A recipe for faster hair growth and beautiful looking skin {DIY}

Today, I will be talking about a drink or a hair conditioner which will encourage more hair growth and make your skin look beautiful all times. Yes, the recipe can be used as both a drink and a conditioner. And, it makes a fabulous conditioner. It makes your hair go glossy and so silky that you would want to touch it again and again.

A blend of banana, yogurt and honey. Yes, I know it sounds yummy and it does taste yummy. And, works even more fabulously. Put it on your face, hair or mouth, you will get its effects any how. The blend is abundant with the nutrient ‘Biotin’ which is one of the most important vitamin needed to slow down hair loss and it might help in stimulating hair growth. All of the ingredients are individually good for skin and hair. It will make your skin glow with health all day long. You can apply it every day too. Drink it every day to improve your hair.You can add strawberries too. Its rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. And, will help detox your body in a better way.
So, hopefully, you are gonna go to your kitchen right now and blend this smoothie. Have a yummy drink. Note: Eating banana every day does not increase the weight. It only adds to our lack of exercise. So, do not forget to work out even if you are not on the biotin drink.


  1. says


    The first tip towards controlling hair loss and stimulating hair growth is drinking fenugreek water .
    And, massage your scalp everyday for 15-20 minutes and you will notice a difference in your hair.
    And, I would request you to go through other posts. I am sure they would help you. And, please post your comments whether they were useful or not and how much useful are they for you.

  2. Anonymous says

    really really great blog…where did u learn all this trick? i do use yogurt on my face…any tips for blackheads that won’t go away?

  3. says

    Thanks a lot. Sure I would be posting tips for getting rid of blackheads. Meanwhile, you can go through Oil Cleansing. I am sure it would help you. Do give it a try. It worked like magic for me.
    Also, use left over lemon peels to scrub your face. It is very good for getting rid of blackheads.

  4. Khushboo Joshi says

    Yogurt is curd correct? Sorry for asking this question I know its silly to ask :( BUT PLEASE CONFIRM.

    2ndly please guide how long we need to apply the pack on face ? My skin is too dry.

    Moreover in 1banana + 1spoon honey + 2spoon curd shake will work right to drink ?

    Thanks for ur reply in Advance!

    • says

      yes, its correct :) apply the face pack till it dries off or 20-30 minutes which ever is lesser!!! regd. the drink, you will have to taste it an decide if its tastes alright or not 😀 but, I guess it should do :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Hi …

    Just read it .. it was awesome, but have a doubt .. they say that honey will make your hair go GREY … isnt true ?! How can i put honey on my hair ??

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      no, it isn’t true though it is said that honey does lighten the hair color but it has never really happened with me. simply scoop the honey and apply it to your hair like you would apply a conditioner. its a bit sticky so make sure that your hair is properly combed and there are no tangles.

  6. says

    Oh … thank you so much for ur reply … i will try it this weekend. Do you have any suggestions for weak scalp … I have a very weak scalp and my hair falls off in whole strands when i comb… or when i brush my hair with my hands…

  7. says

    Hi Swathi,

    Well i have never in my life had beautiful hair. I have been having problem with my hair ever since and now i have white particles on my scalp. Please help with ur advice and my hair is very dull and very very dry.

  8. Archana says

    Hi Swati, is there any other fruit I can use in place of bananas? I know bananas are very healthy but I never eat them right from my childhood. I used to hate the sticky texture… :)

    • says

      Haha…yeah, banana is very sticky. But, it is the only thing which is used in the biotin drink because of its wholesomeness and vitamin k. You could instead go for spinach or green smoothies which are equally great!!

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