Hair Rinses for healthy hair {Hair Care}

You must follow your shampooing and conditioning routine by a last rinse which would provide shine to hair and make it even more softer. There are many natural ingredients which are very good to maintain hair. Some of the rinses are listed below:

Hair Conditioning Rinses
  • A cup of Honey dissolved in a mug full of water gives shine and restores its vitality. It improves the scalp condition.
  • The juice of one whole lemon in a mug full of water gives hair shine and removes dandruff. It also turns hair light so be cautious while using it.
  • Indian Gooseberry (amla) rinse. Boil couple of gooseberry’s in a liter of water till water remains half of its original. Strain and store liquid. It will stay for a week. Use it for rinsing hair every time. It makes your hair smooth, conditions your hair and encourages hair growth. It also improves the hair texture and health. You can also use the liquid to dilute your shampoo. It improves the scalp health too.
  • Curry Leaves Rinse. Boil curry leaves in water. Strain and store and use it as a hair rinse. It imparts shine to your hair.
  • Rice Water Rinse.You can rinse your hair with the water which is left behind after boiling the rice. It makes an excellent hair rinse and conditions your hair well. It gives shine too.
  • Fenugreek rinse. It improves hair thickness and its health. It also conditions your hair. Use it to dilute your shampoo too.
  • Floral Water. It gives shine to your hair and improves its health.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. Mix 1 cup of vinegar with a mug full of water and pour it over your hair. Your hair will shine with health. The smell of vinegar dissipates in 15 minutes as your hair dries.
Hair Dying Rinses
  • A cup of tea (herbal tea like green tea, black tea, etc.). Green Tea gives shine. Black Tea is used to darken hair color. You need to rinse with black tea many times following up every time you wash your hair. Your hair will darken over a matter of time.
  • A cup of coffee is also used to give color to hair. Similar to black tea, you need to follow it up every time you wash your hair. It gives a pretty brown shade to your hair with a gloss.
  • Sage rinse. Boil handful of sage leaves in a liter of water till it remains half of original and use it as a hair rinse and also to dilute the shampoo. It gives shine and darkens the hair color. You can use it to dye your hair naturally.
  • Henna Rinse. Boil henna leaves in water and use it as a rinse. It darkens your hair color and conditions your hair.Instead of applying henna mixture on head which is pretty messy, you can sue the hair rinses to get the same benefit.
  • Beetroot Rinse: One of the best colors. It gives an auburn tint to your hair which will shine as highlights in sun. Boil beetroot in water till it becomes half of the original volume and use it as a rinse.
Dyeing your hair: You can keep the coffee, tea, sage, henna rinses on your hair for sometime to let the color settle on your hair. Fill your wash basin with the particular rinse and dip your hair completely into it. Use a cup or mug to pour the remaining rinse on to your hair and saturate your hair completely. Do this for 15-25 times. Let your hair stay in the rinse for 5 minutes and then, lift your head up and squeeze all the dipping rinse from your hair. Let your hair set for 20-30 minutes and then, wash off. The color will settle on your hair. The results would not be visible for a few weeks. Repeated rinses would show result in a month.
These are some the rinses I use generally. You can mix these rinses and enjoy them. Few drops of Essential Oils can be added to the rinses. Lavender, Rosemary, Rose, Chamomile, Sage are good for hair.
If you have a different concoction, please share them with others.


  1. Anonymous says

    one question all the above hair rinse should be used as last rine or should we wash off after sometime????

  2. says

    Hair rinses are really good indeed. I do the oatmeal hair rinse as well.
    Put a spoonful of smooth oatmeal in a muslin and tie it.
    Drop it into 250ml of water. Increase the oatmeal if you need more water.
    Let it sit in the water for about 4hours and use as hair rinse. This serves as your protein rinse.

  3. says

    This all looks wonderful. Can’t wait to try some of them. My question is where does one find the Amla Gooseberry. I can find a raw powder online – would that work as well? Vadik Herbs used to carry a tea but alas no longer does.


  4. Anonymous says

    I have just purchased, Amla powder, Shikakai powder, Tulsi powder, and also Gingelly oil from my local Indian grocery store. I have long hair, oily at top and dry around ends. If you have any ideas on how to use these powders together could you please let me know?


    • says

      put a table spoon of each powder and mix together. now take a heaped table spoon of that mixture and put in a jar and pour your hair oil over that powder. you can use upto 100ml of oil for one table spoon of the powder. let it stand like that for a month. shake the bottle few times in between and you can keep it in direct sunlight for a few hours everyday. after a month, strain and use the oil. it helps improving the hair texture and removes the damage of the hair.

  5. says

    Wonderful compilation indeed! I am lookout for natural homemade hair rinses these days and I guess I have dropped by at the correct spot :) I have a query however- I wish to enhance the effectiveness of my current ROSEMARY HAIR RINSE(I prepare it by boiling dried rosemary leaves in water+letting it steep overnight)so can I add rice water 2 it? That’s it :) keep writing more 😉

  6. anonymous says

    I want my hair to be long,thick and black.I just started using banjaras hibiscus powder since a that better to use

  7. says

    I love your suggestion about using lemon juice but it has some downside Lemons have a lot of sugar, so people who have certain scalp conditions should steer clear. It should go without saying, but you also shouldn’t get this in your eyes. Ouch.

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