How to do Hot Oil Treatment for faster hair growth? {Hair Care}

Today, I would be talking about how to do Hot Oil Treatment. You can also read the hair oil recipe for growing hair faster.

Do not heat the oil. Instead take a steam after oiling your hair. Partition your hair into various sections. Pour some oil into your hand and apply it on the scalp first. Cover the entire scalp. Massage oil well into the scalp for 5 minutes at each part. Then, start applying oil to the body of your hair and concentrate on the ends. Be generous with the amount of oil on your head. Do not worry about greasing your hair. Do it at evening time when you do not have any appointments and it would be great if you have a friend who can give you a nice head massage.
After applying the oil to your hair completely, massage your scalp for 15-30 minutes. You would feel the heat generating. Immediately, either steam your hair by placing your head about 1 feet over the steam machine or cover your head with a shower cap and place a very hot towel on your head. Heat opens the pores and allows the oil to get absorbed more and quick. When the towel gets cold, replace it with other hot towel and alternate this routine for 1 hour. You can continue with the shower cap routine even after taking steam. Then, tie a scarf tightly over the shower cap and go to sleep. Leave the oil overnight to work better. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo in the morning. Apply conditioner only to the ends. You will have very soft and shiny hair. And, a weekly hot oil treatment with any oil would stimulate more hair growth.Update: Hot Oil Treatment gives best results if done one night before washing your hair. But, applying oil immediately and going to bed will not help anything except spoiling your bed linens. So, apply oil two hours before going to bed. That gives oil enough time to get soaked into your hair.

One more important thing to remember is that do not over apply your hair oil. Take little by little and apply on your hair. Stop when all your scalp and hair length is covered. Do not keep on splurging the oil like some product. That will finish your shampoo quickly, dry your hair and might even cause hair loss. So, apply only to coat your hair. Be a little generous with the ends. Extra layers of coating will not ensure your hair turns healthy sooner or any kind of such belief.

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  1. says

    hey mohana….i am sorry to say this i neva tried it :) i always used water method but i read that somewhere that you could heat the towel…gues a 45 sec run through would be could give it a try or if you do not want to risk thn go for towel method…the main prob is that when the towel cools down it really makes your head cold so just take care of the temp…il surely try heating towel in the oven n thn tell u about it if its safe or nt…

    • Nidhi says

      It is imp to do the towel treatment n all..?? Can’t we just massage our hair with hot coconut oil n then wash it with a shampoo, the other day??

  2. Anonymous says

    hello swati,
    i always use pure coconut oil to massage my scalp before every hairwash. never used any hair styling product.. but my hair looks soo dull and rough .. no shine at all .. i use heeha with all possible natural ingradients like mahandi, lemon, amla shhikakai,neem leaves, gudhal, curd once in a month..but nothing helps..i never leaves my hair open when i go out.coz when i return back and comb my hair i almost cry to see my hair..all messy and all hair are in comb..plz help and suggest..


  3. says

    Hi Nisha
    try the onion juice method which I wrote a while back…it might help with hair fall…and to soften your hair, you can probably use egg…it will definitely help…if you can’t use egg, use curd but avoid henna as it can dry the hair so since your hair is rough, it is naturally dry and henna will not actually suit it so use only curd….using sour curd is even more helpful!!! and have you tried changing your shampoo and conditioner or other hair products coz they might also be causing hair fall!!! and for rough hair, I will advise applying tomato pulp half hour before washing the hair every time…it did help my hair so try out :) hope this helps and do keep me informed!!!

  4. Sonum says

    Hi Swati,
    Thanks a lot for sharing all the information on your blog. Came across it 3 days back and cant get enough of it :)
    Also I just tried onion juice with coconut oil and it did not stink at all after I applied in my hair (coz I was worried that I will have to sleep in different room today ;)). Also I steamed my hair after applying oil+onion juice it was so relaxing!
    Thanks once again and keep it up.


  5. says

    @Sonum I am so glad that you found my tips and blog useful…do keep posting comments on whatever you think are interesting and even on the uninteresting ones….I would love to know your opinions!!!

  6. says

    Hi swati.I have a doubt,how much time we need to steam the hair?and can i skip the towel method if i use the steam only?

    Oh,a sad thing my hair quality has been severely damaged due to excess exposure to sun :( now my hair is dry,rough n totally without shine :'( and as if that was not enough i am facing too much split ends.I never use hair dryer or colors or chemicals to style the hair,but still no improvement.How can i get my healthy hair back?plz help…

    • says

      hey Monali, don’t take excess of steam. it dries out the hair. 10 minutes in a fortnight is fine. using towel method enhances the steam benefits and nothing else but if you want you can skip it. you can instead use a shower cap to cover all your hair. it will trap all the heat inside and help with absorption of oil.
      oh, that’s sad that your hair is getting damaged. try using tomato on the hair. it reverses the sun damage and weekly use egg or curd on the hair without fail at least for 30 minutes. and, use good conditioner regularly. it will definitely show difference within a month and cut off the split ends ASAP. they will do nothing but harm the hair.

  7. says

    Thanks a lot swati.Will do as you suggested and i will use curd as egg’s smell is too bad ;} how many times a week i have to use tomato?can you suggest a good shampoo and conditioner for my dry hair?I am currently using both of garnier but results are not satisfying.

    • says

      btw, curd’s smell is not very great either 😀 you can use tomato once a week. it will take a month to at least see the difference.
      shampoo and conditioner!!! frankly, even I can’t suggest you coz I have not found out my HG. but, you can definitely give dove nourishing oil care a try. regd conditioner, try watercress from biotique. its amazing!!!

    • Anonymous says

      jst came across the above query from Monali..hey egg is a really gud thing for hair..donot use the whole egg jst take te egg white n beat it till fluffy n before u apply it on ur hair , jst massage ur hair n scalp with little oil so that u wont find it difficult to wash ur hair aftr applyin the egg white.

  8. says

    cinnamon, olive oil and honey heat this slightly and apply hot oil to your hair (slightly burns but no problems) it helps to grow hair thicker and you can get new hair i.e., hair lost due to infections, dandruff..etc.,

  9. Anonymous says

    Can anyone advice why there is so much hairfall during oiling hair, during shampooing and when combing after hair is dry after bath.Since a month i am oiling 3 x a week becoz of lot of hairfall and dry hair. My hair is no longer dry but hairfall has not change a bit.

  10. Anonymous says

    I’m a 15 year old boy.I’m having a lot of hair fall and i’m really worried about it.please suggest a way to stop this hairfall

  11. sourabh20 says

    hi swati,
    im 25 yr i have been suffering from severe hairfall from past 3-4 yr and i have tried various oils and shampoo but cudnt stop hair fall ,so read ur blog n want to know whether i can regrow my hair ,so please send me ur email at which i can send u my picture.

    • says

      you can read the hair growth section on the categories page (in the navigation bar above). it will help you and i can give you a starting point – start using bhringraj oil.

    • sourabh20 says

      Hi swati,
      i have already started using onion juice on daily basis from past 3 days,and as u have suggested bhringraj oil , bhringraj oil with onion juice will be better r only onion juice in liquid form .
      please suggest.

  12. Anonymous says

    First dip a towel in water. Squeeze it out fully, then put it in the microwave oven on high heat for one minute. Take it out & put it on ur scalp. Be sure u can tolerate the heat. If it is too hot ur hair can turn grey.

  13. says

    Hey swati..
    M shalini….20 yrs old….and hav a severe hairfall problem…since i came to chennai….hav lost almost half of my hairs…tried everything…coconut oil…almond oil…trying olive oil nw….my hairs are getting softer and silkier…but still hairfall is d same….can u just hlp me to control hairfall faster coz i don’t hav dat much of patience nw….plz do hlp…..

  14. says

    Hey swati…
    Dis is shalini….studying in chennai…20yrs old…..suffering frm severe hairfall…tried everything but der isn’t any good result…m trying olive oil nw….every alternate days….it has made my hairs soft and silkier but no beneficial results for hairfall…..plz hlp….i can’t see my hair falling nw….plz….

  15. says

    Hey swati..
    M shalini….20 yrs old….and hav a severe hairfall problem…since i came to chennai….hav lost almost half of my hairs…tried everything…coconut oil…almond oil…trying olive oil nw….my hairs are getting softer and silkier…but still hairfall is d same….can u just hlp me to control hairfall faster coz i don’t hav dat much of patience nw….plz do hlp…..

  16. Anonymous says

    me too have severe hairfall. i also apply too much oil maybe that is the reason. i had a query as you have mentioned oil the hair and then shampoo. but if we oil hair before washing how will it benefit i.e i wash hair twice a week and before washing, my hair is bit dirty so if i apply oil on it i wont get any benefit i guess. so do i have to wash my hair apply oil and again wash it. so totally i will wash my hair four times a week.please guide me.

    • says

      well, actually you pointed out a right problem but the thing is you should not go out applying oil as it attracts more dirt so if your hair is dirty, instead of applying oil, you can use a hair mask or something on it like egg + oil or something for an hour and wash off. that is also enough and you wouldn’t have to end up washing the hair more often.

  17. says

    Morrocan Oil is ok, but I just love Shielo’s new Shine Restore Oil!

    After shampooing and conditioning, I part dry my hair, add one pump of the Shielo Shine Restore Oil then comb with a wide tooth comb, and either blowdry or airdry depending on my mood.

    My hairdresser recommended part drying your hair first as it seems to help the oil sink in rather than just slide off with the water on your hair.

    The Shielo Oil leaves me hair incredibly soft and silky with no flyways (though I didn’t have many to start with) and cuts down drying time. I love how shiny it makes my hair.

    I had to go without for a month on my honeymoon recently, and boy did I miss it! My hair felt awful by comparison, and I found myself washing it more frequently just to try to make it feel soft. Was so glad to have it back when I got home!

    Yes, it’s expensive, but considering how little you use and how amazing it will make your hair feel, it’s totally worth it.

  18. says

    I am 18 years old and i have been permanently straightening my hair 3 times and this last time really killed it :( my hair is falling like crazy and i used to have ALOT of hair. what kind of oil treatments can i make at home that are good for hair!! thanks in advance

  19. says

    Hi i am 18 years old and i have permanently straieghtened my hair 3 times and this last time really killed my hair. i used to have a lot of hair but now its falling like crazy. i was wondering if you would know any good treatments that i can make at home that are good for hair growth? thanks in advance

  20. says

    I am 18 years old and i have been permanently straightening my hair 3 times and this last time really killed it :( my hair is falling like crazy and i used to have ALOT of hair. what kind of oil treatments can i make at home that are good for hair!! thanks in advance

  21. Anonymous says

    I need some help too. I kept changing shampoo & now my hair is so rough n dull n dry and hair loss a lot. I do use curd on my hair before washing my hair. I do almond oil massage too. But i guess there is no difference yet. I want to make my hair used to be soft & shiny. Any idea how can I do it.

    I started losing so many hair’s :((
    Please help me!

  22. Anonymous says

    Hello swati plz help me I m suffering from svere hairfall plz advice me the proper way of applying onion juice and oiling .i’ll be very thankful to u

  23. says

    my hair already bcum thin and jst “few” hairs are left on my head.b4 going out i hv to think 100 times about my hair.i cn’t do nethng wid my hair no hairstyles fr sure.plzzz its n ernest request to u, suggest me sum effective and natural treatments.i hv curly hair tat too result in my hair fall bcoz f d extra care that i cn’t giv to my hair.i use coconut oil and recently tried hot oil treatment using often i should wash my curly hair?

  24. says

    Nice Article. I can suggest one oil which I found useful and will give results within a month.Panjami hair oil not only stops hairfall,also stimulates hair growth.

  25. Anonymous says

    Dir maim
    i m 21 year old a boy.mere hair falling problem he.maine sabhi oil bhrngraj,trichup,kesh king,ambla,bajaj almond,hair nd care and shampoo almond,kesh king,trichup,dove,pantene,head nd sholdr all of this use kr chuka hu.
    Maim plzzzz koi acha sa treatment btaye jisse mere hair fall problem na rhe or new hair growth ke liye bhi koi treatment btao.mere mathe ke pass ke side ke hair fall ki wjah se nh he.unko waps lane ke liye kya krna hoga.plz plz plz maim reply jarur krna.

  26. Anonymous says

    Hi swati
    Add Onion in the shampoo and use after 15 days, then your hair will grown and look good”
    is it true……can u plz suggest me about this ???????

  27. says

    Hi Swati, I have read your posts on onion juice usage for hair problems n they seem encouraging. I have been having severe hairfall since last 3-4 weeks which has thinned my hair tremendously.Been to a doctor who prescribed a medicated shampoo along with oral medication as I have dandruff n itching too. I wanted to know if its safe to use onion juice while using the prescribed shampoo n whether it will interfere with it.Thanks, Jasmine.

  28. says

    Hi Swati, I have been having severe hairball with scalp itching for the last 3-4 weeks.Been to a doctor who prescribed a medicated shampoo with other oral medication. I read your posts on onion juice for hair n would like to try it. My hair has thinned to quite an extent n the hairfall has not reduced. I want to know if I can apply onion juice on scalp while still using the medication or if it will interfere with it. Appreciate your help…Thanks, Jasmine

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi.. I read your onion juice treatment fo hair..whenever I apply it on my hair, I see so much hair fall..probably 200 strands of hair. I’m little worried now. Should I keep using onion juice? Also I mix it with a little extra virgin olive oil. Please tell me should I massage very slowly or vigorously after applying the mixture cuz it’s givimg me so much hair fall. Also what can I do to grow more hair on my head as my scalp is clearly visible now :( please help I’m 19 years old boy..

  30. Anonymous says

    Hi please tell is it ok to have hair fall while applying onion juice? I get so much hair fall whenever i apply onion juice or ev olive oil or even their mixture. Please help I’m 19 years old boy

    • says

      hello. first of all, never massage your hair when hair is wet and onion juice makes the hair wet. massage your hair and scalp only when you oil the hair. do not mix onion juice with the oil. apply onion juice using a cotton ball on the hair just an hour before shampooing the hair.
      also, if the hair fall is severe, please get a doctor’s opinion on it. it can reflect some internal health issue!!

  31. Anonymous says

    When i keep oil to my hair im havn’g huge hair fall from roots i use coconut oil
    nt only coconut i have used one ayurvedic oil also there als same problem …………
    at d time of oiling nly im having hair los after dat i mean next day im losing 3 to 5 hairs………..
    could u help me

  32. vijay says

    severe dandruff,dandruff sticks to scalp oily type,but my scalp is dry,i used some gels after that this problem,any solution for this..

  33. says

    i’ve been using coconut oil for my hair i put it in hours before bed and wrap it with suran wrap [since i dont have a hair/shower cap] then i wake up and wash it off. i blow dried it once for 10 miutes and i was over it so how important exactly is it to add heat? and so far my hair isnt looking too shiny either :( today i just added conditioner to it and ive yet to see any results. I used to use castor oil and coconut oil but the castor oil seemed to make my hair straighter! I have really curly hair that at the top i bleached and redyed back so its kind of dry so maybe that is why my hair comes out straight using the castor oil? i want my hair to grow fast! any suggestions to what i can fix with my routines and add? Signed, Desperate.

  34. Anonymous says

    I am suffering from Female pattern hair loss.My hair is too thin and too dry and on daily basisi I am loosing 200 hairs daily.
    I showed to Dr. Batra clinic dr. said that am suffering from this FPHL and give me some homepathy medicines.I am scared that I will be bald.please help me. I do shampoo daily to clean my age is 29. I read somewhere that oninon juice is better to regain your hairs.
    Please advice

  35. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am 20yr old girl. i have very thick hair for past 4yrs. But now i hav hair fall, due to this my hair become thin. After applying oil to hair, v should not go outside ?

  36. Anonymous says

    Hi, I am using olive oil right now and i leave it overnight. i realized i drop exceptionally much hair when i shampoo the next day.

    may i know why i drop a lot of hair after using the oil technique?

    really appreciate if you could help me with this. thank you.

  37. Anonymous says

    Hi im bhumika

    Today I had been to salon for head massage, there he heated the olive oil and applied on ny scalp. As he applied I could sense that it was dam hot. I just asked to put some running water. As I have not got any blisters r redish mark.
    But its burning.
    I took head massage coz since 3 month’s I had not applied oil to my hair coz of busy schedule in my office.
    But my scalp is lighty having burning sensation.
    Hope I will not loose my hair in that part???
    Please suggest me as I have good hair.

  38. Anonymous says

    Hi, My hair has started falling from 5 months, My hair became too thin.. I think because I changed 4 shampoos first I used Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders then Clinic Plus .. From childhood I am using Himalaya Anti- Hair Fall shampoo I wasnt having any hairfall but I changed and it become worse.. from Last one month I again started using Himalaya Shampoo then also my hair fall didnt stopped.. I am drinking loads of water and I applied Dabur Amla hair oil also but it is of no use which oil is better cocunut or amla oil.. Is it true that in winter our hair gets worse .. My hair is damaged and have split ends … My hair is going moslty from front forehead I am becoming bald from front.. Pls suggest some home remedies to grow hair back Is onion juice good for hair growth or it has any side effects??? I am doing hot oil massage and I think its not good for me becoz when I do hot oil massage my hair goes in clumps ..pls suggest .. . Please reply as soon as possible I will be very helpful ..

  39. Anonymous says

    I took hot steam 5 years back in parlour. I guess they gave excess heat. After which my scalp was paining a lot with hair roots. I applied oil that night. But next day during shower I lost almost half of my hair. My scalp is visible. Is this hair loss permanent?

    • says

      hi. ummm…this is a very old incident and if you did not regrow hair till date, it is because you did not have hair in those areas. i am sorry but i do not know how to answer this. but, i know that excess heat can not make the hair follicles dormant for life long. you should get it checked with a dermatologist.

  40. says

    swati my hair was falling due to dryness of hair so i started hot oil hair massage at a salon….they put oil and rub the scalp vigorously is this ok to do ?

  41. says

    swati my hair was falling due to dryness of hair so i started hot oil hair massage at a salon….they put oil and rub the scalp vigorously is this ok to do ?

  42. chirag says

    Hey , i have shaved my hairs .. And i need to knw that what should i Apply oon my head to get thick hair

  43. yomita says

    Hi swati
    I am 19 yrs oild my hairs are vry thin and too much hair fall can i use onion juice to get thicker hair and strng hair

  44. yomita says

    Mam my hairs r very thin and i hve more hair fall plzz mam i request to give me a grt solution i will be grtfull to uu mam plzz help mee mam plzz mam

  45. nancy says

    I had problems of growing my hair out too. I started taking multi vitamins and using Groveda’s hair growth serum. My hair is growing faster and my nails are stronger too. So first you gotta take care of yourself internally and then you can use fast hair growth products to increase normal hair growth. The serum I use from Groveda has amla oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, biotin, neem and msm. These ingredients are perfect for me. Everything all in one bottle.

  46. says

    mam plz reply to my msg that I had a long hair but they are not think on my head n I made a hair cut since that time my hair is not growing properly n I’m using rangoli henna also plz give me adive how to use oil n for hw many days shld I apply oil n wat shampoo shld I use

  47. navi says

    hi mam
    Please please help me i lost my hair till 80% can new here grow if yes pleas tell what should i do…

  48. navi says

    hi mam
    Please please help me i lost my hair till 80% can new hair grow if yes pleas tell what should i do…

  49. says

    hi beautiful,

    I am a Nigerian presently staying in Mumbai. I came in three months ago. But I think Indian water is not good with my hair because my hair has fallen almost to finish since I started washing it with the Indian water.

    Please what should I do to bring back my hair even better considering the nature of my hair (strong and dry hair) as a Nigerian now that I am still in Mumbai, though I intent to go back next month. And please, kindly tell me the perfect product for my hair. So my hair can be very long, soft, thick and shinny while in Nigeria my home country. I feel so depressed with this present situation of my hair. please help me out if you can. And I know you can.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  50. harika says

    hi, i tried various hair oils to stop my fall but of no use and one of my friend suggested me capigro and continuously used it for a month and had seen tremendous results, my hair fall stopped greatly and some new hair growing on my scalp.

  51. jagan says

    hi…swati madam which is the good therapy for hair onion or bhringaraj…I used hot oil but my hair falling heavy…

    • says

      Hi. First, I would suggest you to talk to your stylist of you can apply oil otherwise your straightening might be affected due to the harsh shampoos. Also, to reduce hair fall, you can do scalp massage every day with the tip of your fingers, no need of oil. You can also try essential oils like rosemary and peppermint in your shampoo and conditioner as they reduce hair fall and nourish hair. Also, eat balanced diet and increase your intake of protein.

  52. Mayuri says

    Wow its surprising that such an ugly person with such bad hair as in the picture is giving advice about hair treatments….
    Have you even used these treatments???
    And if yes then how come your hair looks that bad????

  53. Kashish says

    Can we comb after oiling ??
    Will it add on to brakage of hair even more or it’s okay if we comb our hair after applying oil?

  54. Kashish says

    Can we comb after applying oil on our scalp and hair strings?
    Will it cause any damage ? Or add on to hair fall?

    • says

      hi Kashish. generally, I always used to avoid it. but, I have seen a few of my friends do it. yes, it does result in hair breakage. but, what I do is comb my hair properly before applying the oil and leaving it just as it is and combing again before I go for wash. immediately combing hair after applying oil might not be a good idea as the oil is still on the scalp and makes the hair a bit wet which may lead to unnecessary breakage. hope this helps!

      • Kashish says

        Yes I suppose. I did it once and there was excessive damage and hair fall. I cried hard that day. And lost all hopes to get them back on my scalp ever. It was disheartening.

  55. archana says

    I have initially started hot oil hair treatment. I use coconut oil and castor oil. But castor oil is very sticky and even after apply shampoo twice the stickiness is still there. What should you suggest ? what should i do ?


  56. A says

    Iam having cnfusion that which oil will b best 4 me which method should i use to prevent my hairfall.its falling toomuch.
    Can u giive me the correct decission
    How to prevent haifall,& dandruff??

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