Natural Sunscreen for Hair {DIY}

If you are like me who does not believe in dumping all kinds of products on your skin and hair and believe in being natural, you can rub 4-5 drops of sesame oil (known as Gingelly oil in India) on your palms and finger comb your hair. Pay more attention on the ends. Sesame oil, not only blocks sun rays, but also keeps your hair smooth and shiny. You can also mix sesame oil with some coconut oil and lavender (or rosemary) essential oils. It will ensure healthy growth of hair.


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    hey…you can use this oil on your hair but just a drop or two…that wouldn’t make it look flat…after washing your hair, take a drop or two of the oil in your palm and spread it on your palms and run it through the strands of the hair lightly so that the oil just coats it…don’t use more than a drop or two otherwise your hair will look flat…hope this helps :)

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