Foods to keep your teeth white and healthy

Last time, I talked about the home remedies to whiten your teeth. Today, I would like to talk about certain foods which you can eat to whiten your teeth and believe me, they work the best. Eating raw vegetables like carrot, cabbage or cucumber at the end of your meal helps in cleaning your teeth. The chewing mechanism actually cleans the teeth.

You can even eat an apple to clean your teeth. Cut a slice of apple and rub your teeth. That helps in whitening them. Effects are visible immediately.

Try to eat lots of crunchy foods, such as celery, apples and other similar fruits and vegetables – as opposed to sticky, sugary foods. The former group has a gentle rubbing action on the teeth which help to keep it clean and unstained.

And, stay away from too much of tea and coffee as they can cause stains on your teeth. Cut down on cigarettes as it is pretty harmful for your health and is responsible for discoloration of your teeth, lips and fingers. Stay away from soft drinks, alcohol and wines as they leave your teeth pigmented. Read here to know about more foods which cause staining of your teeth. Do not forget to rinse your mouth well with water or mouthwash after having meals or taking any liquids (milk, tea, coffee, soft drinks, hard drinks, et cetera).
I would like to make you aware that cavities, plaque in the teeth can become big problems if neglected. One case I know is with my friend. She started feeling pain in the left side lower jaw. And, when she went for consultation, she was told her cavity had become really big and has reached the nerves. So, she needs a root canal treatment done. When asked, the doctor said that the cavity must have started to build a year ago. So, it can take a lot of time to get a problem detected in the tooth if you do not go for regular examination. Therefore, go to your dentist unfailingly in 6 months and get a proper check up done. You can even get the cleaning done at your dentist regularly.
Last, but not the least, do not forget to floss your teeth daily. If you leave your teeth unattended and let the food remain between your teeth, it will cause cavities in a very short period of time and cause extreme inconveniences. Teeth is one of the body parts, which if starts giving problems, its hard to make it in perfect health again. So, start taking care from now on.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi I read all the comments above but I want to know when I’m using the banana peel can I use it as soon as I’ve just peel it from a banana what if it is dry can I not use it? I also have got dark spots all over my body except the face. I’ve got the big ones. I want to know if really a banana peel can help me. I am now even scared to take my clothes off infront of someone I don’t know.

    • says

      freshly peeled banana skin works. it might be able to help depending ont he reason why you got those marks. if they are all birthmarks, it can not do much of anything but if it due to age spots or sun exposure, it can help!!

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