Increasing the size of the breasts {Breast Care}

Last time, I talked about using fenugreek seeds to increase your hair volume. Today, I want to state another advantage of it. It helps in enlargement of your breast tissue. Pregnant mothers are advised to drink fenugreek water so that they can feed their baby properly.
You can also massage your breasts regularly. Use your palm to knead the breasts just as you would knead a dough. This would help increasing their size. You can also rub some oil and then massage. It would keep the skin soft and prevent the area around the nipples from cracking and getting dry. Read this for the exercises to firm up your breasts.


  1. Anonymous says

    hii swati..i m reading ur blog from some days.ur work is very awesome.i just read ur blog about increasing breast size.can u plz tell me how to use fenuigreek nd how much??

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