A deep conditioning treatment for your hair

Today, I would like to share with you a conditioning treatment for hair which is not messy at all. Ok, I have already written about the pre-poo treatments. Hoping that you have tried them and already seen the differences, I can say that they are quite messy though worth the trouble. I hope you will all agree. And, another fact is that many people do not have the time today to spare on the pre-poo treatments. So, here comes a very simple tip to deep condition your hair. Use your favorite conditioner.
Yes, you read correctly. Using your conditioner to give the deep conditioning treatment is one of the best things you can do for your hair. You can do it before the co-wash. Apply generous amount of conditioner on your hair. Remember to apply only to the hair body and ends and not the roots. And, leave it for 20-30 minutes before washing off. If you want better results, steam your hair before applying the conditioner and put on a shower cap to trap the heat after applying the conditioner. You can also give it a hot towel treatment by covering your head with a hot towel and keeping it on till it loses its heat and replacing it with another hot towel and repeating it for around 45minutes to 1 hour. You can also leave the conditioner on your head overnight. You need not shampoo your hair. Just wash off the conditioner.
I have left conditioner on my head for 1 whole day and the results next day have been awesome.I have mixed the conditioner with glycerin too. It gives really good results. You can try honey also. It keeps your hair moisturized all through. Your hair would be extremely soft and shiny. And, of course, manageable too. You can style your hair after the hair becomes damp. You can even use the restorative treatments in the same way. This way, the results would be better than the regular usage instructions on the package.


  1. saby says

    i do that all the time, actually a stylist taught this to a friend of mine at elle magazine. i wet my hair, put some serum conditioner (comes in a vial and it’s liquid) then a hair mask and I let it for a whole day ! it looks super shiny next

  2. says

    Hi I have hair loss problem since 2 years,My hair very thin and ruff.I am fed up now lots of medicines. Rectally I started egg in food. Can you please help me how I am save my hair.

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