Millk for Shiny hair {DIY}

Immerse your hair completely in a wash stand full of milk and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash off. Your hair would become shiny instantly. You can use a cup of milk as a last rinse also.


    • casey23 says

      no no it’s just my (un)sensibility that made things confused :) by the way i am reading all your post and making a diary out of them so you may face with a few more questions from me :) thank you for this beautiful blog!

    • says

      no, once the hair gets saturated with milk, put a shower cap to prevent dripping and then wash after 30 minutes. need not keep it in wash stand 😀 sorry, didn’t realize it makes out that sense.

  1. Anonymous says

    Hey i have chemically treated my hair i.e. Hair straightening 1.5 years back. But now my hair is getting dry and frizzy. Please tell what to do?

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