Myths of Anti-Aging Skin Care

Hey Guys!! On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I would like to post my next article on anti-aging skin care. I had recently hosted a poll to know what people think about the correct age to start anti-aging skin care. The general consensus goes to the age ranging from 30 to 40. Some think 20-30 might be an ideal time and some even think above 40. I would like to bring to your notice that many people are of the opinion that you grow old when you cross 30 and then, they start taking care of their skin. This is entirely wrong. And, does not help in preserving your skin in a good health. Basically, there is no age limit of starting to take care of your skin. The sooner you start, the better the results and the longevity of the results. And, you would not even need to stick to those anti-aging skin care products displayed on the shelf.
Moreover, some other things which people generally tend to miss. You look aged because of very many reasons apart from how your face looks. Many people tend to forget the skin on their necks, hands, stomach or feet. Each and every part of your body may contribute to your looking older than you think you are. The neck is more exposed to sun and as a result, has a darker skin tone than the rest of your body or even face. Applying sunscreen, face masks and not ignoring neck during the general skin care routine is very important to preserve your neck in a good shape. Again, do not forget your hands and arms. You need not apply masks to your arms but a regular exfoliation will help to keep them soft. They get more tired and worn out as we do our maximum work with our hands. Same is the case with our feet. They carry our burden everywhere. We, too, need to show them some care in return. Apart from this, if you are overweight, your belly is huge, your thighs are flabby, your breasts are hanging down or you have thin hair; you sure do look more old than you are. So, never forget 4 commandments of good health:
 They would keep you in shape and improve your vitality and confidence. And, take care of yourself by applying sunscreen daily on all the exposed parts of the body. And, do not forget to reapply frequently. Generally, everything you do in your day has a long term effect on your body. So, think about what you are doing and what effect will it have on your body and ultimately, your looks. Stay away from stress. Join some yoga or art of living classes. It would contribute to mental piece. Control your anger. It brings your blood to a boil.
Coming back to the topic of proper age to start with anti-aging skin care depends on your skin type and routine. If you know that you spend a lot of time in sun, start with protecting your self with sunscreen. Do not forget your children. Teach them early so they lead better lives. Every skin has a different reaction to sun. So, one can never generically say this is the right age to start on these products. And, you would not need any such products if you start on your skin care early. So, take care of your and your kid’s skin from today and follow it as a routine day in day out. That would delay aging.

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