Alternative to applying egg on your hair

Today, I would be talking about the goodness of egg for our hair. Well, we have all grown up listening to the fact that egg is extremely rich in proteins and should be made a part of our daily diet. And, we also know that egg is extremely good for our hair too. Egg turns our hair into silk. It makes hair smooth, soft and shiny. Regular application of egg makes hair healthy. But, there is a big downside to applying egg and that is its SMELL. Yes, many people dislike the smell of egg and hence, do not prefer to apply it. There is an alternative to get rid of the smell and get the goodness of egg. An Egg Shampoo.

Method of Application: You can turn your regular shampoo into an egg shampoo by just adding an egg to it.  Take a little shampoo in a separate bowl and add a whole egg. Mix the mixture properly. And, while you apply the shampoo, wait for 10-15 minutes before washing off. 

Your bathroom would stink with the smell of egg but not your hair. And, you do not even need to apply a conditioner as egg takes care of your hair better than a conditioner does. And, you can carry out your last rinse with tea or lemon juice. Both give shine to your hair and ensures no smell of egg remains on your hair as your hair dries off.


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