Using Turmeric for skin care {Ingredient}

Kasturi Turmeric is the kind used for body application. It is a special kind which is not used in cooking. It is longer, about a finger length, and considerably thinner than the normal turmeric sticks which are short and stout. It does not leave any color on the face or clothes so safe to use.
Home Remedies:
  • A pinch of Kasturi Turmeric mixed with milk can be used as a cleanser. Milk has lactic acid which does the cleansing job and turmeric acts as an antiseptic. It also gives an instant glow to the complexion.
  • To get rid of facial hair, you can apply powdered Kasturi Turmeric every day on your face for about 10-15 minutes. The results would be visible in a month. Preferably, mix the turmeric with chickpea flour or any other scrub which you find is good for your skin. This way you can be sure it would not leave any color on your face.
  • Kasturi Turmeric can also be used as an ingredient in various face packs and face masks preperation. A pinch would do the job.
  • Kasturi Turmeric can be included in body scrubs. If used regularly, it removes body hair over a period of time. Gives great results when you use it on babies.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati…Myself Honey…a regular visitor of ur site. I live in Bangalore and heared a lot about Kasturi turmeric to get rid of facial hair…now from last 1 month i m trying it…may be it takes time to get the results, I just felt it made my facial hair growth little slow. Before going to bed I am using daily a mask made up of Besan,curd and Kasturi turmeric. I want to know whether it is fine to use this mask daily at night time ?

    • says

      hi honey :) yes, it does take a lot of time to show results so you have to be really patient!!! oh good that you noticed the change. yes, its perfectly fine to use it every night. you can even use it as a cleanser instead of going for a face wash. it cleanses the skin very well and keeps the skin really soft :) would love to know how it goes for you in the long run!!!

    • says

      hello…kasturi turmeric or the short and stout turmeric which is best used for skin…but the latter leaves a color which at times looks so weird…kindly suggest me on the same…i have not used kasturi turmeric yet….

    • Anonymous says

      Hey there!!

      What do u mean by it was not really that great? I read so many reviews which concluded that normal turmeric will stain the skin, and kasturi turmeric wont.

      Have you tried using it for acne? I have a few clogged pores due to using too rich a moisturiser :( and i really want the clogged pores gone cos it makes my skin so bumpy!!

      Do you know how often i can use this as a mask?

      Thanks alot in advance :)

    • says

      the product mentioned above wasn’t up to my expectations in the least. yes, the original kasturi turmeric won’t stain the skin but I haven’t yet seen it being sold anywhere…probably its available in the spices market. yes, you can use it daily or even on alternate days!!

  2. Anonymous says

    How long will it take to work? Also, do I have to apply the paste after removing the hair or will it still work?

    • says

      it will take quite a lot of time to work, honestly!! this can be applied after removing the hair as well but you can use it otherwise also. it works both ways but yes it does take a long time to show difference!!

  3. Anonymous says

    hi,swati from last two years am suffering from acne, i tried lot of home remedies and ointment gel also but no use so, please can u let me know what i have to use for acne.thank you

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi swati,
    I am to this appliying kasthuri turmeric powder on my face for the last One week..mix it up with besan flour,honey,lime juice..n wash it after 30mts with besan there any problem with the said face is full of pores n few acne marks n lot of facial hair also..and One more thing ..can we use the pack on the same day After any parlour treatment such as facial or clean up..Hope i will get aswers for my doubts

  5. komendree mudaliyar says

    Good evening, name is Komendree from South Africa and know of tumeric that helps with facial but in South Africa we do not get these sticks or powder, I also saw that you have tips for hair I was wondering if you would have tips to help me with hair loss and thinning.

  6. Anitha Shetty says

    My Baby is 4 months old, She was fair when she she is turning dark..Please give me some home remidies

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