Why are clay masks so important in skin care?

A few days back I had hosted a poll about what do you do when you get Breakouts. The choices were: Sit at home, hide with Make up, rely on home remedies or make a change in diet. Not many people voted. But, among those who did, most of them chose home remedies and the other popular option was hiding with make up. So, today, I would be talking about one home remedy which can be used to overcome the breakouts phase and that is using Clay Masks. They are also very useful for reducing the pimples.
Clay is a naturally occurring material which is formed over long periods of time by gradual weathering of the  rocks and they are rich in minerals especially silica. They have the property of hardening as they dry. They absorb all the toxins from the skin as they dry up. And, clean up the pores. They are more suited for oily skins. But, when we have breakouts, the basic reason is change in the skin texture. The skin is not able to eliminate the toxins from the body by its usual process of using the pores. Thus, the breakouts are a way of eliminating the toxins. So, using clay masks absorbs all these toxins and clean up our skin internally. And, the breakout phase gets over. But, for the people with dry skin, they should always moisturize properly after using a clay mask as the natural oils are also absorbed by the mask.
So, next time your skin breaks out, you know what to reach for.
A note: I am hosting polls to interact more with you all. So, it is my genuine request that please vote. It would give me an idea what should I write about next time. And, it would take just a second of your time. 


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