Baking Soda – an environment friendly beauty product

Today, I would be discussing with you various uses of Baking Soda. Baking Soda is a natural sodium bicarbonate which is used in raising the doughs. It is generally used in cakes and pastries and even, pakodas in Indian cuisine. But, apart from these, Baking Soda is good for various other things. I would start with talking about how it can be used as a beauty product and then, move on to its other household uses.
Baking Soda in Beauty:
  • It is one of the most gentle scrubs available in the market and does not even cost you that high. And, it leaves your skin super soft. Mix 3 parts of Baking Soda with 1 part of water and scrub your body with it. Do not bother to apply soap or any cleanser as Baking Soda cleanses all the dirt right from the pores. You can use it 3-4 times a week.
  • You can mix it in various scrubs or cleansers to make your skin squeaky clean.
  • Mix it water and apply on your face. Leave till it dries or for 30 minutes (which ever is earlier). And, wash off. You face will be soft. Do not use any soap or cleanser after that.
  • Remove product build ups on your hair with Baking Soda. Mix Baking Soda with shampoo and wash your hair with the mixture. Your hair will squeak when you run your finger through a strand.
  • It cleans the scalp also thoroughly and can be used regularly to prevent any bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp.
  • Use baking soda to thicken your hair instantly
  • As a teeth whitener
  • Make a homemade deodorant using Baking Soda
Household Uses: Baking Soda is a natural disinfectant which can be used to clean almost everything in the house and it is enviornment friendly just like soapnuts.
  • It is a very good cleaner for toilets, floors, windows, tiles and tables. It cleans everything thoroughly without damaging it. Mix baking soda in water and spray onto the thing you want to clean and wipe off.
  • Put a table spoon of baking soda in the washing machine along with the detergent to clean your clothes. Baking Soda does not harm the fabric of your cloth. Instead, it brings out the colors very nicely.
  • Mix the baking soda with the utensils detergent and clean the utensils. The baking soda cleans all kinds of deposits and makes your utensils squeaky clean.
I have listed all the things I have tried with Baking Soda and I request you to share with everyone if you know any other uses too.

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