?.. If so, how many times should I use in a week to get best results ???

  75. Anonymous says

    I’m Chioma,a nigerian, will banana peels lighten my skin? Is it local or foreign banana? Is it irish or sweet potato? What will remove pimples from my face? Thanks.

  76. swathi says

    hi swati i would like to know can i use this banana rub tip as i have been using the medicines prescribed by the doctor.can i use it??and i have blemishes and dark spots my skin got totally damaged it became rough and no glow can u suggest me??please do reply as soon as possible.


  77. Anonymous says

    hii swati can u please suggest me home remedies for bleaching my facial hairs
    or how to get rid rid of dem

  78. Anonymous says

    Hi, my name is Lashawn, I have these dark marks on my back from my bra, would the banana help with this?

    Thanks in advance

  79. Alaina says

    Dear Swati,

    Please help me out… I have dark spots on my hole body till neck.. Not on my face…. It has been a years but my dark spots remain the same.. Can you please strongly recommend the best method to get ride of it… I have read all ur answers… can you please help me Madam…..

    • says

      hi Alaina. may be you should start by showing it to a doctor so that they can actually tell you why it might be happening. it can be as simple as hyperpigmentation or even symptoms for more serious disease since you are saying that it has been a long time they have been there!!

  80. priyanka rathod says

    I have some allergy conditions due to them whenever I’m comes contect with those thing I got irritation on my skin. due to that I have scratch marks on my leg and hand. so what can I do remove them???
    I have some cut marks too is it possible to remove them???
    help me please

  81. Anshul says

    I have dark spots on my neck and back side and i used banana for a month but no results.. is there any other solution?

    • says

      hi Anshul, you should show it to the doctor because it can be due to some nutritional deficiency in the body, especially if it has been quite long since the spots have been there on the skin.

  82. kiran says

    Can I make paste out of banana peels? Will that be equivalent to applying banana peels directly. How long can I store the paste in the refrigerator.

    • says

      Hi Kiran, I am so sorry but I have no idea about that! Never really thought about that actually. I think I would prefer to rub the banana peel only because the outer layer does nothing. It is only the enzymes in the inner layer of the skin which is useful :)

      • says

        I have someting black colour types darks on my skin from past 1&half year….. its look very ugly…. i used lemon and turmeric powder paste every night for two weeks….. and results were better but they come again dont know why they come again… do u have any solution?

  83. says

    Hi I had some inner hair growth in my leg after waxing
    I used to remove it through my fingers and now have black spots
    I can’t wear short dresses because it looks really bad
    They are very dark
    Can I use banana peel on this?
    Will that be helpful

  84. annonymous says

    Hi!swati i have dark spots on my legs…Question-can i use orange juice to get rid dark spots and how long its going to take.Thank You:-)

  85. says

    I have someting black colour types darks on my skin from past 1&half year….. its look very ugly…. i used lemon and turmeric powder paste every night for two weeks….. and results were better but that darks come again dont know why they come again… do u have any solution?

  86. Margaret wanjiku says

    Hi,have seen this web and i love it,i have this black spots and some black circles around my eyes like for ever,will the banana peel help.Am in Kenya Nairobi and i would really appriciate your help.
    Thanks so much.

  87. Juviene says

    I want to ask if i can blent the banana and put it in a container and use it everytime before bathing because i dont often buy bananas,??

  88. Juviene says

    Hi swati
    please help me with advise that really works because i tried all i could for my face, i have pimples, black heads, holes that are caused by squeezing black heads and also dark spots. I so much desire a clean flawless face, can i blend the banana and put in a container to just apply from there each time before i bath or does it always have to be a newly peeled banana? I dont constantly eat banana so i am trying to see how i can do this. If banana does not help for all my facial problems what else should i use?

  89. Namesh says

    I have too many dark spots on my face becoz of pimples. it is too much. I tryed many medicines n also I tryed dat banana peel also but still there is no effect of it. Now pleaseeeeeeeeee help me. I want to get rid of it very fast wht do do?? Plzzzzzzzzz help me Swati

  90. anisha says

    I had suffered from chicken pox and the spots are still in my body what should I do to get rid from it soon.

  91. Celina Hardin says

    I have tried many products for aging, blemishes and dark circles under my eyes. Within 3 days of applying Dermalmd anti aging serum I noticed the pores and blackheads on my nose were completely gone. My under eye circles were improved dramatically. This is a thin liquid so a little goes a very long way. I apply it to my cleaned face at night; it’s best to let it soak in and dry completely before applying your moisturizer. I am so impressed with dermalmd serum that 6 of my friends/co-workers have purchased in which all of them have had the same results.

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