Recipe for a Body Scrub {DIY}

A body scrub for a smooth and supple skin. Use for entire body.
– grounded coffee beans
– milk cream powder
– salt
– sugar (or brown sugar)
– corn flour
Pour all ingredients in a jar and use when needed. Take considerable amount as you would be using it for your entire body. Mix it with running honey or Floral Water. Use the scrub in shower. After bath, moisturize well. Your skin would feel silky and supple.
Running Honey: Take some hot water and put the honey jar in the water. Let it stay for some time. After 5-10 minutes, you can pour out honey. It would be warm and less sticky. This way you will use less of honey and mixing would also be easier.
Corn flour: is used to reduce the harshness of grounded coffee on skin.
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