Pre-poos for hair care and hair growth {DIY}

Enough of talk about what affects how? We are all here and you are all reading this because you want to go natural and are interested in various home remedies to take care of your skin and body. Today, I am going to talk about hair care treatments (pre-poos).
What is a pre-poo?
An intensive conditioning treatment given to your hair before washing it. It consists of all the natural ingredients available in your kitchen.
First Recipe: 1 whole egg, 1 extremely ripe avocado, 1 table spoon of mayonnaise.
Second Recipe: 1 extremely ripe banana, 1 cup honey, 1 cup yogurt.
Third Recipe: 1 whole egg, 1 cup olive oil
Fourth Recipe: 1 cup honey, 1 cup olive oil
Fifth Recipe: 1 cup yogurt
Method: Blend all the ingredients to make a smooth mixture. Wet your hair slightly by spraying water. Partition your hair into sections and start applying the mixture from the roots. Massage it nicely into the roots before proceeding towards the hair body. Do not massage more than 2 minutes. When finished with the roots, start applying on the hair body and then, concentrate on the ends. Cover all your hair with a shower cap and put a hot towel on your head. Remove the towel when it gets cold and replace it with another. Repeat this step for at least 1 hour. After one and half hour, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and apply a little conditioner on the ends. Let your hair air dry.
Your hair would be smooth and glossy. The pre-poos should be done once in a week for normal or dry hair and once in a month for oily hair. They also help with the hair growth and take care of split ends.


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    just wish to know that should i have non oiled hair or oiled hair before applying this pack especially of yogurt and banana . i have dry hair n i am losing hair too. plz suggest. cannot use eggs…

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    Hey Kirti….actually it is always better to apply the hair masks on freshly steamed non-oiled hair so that they can get absorbed better…always cover your head with a shower cap after applying the hair mask because it will preserve the scalp heat and provide a deep conditioning effect…in case you are not able to steam your hair, spray a lot of water on to it to make your hair damp after combing it well…you can also spray rose water and then apply the hair mask on the scalp and massage it for 5-10 minutes and then wear a shower cap…it stimulates the hair follicles…..after an hour or so you can wash off your hair…do not shampoo (only if you can bear the smell) and apply oil to your hair and massage your hair for 15 minutes and then let it stay overnight…shampoo the next day….I prefer it this way and my hair is really good the next day….
    for dry hair, yogurt and banana would help fabulously and massage your scalp every day to stop the hair fall….if you have coconut oil, do use it…it would stop hair fall…try to use a vegetable oil (sarson ka tel is the best) instead of commercially available ones….hope ths helps you :) do get back in case of doubts…

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    do check out all the articles in hair growth section of hair care page (tab on top of the page)…you would find remedies to stop hair fall too…..they are effective and really worked for me so I would advise you to follow them….take care and all the best…do tell me about the progress :)

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