Pep up your locks for that special event {DIY}

Today, I am going to share a tip with you to make your locks look great for that extra special event you are going to attend the next day.
Mix a shine serum with your deep conditioner in equal quantity and apply it on your hair the night before. Cover your head with a shower cap. And, put a hot towel on your head. This will ensure deeper conditioning treatment. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Wash off thoroughly with cold water to seal the cuticles. Voila, your hair will be shiny and healthy.
A tip: You can leave the conditioner on your head whole night. And, wash off the next day.


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    For dry hair, you need an intensive conditioner. You can try Himalaya or Vatika. I have tried them and they work well. I tried dove. It is good but has lot of chemicals and takes lot of water to wash off. And, again Sunsilk is good. Check out the one which is for dry hair.

    Actually, the thing with the products is that they might suit someone and not suit others. So, I would suggest you to do a hit and trial. You can buy the shampoo and hair conditioner sachets and decide whether a particular shampoo is suiting you or not.

    For starting off, I would suggest you to try Sunsilk. But, do not forget to check out the ingredients. And, start with a sachet. If you like it, only then go and buy the product. And, try the pre-poo treatments I have posted.
    They will give your hair much needed moisture. And, keep on checking back for other hair care treatments. Do tell me whether the tip was useful or not. Thanks.

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    HAI, Am using the lemon on face daily.what will it happend and it shows the skin brighter or not. give a i use the lemon the daily on face or not.

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