A hair oil recipe for faster hair growth {DIY}

Today, I am going to share with you all a unique hair oil which I use for my hair. This recipe has not been made in one go but has evolved over a considerable period of time. I hope it will be as beneficial for all of you as it has been to me.
Oils: Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Vitamin E oil, Almond oil, Evening Primrose oil
Essential oils: Lavender, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Jasmine
Flowers: Rose, Lavender, Marigold, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Rosemary
Leaves: Sage, Neem, Curry, Hibiscus, Henna, Jasmine, Fenugreek
Other herbs: Dried Indian Gooseberry (amla), fenugreek seeds, dried lemon peels, dried orange peels
If you have Brahmi and Bhringraj leaves or oil, please add them to the recipe. They are really good for hair growth and its maintainence. Feel free to add any other ingredient which you think is good for hair. Do post the ingredients which you think should be added.

  • Dry 10 Indian Gooseberry under direct sunlight. Cut them into 4 pieces. Dry 5 lemon and orange peels under direct sunlight. Put these things into a huge glass jar. Pour 3 table spoons of fenugreek seeds. Then, fill the jar with leaves of 5 stems and 10 flowers of each type. Do not use any active herb which can turn bad while kept in the oil and turn the oil rancid. Feel free to change the quantities of herbs to be used according to the amount of oil you are making. The quantity stated above is for one litre oil.
  • Now, pour equal amounts of all the available oils in the jar except vitamin E oil. You may use a small bottle to pour the oils in the jar to maintain equal quantities of oils. Make sure all the oils are fresh.
  • Since Castor Oil is thick in consistency as compared to other oils, you can pour only 1/2 quantity of Castor oil as compared to other oils.
  • Close the jar tightly. Make sure it is an air-tight jar. Keeping oil too near to heat or open in the air causes the oil to oxidize, diminishes the nutritional quality and turns it rancid. Thus, you should never boil the oil. Always prefer to buy cold pressed oils.
  • Leave the jar in direct sunlight for a week or 10 days. Shake the jar daily to avoid settling the herbs at the bottom. After the stipulated period, strain the oil. Add 50 drops of each essential oil and Vitamin E oil. Your hair oil is ready.
  • Make small batches of the oil so that you always get the benefits of the fresh oils. Every oil has a lifetime so be sure that you use the oils well before their expiry date or within six months, whichever is earlier.
  • You may avoid using the ingredients which you are not comfortable with. Many people do not get used to henna as it dries their hair. Similarly, lemon adds shine to hair and removes dandruff but can be drying for dry hair. Choose the ingredients wisely. Same is the case with oils. If your hair does not accept a particular oil, do not use the oil.
  • You may infuse all the above-stated herbs in your favorite hair oil too. Combining all the oils is only done to get the benefits of various oils.


  1. Anonymous says

    hi swathy.. this recipe looks great gotta try it.. btw my hair roots are too weak, it can easily be plucked out. is there a way to strengthen hair roots? i’ve tried a lot but nothing worked

  2. says

    I am sorry for replying late. Well, you need to take proper nutrition and exercise properly. And, do not forget scalp massage . Use the above-posted or any hair oil which suits your hair for the massage and do it 2-3 times a week or every time you are about to wash your hair.
    And, proper nutrients are very important for hair. So, improve your diet.
    These tips would help in strengthening the roots of your roots.

  3. says


    I would like to try making the above mentioned oil and have a couple of doubts :-

    1) What is the quantity to be used for the Flowers, Leaves and the other herbs?

    2) Does the glass jar have to be kept open or closed?

    3) Are we to put dried Lemon and Orange peels?

  4. says

    Hi Rekha, I have modified the post as it was not very clear in the instructions earlier and I made a mistake while writing the time too which I did not realize earlier. You may read the recipe and post if you have any other doubts. Hope this would help you and I would request your comments on all other posts too.

  5. Anonymous says

    hi, my hairs r thin n short n my dying wish is to have long hairs this recipe is a ray of hope but from where to get all these ingredients

  6. says

    Well, you can get some of the ingredients in your backyard or the garden (flowers and leaves) and some would be available int he supermarket. Give me a day and I’ll post an easier recipe with an ingredient available in the market. And, you do not need an oil to grow hair. I’ll write a post on that too. And, please do not make it your dying wish. You have to be living to grow beautiful hair :) Watch out for the posts.

  7. says

    I am Kirti and I very much liked you idea of not boiling the above mentioned ingredients on a flame.. Instead ow that I have access to sunlight I can place all these things in the airtight jar as suggested.

    However, I have just one question…
    1) When I add the leaves (neem, henna, curry, hibiscus) along with the hibiscus flowers, do i need to add them fresh, crush them in a blender or should i first dry them(so that they can be powdered) before adding them to infuse in the oil kept in the sun….

    Plz do ans this…as you mentioned fresh leaves and flowers since they have moisture content may not be suitable for the oil…


    • Anonymous says

      @swati, your recipe is great but I am a bachelor who cannot make au recipes. But I am planning to mix the following, let me know if its just goingto be okay…. CCoconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, mustard oil, black cumin oil, olive oil.. And use on my hair.. How long will it take to se the resultss? How would we know if its creating reverse effect on my hair? Please let me know.. Eagerly waiting…

    • says

      use only 2-3 table spoons of castor as it is very thick. yes, the recipe is fine. it will take a long time to show any major difference but you should feel the effects in a month. also, make sure you are not allergic to any of the individual oils. if in a month you do not see any major difference but you also do not see any major issues with your hair, it is not creating any reverse effect. hope this helps :)

  8. Anonymous says

    I use Avocado oil and for essential oils….Peppermint, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cypress, Carrot seed and Basil are good for circulation and hair growth!

  9. Tanaya says

    I have straightened my hair more then 9times till now and iron ma hair almost everyday. Now my hair is really in a bad state… They are damaged, burnt due to excessive heat use. Now i am getting hair breakage due to roughness and splitends. Got grey hair as well from childhood due to hormonal problem.

    Now i am applying a mix of til oil, castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, crushed methi seeds and vitamin E capsule.

    And sometimes i even use banana, honey mask and smetime methi curd mask.

    Should the oil mix be heated b4 i use because i dont stock the oil for multiple use?… I make and use it fresh abd instant.

    Is there anything else that i should be doing for betterment.

  10. Ishwar says

    Is their is any sideeffect of mixing all indigrents together and can i squeeze vitamin e capsule instead of vitamin e oil

  11. Pooja says

    Hi I want to make hair oil using coconut sesame oil hibiscus n rose flowers tulsi been rosemary methi n cirry leaves is it OK tu use dry flowers n leaves or I need to use fresh in any n how I use it please guide

  12. suham says

    Hi,your recipe seems amazing n i would really want to try this out but unfortnatly where i am we dont have all the ingrediants.maybe next time i will be able to get
    thanx for sharing anyway:-)

    • says

      hi, it sounds good. sesame oil is supposed to be great according to ayurveda so I am assuming it would be a good infusion to eat and to apply both :)

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