A luxurious treat to your body

Today, I would be sharing with you a body scrub which I tried out today. I am exploring cocoa in skin care these days. You might have already read about the Chocolate Mask. Now, comes the turn of a luxurious creamy body scrub which will leave you feeling intoxicated with cocoa aroma and your skin extremely smooth and silky.
Cocoa Powder
Milk Cream
Method: I mixed them both to form a consistent paste.
Application: Before going in the shower, I applied the paste on my face and neck as a mask and left for 30 minutes. Then, after going into the shower, I applied it as a scrub to my whole body. After that, I dipped a wash cloth into milk and used to it to finish my scrubbing. And, poured the remaining milk into the bath water.
My skin feels great. Its extremely smooth, silky and creamy.

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