Prevent stretch marks {DIY}

An after-effect of pregnancy is always the ugly stretch marks. You might follow any number of cures but they never seem to go. The reason for their occurrence is that the skin is not elastic enough that it can take that change easily which occurs during pregnancy. So, the cure lies in increasing the elasticity of the skin which has to be followed from a long time before pregnancy or since you have become pregnant. Some home remedies to avoid stretch marks:
  • Mix turmeric and milk cream in equal proportions and apply to your belly. Start this application as soon as to know about your pregnancy or better, as soon as you think about conceiving. The mixture increases the elasticity of the skin.
  • While taking shower, make it a habit to change the water temperature many times. Pour hot water then switch to cold then to warm and so on. The more you make changes in the temperature, the more the elasticity of skin would improve. Always end you shower with cold water. Set the temperature of water to hot and cold according to your tolerance. Do not use ice cold or too hot water. This treatment increases the elasticity of the skin.


  1. Anonymous says

    this is interesting.. i’m not pregnant but i started developing stretch mark on my thigh.. i noticed after i started exercising once a week.

  2. Anonymous says

    hi…. i’m in the same situation as the other person comment… i noticed it after exercising (yoga, pilates) is that normal? i’m not sure if it’s stretch mark or celliulte… is there a different in the way i should be treating? i noticed on my thigh and my upper arm area…. thank you.

  3. says

    Actually I also have certain marks on my shoulder balls exactly….they are kind of white lines….they are stretch marks which appear due to sudden increase in height or weight gain specially during teenage….this is due to weak collagen at certain spots and the best remedy is to massage with vitamin E oil…compliment it with applying turmeric + milk…it has helped mine but I am lazy and stopped over a period of time so the lines are still there….

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