How to massage your scalp? {Hair Care}

Scalp massage increases blood circulation (blood carries nutrients vital for hair) to your scalp, relieves you of mental stress, reduces hair loss and aids in hair growth. If done everyday for 15 minutes, it can help the hair growth tremendously and relax your mind and prepare you for a good sleep. There is a technique of performing scalp massage.

Spread your fingers on the scalp and use your finger balls (tips) to move the skin of your scalp gently. Do not use the nails as they may cause hair breakage. Do not move your fingers but the skin under them. Start from the middle of your hairline and proceed to the sides. Then, move your fingers a step back from hairline and repeat the same. Continue doing it till you feel hot or tingling sensation in your scalp. This means that blood is rushing to the scalp. You will definitely get a nice sleep.You can use a few drops of any cold pressed vegetable oil (coconut, almond, mustard, olive or any other of your choice) mixed with few drops of Lavender or Rosemary Essential oils and massage into your scalp. This will encourage healthy growth of hair.


  1. ASLI says

    Hi thanks for the important info. I’ve hair loss problem I’ll gonna apply what u gave advice. Is that ok if I spend the night with mustard oil in my hair will wash next day? Thanks a lot ASLI

  2. says

    hi mam, i want to know that did eat onion during lunch or dinner will also help in hair growth or prevent hair loss.
    Or just apply juice only work. i had comment on this post because on real post new comments are not allowed. so , please reply me.
    you are doing very good job swati ji.


  3. says

    hi swati ji,
    did eating onion during lunch or dinner will also help in growing hair or prevent from hair loss or not. I had not able to comment on your real post, so comment here.
    You are doing very good job myself waiting for your sooner reply.
    tell me any remedy for white hair problem too.

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