Use milk to keep your skin moisturized all day long {DIY}

I will be posting today a tip to keep your skin moisturized all day long. How? MILK. I have already talked about how milk can be used to maintain a shiny hair. Now, lets see how it takes care of our skin.

Take some raw unboiled milk along with its cream. Dip a wash cloth in it and saturate well. Apply the milk on your face using the wash cloth. Let it stay for 5-15 minutes till it dries. Then, again dip the wash cloth in milk and saturate it. Start scrubbing your face gently with the wash cloth. Scrub for 3-5 minutes. Then, wash off. Your skin will be smooth and supple. It will look fresh and glowing. This routine will improve your skin’s elasticity, its complexion, its water retaining capacity and will keep it looking fresh all day long.
You can use this routine for your complete body once in a while. It is a great treat for your body. Instead of putting milk in your bath water or tub, use a wash cloth and saturate it well before applying it on your body. Use a full cream milk or if you can, goat’s milk. That’s the best for skin care. Do not worry even if you have oily skin. It balances the oil secretion in your skin and your skin would not suffer breakouts. Instead, your skin might turn to a normal type. And, if you are consistent with this routine, you can notice results in as less as 3 days. Your skin would be considerably lighter and glowing. Caution: Do not follow this if you are allergic to any dairy products or are lactose-intolerant or even if suffering from acne.


  1. Ash says

    hi i had been using vicco turmieric for a few weeks but then i stopped-but since i stopped i have been getting more spots-small tiny pimples on my forehead and on side of my face big spots and quite a few of them-they red and small raised bumps without heads….why is this? i have really sensitive skin and dont like to put much on my face not even make up but i feel tht am goin to have to carry on using vicco as it make me break out if i dont?? this milk wash sounds quite good but is it ok for sensitive oily skin??

  2. says

    Hi Ash
    I think you have an extremely oily skin which breaks out when oil production increases beyond limit. You should use milk to cleanse your skin. It is suitable for all skin types unless you are lactose intolerant. You can also use yogurt(curd) in place of milk. Both are good for sensitive and oily skin.
    And, regarding usage of vicco turmeric, is there any specific reason why you stopped using it? If you do not feel like putting it on your skin, do not. And, regarding controlling the outbreaks, prepare a face pack with neem and tumeric. That will help control the outbreaks. You can also go for tomato juice. It is extremely beneficial for oily skin without being harsh on the skin. I would not recommend you to use lemon juice on the skin so in case you are using it or going to use it, do not.
    Follow these routines for a week and see if there is any change. I am sure you would definitely find changes.

    • Trendy says

      Hey I too have very oily n rough skin…. is milk good option for me too…. one more thing what type of face wash I should use to get a fair skin

  3. Anonymous says


    Milk may be very good for skin but milk available in Mumbai has chemicals i it–urea & even ammonia. So, what to do?

  4. says

    Hi Anu
    That is true that the carton milk is not good for health. It is acutely deficient in nutrients. If you can manage fresh milk straight from cows and goats, that is great. And, if you can not, I would suggest you to stick to besan. Mix it with water. At least it is not drying for the skin. If you get natural honey, that would be helpful. Washing face with green tea and rice water also help a lot.

  5. Megha says

    Hey, hw have u been? I recently happened to read up something wonderful and I am just loving it…well, this is a all natural moisturizer …and this is the way to follow, (good esp for dry to normal skin)..everyday after bath, before you towel dry…wen you are stillcompletely wet…take 2 drops of Extra virgin olive oil or Jojoba oil and apply it all over your body and even on face…take very little, you dont want to get all greasy…apply all over and later just patdry yourself wid the towel, coz u dont want to rub off all the oil…Its very moisturizing , does not feel greasy…and its natural…I am doing this from a week and getting good benefits…..hope this helps …

  6. says

    Hey Megha…how you doing??? I have done this but not with olive or jojoba but with coconut but the results are equally good….I am sure it will definitely help others too :)

  7. luckygirl360 says

    Hi.i would like to try this milk treatment,but is there any way i can get rid of the milk’s smell?i dont want to smell like a baby.

  8. says

    hey luckygirl….well when you are applying milk you can’t avoid milk smell but after you wash it off you wouldn’t smell of milk anymore so you need not be frightened on that account and even if you feel of smelling like milk, you can follow with a talc or perfume which would overcome the milk smell…

  9. Swathy says

    ur blog is very helpful and full of nice tips :) i loved it… i want to try this milk treatment… can u plz tell me how to saturate d wash cloth? waitin for ur rply..thank u :)

  10. says

    Hey Swathy…sorry for asking this but is your name really Swathy???sorry for the lame question….
    btw thanks for the kind words…take some raw cold milk in a bowl and dip a wash cloth in it….let the wash cloth soak for a minute…take it out and wring it very little just to avoid excess dripping…apply the milk on your face and neck using the wash cloth….let it dry for 5-10 minutes and then again dip the wash cloth in the milk and scrub your face with the wash cloth for 3 minutes at max…let it dry again and wash off the face with only water of you are doing this at night or with besan if you are doing this in the morning to get rid of the smell of the milk…hope this helps and would love to hear your feedback…

  11. Swathy says

    Hey Hi :)
    We both have same name :) thank you for your explanation.. it was very helpful as your blog is… will try it and tell you… sure it would be gr8 :)

    • says

      Hi Everybody. I grew up in Africa. Ghana to be specific. I had a scar on my left leg during my stay. My grandma told me to use canned milk on it nd it would fade away. Instead when I returned to the US I started using it on my face. This has been like the second day I’m using it nd I’m seeing unbelievable results!!!

  12. farhan says

    Hi there..
    if u want a fair complection then plz avoid beauti creams or facial…bcz it causes 76% of pimples/acne on the skin
    just buy a goat milk soap & take a bath wd it…
    u will see great result wthin a month

  13. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati
    Im allergic to almonds (nuts, peanut butter, peanuts etc…) they cause SEVERE acne break outs, is it ok to use Almond Milk on my skin? And also, is washing with milk something I can do everyday in place of washing with a facial cleanser? Please answer.

  14. Anonymous says

    hey hi hw a yu doin? can u plz sugest me d wayz fa ma problm? i hav an oily skin and i have lots of pimples but i hav a function 2 attend witin 2 weeks so i have 2 get rid of my pimples and evn ma oily face bcauz it may destroy ma party makup plz i juz blve in u . u r ma hope plz gelp me

  15. Anonymous says

    hey i have slight oily skin and acne scars so please suggest something to get rid of them as quickly as possible please

  16. Anonymous says

    i have brown spots on my right cheek how can i get rid of it….please reply
    me as soon as possible…

  17. Anonymous says

    is applying raw milk every morning and at night before goin to bed
    work out for changing my skin tone from slight yellowish to whitish skin tone ?
    IF not,could u plz suggest some very easy home remedies for the same.
    thanks :)

  18. Anonymous says

    is applying raw milk on face every morning at at night before going to bed work out for changing my skin tone from *slight* yellowish to whitish skin tone ?
    if not,could u plz suggest me some very easy home remedies for the same.
    have a fetish for fair skin.
    thanks :)

  19. Anonymous says

    is applying raw milk on face every morning at at night before going to bed work out for changing my skin tone from *slight* yellowish to whitish skin tone ?
    if not,could u plz suggest me some very easy home remedies for the same.
    have a fetish for fair skin.
    thanks :)

  20. Anonymous says

    can we apply raw milk directly by our hands and is it good for open pores if not wt can we do for open pores i hv oily skin so plz suggest

  21. Anonymous says

    hi is washing face with rice water is good for skin or it helps in skin lightening i m using since weeks but getting no results

  22. Anonymous says

    Iam getting interested in this. iam dark and want to remain dark. will this milk thing change my skin colour?

  23. nawrin jahan says

    Hi, I am nawrin. my age is 15years. now I have pimples on my skin and my skin is normal. my skin is getting worse day by day. What I can do?

  24. Anonymous says

    hi…i was wondering do we have to use a face wash after applying milk on face or just splash the face with water…i have a sensitive skin.

  25. Anonymous says

    Hi im 23 years. I was fair in complexion. Due to change in water, i became dark gradually in this last 1year., Can u please give me a suggestion to bring it back to normal color. I have dry to normal skin. I have not used any creams to my face till now.

  26. Anonymous says

    after applying milk shall we wash our face with soap or just with water?if just with water i got many pimples on my face due to the oilynature of the milk

  27. says

    hye ur blog iz 2 gd yr…i got my anserz of d8 questions d8 runing in my mind all d time….so plz cn u tell me lemon juc iz not good to remove pimplz mrks to yur face???????plz repy…i hd pimplz nd pimplz marks on my face cn u plz telll what should i use?i hv oily sikn but not too much oily…just t part i oily of my face….

  28. Anonymous says

    hi mam this is a honorable request from my side ma.i want to ask u some doubts directly mam,so could u please tell me that when u wil b cuming into on line plzzz mam

  29. Anonymous says

    Hi!! I’ve never really taken care of my skin:( but now that I’m 30 there is no time to waste. I was planning on raw honey every night and then putting coconut oil on as a moisturizer. Does that sound good??

  30. Anonymous says

    hi swati ! This is kavi, 22 years living in chennai. I really need your suggestion for a daily face wash to my face,. I am not interested in wearing make up to my face,. on a wash i should be fresh. I am following your tips like using mineral water, potato for pimple marks, milk moisturizer. it all helps me a lottt…. Im thankfull for that. . Himalaya products are not suiting my face, i tried them. Can i use, everyuth face wash. ??? MY face is combination type, nose area , head are little oily and remaining are normal type. my chin is little dark than other areas. Im wheatish in color.

  31. says

    Hi! II’ve been using RAINBOW MILK UAE overnight on my face. Would it be alright? cos its not raw..I absolutely think its processed. I really want to have clear, white, supple, moisturized face..i dont know where to buy raw milk here.

    Help please.

    Thanks. (:

  32. Anonymous says

    hi dear can u plz tell me if it’s safe to purchase goat milk from grocery store and put it on my face ? and how often to see a quick result? thanks

    • neha kunjam says

      take a curry leaves grind together and apply on your face with leaves and leave it 15-20 min. and wash it off with cool water u can see result quick after using this remedy ..!! you can apply it in your whole body to get fairer skin …!!

  33. Anonymous says

    Hi Swarti Please l live in Africa to be precise i live in Nigeria..just wanted to ask which milk is good for use…powdered or evaporated milk….cheers.

  34. Anonymous says

    Hi Swarti, I have an acne question..what do you recommend for women in their 40s getting acne, I just finished up 5 mos of antibiotics along with strong sulfur based topical. I would love something I could do natural for sensitive and now acne skin. Thanks so much.

  35. Kiru says

    hai, I really am finding it difficult to decide about milk, I came across various blogs officially declaring that skin and dairy are not friends. Few other posts which encourage the use of dairy on skin. uhm, Can I use dairy on my skin without having to be worried of acne? I have a normal skin, I occasionally get pimples. Thanks in advance

  36. Anonymous says

    Hey when I use raw milk on my face I start to get tiny pimpls on 3 day.BT when I apply raw milk at nyt n after it when I wash my face I apply dry sensitive night cream den I don’t get tiny pimpls .so which night cream z good for dry seinsitiv skin .as I m applying raw milk for acne spots on my face .plz tel me abt d cream

  37. says

    Hey there Swati,
    Noticed that you get loads of questions and you take such effort to answer each one of them.
    This is a fabulous post and thank you so much for the tips. :)
    -Nash @ Craft A Doodle Doo

    • says

      apply ginger juice on the spots every day and let them dry. wash off with salt water. do this everyday at night on a clean face. this will help :) and please do let me know in a week as to how it is going.

    • says

      use potato juice on clean face every night before going to bed. apply the juice, dry it and wash off, moisturise. slowly, the scars will fade away and it also helps oily skin.

      also, wash your face with salt water to control oiliness.

  38. says

    Hloo mam when i was child my face looks glowing now it looks black and darkcircles under eyes wht can i do plz help me………..and suggest some tips

    • says

      hi Sha. it really depends on how your skin condition is and how your lifestyle is? if you do not apply sunscreen and spend a lot of time in sun, the effect might not be visible but if you diligently follow all the skin care rules, the difference should be visible in one or two weeks. in either case, i would definitely suggest you to wear sunscreen and keep out of sun.

    • says

      what exactly do you mean when you say “applying anything”?
      if you are talking about home remedies, you should apply them, keep them for 15 min or till they dry off which ever is your convenience and then wash off. moisturise.
      if you mean a product or serum, yes it can be left on skin overnight.

  39. raji says

    hi…. I just want to know if applying raw milk daily on hands n feet is good to remove dryness.. n if we apply raw milk on hand does it change the color of the small hairs into gold bcoz I heard ppl telling it acts as bleech so it changes the color…so pls tell me

    • says

      hi Raji. yes, applying milk does remove dryness but a better way to do it is to apply moisturiser on your hands every tie you wash your hands. and, no, milk does not bleach the hair.

    • says

      hi Raji. yes, applying milk does remove dryness but a better way to do it is to apply moisturiser on your hands every tie you wash your hands. and, no, milk does not bleach the hair. :)

  40. Dilip says

    Hi swati I am Dilip Verma.

    My cheeks get dry,itchy, and white spots after bathing. before i was using gulab jel it notburns but from some days it burns and my complexion is going dark, dry. itchy .

    Plz help me

  41. S. Mohamed Zubair says

    Hi All,

    I would like to share my reviews, i had pimples, marks,dull & oily skin. One of my aunt gave me a suggestion. What she said is though your skin is oily (or) dry. First wash it off with plain water nicely, then apply some raw milk on your face. Leave it for 2 to 3 Min’s. Then followed by it without washing, apply multanimitti mixed with raw milk, leave it for one whole night & wash it off next day morning with plain water. This gave me a miracle results in just few days. My skin became clear, clean & more fair with a radiant glow. Side by side take 2 to 3 bananas every night before going to bed. As it is said that if internal body gets cleaned face will also be clean & clear. Drink as much as water possible in a day. Every one can try this sure this will give you an amazing results.
    But be with patience till you get the results……

    If you have an acne with red colored with pain in it not to worry apply your regular tooth paste on it for nearly 4 to 5 times a day, this will help in reducing the redness & the bulged portion of it.

    Follow the above one & keep me posted…..

  42. Simzain says

    hi swaty…h r u dng..i too live in hyd…wer do u stay(area) do lemme knw…my problm is i hve v dry skin n rght now m in a gulf country so d problm have bcme more worse which makes my face luk v dull…d area around me nose n corners of my mouth r more drier n my lips tends to dry out n get chapped v frequently n i have dark circles problm also…can u plz suggest me a remedy fr all my problm preferably natural ones plz…thnx in advnce wtng fr ur rply…

  43. Zalak says

    I have an oily skin. 1 year before I had done a skin treatment so due to that now I don’t have pimples. I don’t want to continue that further but want my skin to glow. Will the use of milk cream or curd with few drops of lemon be helpful ? or anything else you can suggest… Thnx In advance … :-)

  44. says

    Before applying raw milk is necessary to use face wash….
    or can i use raw milk at evening time And whole night…please suggest me….mam
    for glowing & Whitening face….

    • says

      hi Jasmin. wet milk towel will probably waste more milk than what is absorbed by your skin so I would suggest to mix raw milk with something solid like besan or clay and then apply. Otherwise, you can simply apply cold raw milk on your face using cotton ball and then wait till it dries and wash off with water. do it at night coz milk can make skin smelly sometimes!

  45. Jayeola says

    Hi pls can powdered or evaporated milk be substitute for raw milk? Cos raw cow n goat milk are nt found in Nigeria groceries. Reply ASAP

  46. Divya says

    hey hai as I have dry skin so I have started applying frozen raw milk on my face for 15 minutes so after washing it can I apply soap to my face and is it necessary to apply raw milk in morning only or can it applied at any time …

    • says

      hi Divya. first of all, do not apply it every single day if there is no need. you can make it a biweekly or weekly routine. you can apply it anytime. yes, wash your face but you can skip the soap and wash with cold water simply to remove the milk traces and smell. milk has lactic acid which cleanses it well. but, if using at night, make sure you remove your makeup and sunscreen and wash your face with cleanser and then follow with this routine. hope this helps :)

  47. Rajni says

    Hey i got a lot of tanning on my hands and feet this summer.Can raw milk alone remove this tanning if used daily? Would it be fine if i use raw milk on my hands and feet and leave it overnight to be washed in the bath in morning.

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