How to increase hair volume? {DIY}

  • Drink a glass of fenugreek (methi) soaked water everyday. It reduces hair loss.
  • Try to buy organic fenugreek (methi) seeds.
  • Soak a tea spoon of seeds in boiling water at night. Let stay till morning. Drink it in morning. Instead of discarding the seeds, try to chew or just swallow them. If you can not do that, pour boiling water over the seeds and let stay till you go for bath. Use the liquid as a last rinse.
  • The liquid stays for a day or two, if refrigerated.
  • You can use it to dilute shampoo.
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  1. Anonymous says

    great articles…all of them…some of them i heard of it but never really try out for it…any tips for white hair showing up for someone like me who is only in my early 20…beside stress which i can’t really do much any other remedies i can do? thanks

  2. says

    Hi…Thanks…Btw all the articles are maximum ‘Dadi ma ke nuskhe’. The only thing is we never try them out. If we did, the cosmetic industry would never had taken off.
    Btw, regarding white hair, it can be due to stress which you accept and one other thing is genes. There is not really much you can do for white hair except dying with henna which will turn your hair red if you keep it too long. Do not pluck the hair though. That is very important. That harms the scalp. If you have 1-2 white hairs, you can ask someone to cut with a scissor. Start applying mustard oil. Infuse mustard oil with amla. Check this out to know how to infuse herbs in oil. This will keep your hair color dark. And, you can try out these hair rinses. They will help with consistent usage.

  3. Anonymous says

    i never heard about cutting w/scissor..interesting though…but almost always i’m no where near scissor when i spot one & considering my age i like them as fast as i could…i’ll try the hair rinses suggestion u mentioned…

  4. says

    Aside from genes, it could be internal issues, as well. Cordycep health tonics will not only make one feel invigorated and lively but is beneficial in keeping the hair dark after long term consumption. It may or may not stop the growth of white hair if it’s in your genes but it will slow down the progression.

  5. says

    I didn’t try this specifically for thick hair, but I used to eat soaked fenugreek seeds when I was breastfeeding my baby and during all that time my hair certainly looks healthier. Funugreek is a good remedy for ample milk supply for a lactating mother.

    • neha says

      i want to try this for both purpose lactation and hair volume. but scared of the bitterness. how to get rid of the bitterrness. do we have to eat seeds or only drinking water will do. and i have heard that eating fenugreek seeds makes baby fussy and also leads to loose motion. is it true. any guidance will be of help.

    • says

      hi Neha….well, regd making baby fussy, I think its a myth but I have no idea and I did drink the juice for like around 15-30 days continuously but didn’t get any diarrhoea problems!!
      you can eat the seeds if you want to but its not exactly necessary. regarding the bitterness, I did drink it like that but you can add honey. hope this helps :)

    • Anonymous says

      Add curd to the mixture and swallow dont bite. I have started loving the taste. Recommended gy my husbands gran

  6. says

    hello this is koyal…i have been in bangalore for last one nd half month and water here is not suiting my hair at all after coming here i noticed a severe hair fall. my hair used to be straight but it became curly suddenly and very rough…the volume of my hair has reduced a lot and it never grows they are very short..i tried many remedies like applying curd and egg..even i do continuos oiling too….i am scaredof losing my hair as it becomes very short and thin and curly…plzzzzzzzz help!!! :'(

  7. Pankhuri says

    Hello Swati,
    I’ve been reading your blog since past 2 hours straight! very informative and interesting.
    About the hair, I have really long, poker straight , black and super silky hair, the only problem being, that they are very thin. But what i do to maintain my hair quality, which is naturally good is: in equal portions mix: almond oil + castor oil + virgin coconut oil + mathi seeds, boiled in mustard oil. I find this very helpful. I hope you and your readers can benefit from this. also, i read about nilibhirigandi oil (my spelling might be wrong) any clues about this?

  8. Anonymous says

    Soak a tea spoon of seeds in boiling water at night. Let stay till morning. Drink it in morning. Instead of discarding the seeds, try to chew or just swallow them.
    i want to know will it be ok to chew all the soaked seeds?

  9. says


    I had super thick hair and were always long. I suddenly started loosing hair for a reason i haven’t discovered yet. In that course i lost 3/4th of my hair. Want to get my volume back desperately, will the method you suggested help me in my endeavor?

  10. says


    I had super thick hair and were always long. I suddenly started loosing hair for a reason i haven’t discovered yet. In that course i lost 3/4th of my hair. Want to get my volume back desperately, will the method you suggested help me in my endeavor?

  11. Anonymous says

    I have one questn…can v have d seeds aftr grinding it in mixer…ie methi powder along with water??? Will dis help in hair growth???
    -sangeeta nair

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi Swati,

    I came across your post about 3 hrs back and i just cant get enough of it, it seems :) your posts are very informative. With your expertise on the subject i would like to ask for some suggestion for my hair. I am 27, I never had very thick hair but they were still fine. During the last 2 years I have been moving from one city to another and have had major hair problems. hair fall is terrible. and there is no new growth. The problem is so much so that my scalp is showing now and makes me cry every time I look at them.I poured my heart out today when someone in office today pointed out the same :( please help. I am getting married this year and I am so tensed about my hair. Please suggest.


  13. Anonymous says

    I m just 19, I used to have thick long hair, recently I have shifted to a new place which caused a major hair problems. hair fall is terrible. may be i think its because of water problem but i’m not that stable to use mineral water :( please help i m in a deep trouble , i want my old thick hair back.

  14. says

    hi,m pri, 28yr old i have bad hair fall, my hair texture is little bouncy bt very thick, i have hair fall from last 3-4 years, i just appply musturd oil ,hot oil like brinbraj n olive oil doesnt suits me, plz now i want to take step to improve my hairs .suggegst me somethng

  15. Anonymous says


    I’ve been drinking fenugreek-soaked water for the past 5 days however it resulted in indigestion/gas formation. Could you tell an alternate remedy of increasing hair volume and fighting hairfall?

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks for the reply!

      I’ve been using fenugreek soaked overnight water as a last rinse. Instead of last rinse, can I keep it for 2 mins and then wash it with water. Otherwise, hair appears shiny as if I’ve applied little bit of oil.

      Also, can I use soaked seeds and blend it to use the paste on hair. Would it help increase hair volume and combat hairfall?

      What does fenugreek contain that when taken internally as soaked water, it helps reduce hairloss. Can something else be used that contains the same nutrients/minerals?

    • says

      hey, yup you can keep it as a last rinse but i would say applying the paste is a better idea!! yes, it helps with hair fall.
      reg. third part of your ques, the answer is:

      Fenugreek seeds contain protein and nicotinic which are a great source for hair growth. It contains large amounts of lecithin which makes our hair healthy and strong and hydrates the hair. It helps to reduce the dryness of the hair, cures dandruff, conditions the hair, keeps the scalp cool and treats a variety of scalp issues. It is highly effective against hair fall and provides strength from the roots.
      fenugreek seeds contain lecithin, an emulsifying substance. When soaked in water, the seeds produce a slippery substance which gives hair shine.

    • Anonymous says

      Hey, thanks for the info.

      I have dandruff, could it be the cause of hairfall?

      If I only apply a mild shampoo, I will start getting dandruff flakes and my scalp gets itchy. If I only apply anti dandruff (K2 Zole) on alternate days, then the dandruff goes away but hair strands still fall.

      So I usually apply anti dandruff shampoo twice a week, mustard oil with lemon once a week, fenugreek paste once a week and Khadi’s shikakai shampoo in between.

      There has been lot of improvement. But I still notice hair strand s when applying mustard oil or shampoo. At times, hair strand has a white part at the root. Am I doing the right thing, what would you suggest me to combat dandruff and hairfall completely?

    • says

      hey yup hair fall is due to dandruff. first of all, did you get a consultation with a doc? yes, generally, its preferable to continue using the dandruff shampoo. but, remember that it dries the scalp a lot!! i can suggest you to try this out:
      one more thing is do not apply oil. it increases the dandruff. instead apply a hair mask before washing your hair off. also, you can add a table spoon of castor oil in it. i would say keep the hair mask simple by just using tomato juice and aloevera gel. blend together and add a table spoon of castor oil. don’t add curd or egg. and, use a sls-free shampoo instead of khadi. i would suggest organic surge though it is expensive but it does last quite long.

      yes, fenugreek paste does work really well so you should continue with that. and, lightly massage your scalp everyday with just your fingers. and, also note that hair does take a bit of time to show some difference and its rainy season so hair does fall. so, i would say give it a month and wait. also, is the k2 zole a prescription shampoo or you bought it on your own???

    • Anonymous says

      Yes, I started using K2Zole after doctor’s advice every alternate day. At that time, I didn’t have hairfall, only dandruff. But after using for few years, started seeing hair strands just falling off. Then, doctor prescribed Mintop Forte. But I avoided it since I thought using chemicals to treat hairloss cannot be a long term solution.

      Now, I have reduced K2Zole’s usage to twice a week and try to use other over-the-counter things to control dandruff.

      what are the benefits of using the hair mask you suggested (blend of castor oil, tomato juice, aloe vera gel)?

      Can mustard oil cause dandruff? What about castor oil?

      I got to know lately even Khaadi products are not sls free. How about Lass IHT 9 regrowth shampoo? have heard a lot about it, will be testing it soon.

    • says

      dandruff eventually ends up with hair fall. tomato helps with controlling dandruff since its a bit acidic, aloevera is moisturizing since you would not apply any oil and castor is anti-bacterial.
      any oil causes dandruff so its better to avoid them. i have suggested only a table spoon of castor because it fights infections. yes, khadi is not sls-free. i have no idea about iht9. i haven’t used it.

      also, surely do the home remedy i have mentioned above. it does help with dandruff a lot. also, do get another doc consultation if you have not had it since a year (because you said you have been using that shampoo since many years). hair fall might be due to another reason which might be related to health!!!

  16. Anonymous says

    So now what would you suggest – Vinegar, hair mask, anti dandruff shampoo ?

    and how frequent should either of the remedies be applied?

    Should I apply the shampoo every day?

  17. Anonymous says

    Please try Avalon Biotin Thickening shampoo. You may get it from I find this effective for hair loss. Used to use Biotique henna shampoo but it has SLS has makes my scalp itch.

  18. Anonymous says

    I am starting to take fenugreek seeds soaked overnight on empty stomach and chew the seeds. Will update if it is use. Use a drop of castor oil to see new hair growth as well.

  19. Anonymous says

    I want to know how I can get rid of hair fall, less growth and thin hair as I am living presently in thailand and the water here doesnt suits my hair..there is so much hairfall.I apllied egg plus yogurt and I use to oil my hair but still no change..please help me with something which I can do easily at home and also i can find that in the market easily..thanks

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi you told me in previous comment dat hard water might be the reason of hair fall.can I use fenugreek seeds plus onion juice and please suggest me shampoo wich I can easily buy online as its difficult to find in the markets of thailand..i want my hair growth plus thick hair please help me as im much upset.thanks

  21. Anonymous says

    Cn you suggest me shampoo plus cn I use fenugreek seeds n onion juice as you said hard water is reason of my hairfall..please help me im much upset.thanks

  22. Jo says

    Hai drinking fenugreen juice has any side effects like breast enhancement because i have read somewhere…..and How much period i can see the results…..Please help me by telling side efects…..

  23. varsha says

    Hi I m varsha 26 year age I have a hair fall since 2 year I lost my lot of hair now I also have a hair prblm pls suggest what I do . I take many medician under doctor n also use menoxidile which suggest me doctor .I also use livon hair gain but no effect pls suggest me.can I use onion with honey .my scalp also show now

    • says

      hey Varsha. yes, use onion juice for half hour every time you will shampoo your hair. this will definitely show improvement. also, do you have thyroid or any other medical issue, you are mentioning something right? also, you can mail me at for direct communication and to reach me anytime!

  24. fatima says

    i have too much hairfall, iching in scalp,my hair becomes soo rough and thin. i dnt want to apply anything . can i drink fenugreek seeds socked in water overnight it will cure these problems or not? and what is the maximum amount i can drink it for hair problems.

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