Home made Scrub to get rid of facial hair {DIY}

Today, I will be sharing with you an age old scrub used by Indians. It is pretty popular during the wedding season and suits every skin type. It actually balances the oil production in the skin.

Ingredients: (actually everything good for skin)
1. Chick Pea Flour (besan)
2. Green Gram Flour
3. Turmeric
4. Sandalwood Powder
5. Ground Orange Peels (dried)
6. Ground Lemon Peels (dried)
7. Ground Rose Petals (dried)
You can add other flowers too according to your choice like Jasmine, Marigold,, Lavender, Rosemary. Mix all the ingredients and store in an air-tight jar.
Scoop out a generous amount as you would be using it for whole of the body. Mix it with Yogurt, Honey, Glycerin, Rose water, Milk, floral water or any other ingredient of your choice. Apply it all over your body and leave for 5 minutes. Scrub it and wash off. Your skin would be soft, supple and clean. It also fades away any blemishes or dark spots on your skin. It can be used daily instead of a soap as it is completely natural.You can also use it as a face scrub. If you are mixing the scrub with yogurt, wait till it dries off on your face. This could take a pretty long time. But, its worth the wait. And, scrub it in upward direction towards your forehead to help remove the facial hairs. If used consistently over a period, the scrub is useful to get rid of all the facial hair.


  1. says

    Yes, you can use this to remove body hair but green gram flour is the main ingredient actually otherwise using only besan will take a very long time to show results.
    I am pretty sure you will get it in the market. Buy the one with skins, they are green in color. And, then you can grind them in a mixer at home.

  2. says

    Ya, you should be able to get rid of the tummy hair too but be gentle and give it time to show results coz home remedies often take quite lot of time to show results.

  3. says

    hey…yes of course…this can be very well used on kids too…in fact in Andhra…this mixture is used to bathe kids right from their birth so it is extremely safe to use…one advise I’ll give you is to get organic flour or to grind the flour at home…that way you can make sure they don’t have any additives which might irritate the skin of your kids :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Can male also use it??
    or it will result in loosing beard :(

    Also i found the following article somewhere on net,is this useful also??

    “use a pumic stone very gently after applying soap to the face in a circular motion. In course of a few days, the hair may disappear. You have to use it daily and be careful not to rub vigorouly, this will cause rashes.”

  5. says

    hey…no it won’t help males as the skin structure of males and female are different and pumice stone is too harsh for skin so it shouldn’t be used at all for hair removal

  6. says

    hey…yeah sure but it will not give immediate results…do it daily for a month to see any difference…mix honey and fresh lemon juice and apply it to your face and neck…lemon juice has bleaching properties and honey is moisturizing for the skin and makes sure that lemon juice doesn’t irritate the skin….hope this helps :)

  7. Anonymous says

    Hi.I think this can be such a useful scrub foe me.But I want to know how to make ground lemon peels because lemons( unlike orange where the fruit and peel are easily seperated)have the juices/pulp connected to the lemon skin.So then how do you make ground lemon peel?

  8. says

    hey..yeah actually, the lemon peels is not the correct word…lime peels are the ones which I meant…have you seen the huge lemons??? those are the ones whose peels can be separated from the fruit so they are used but its ok, you can use orange peels too :) and, you can add pomegranate peels also…they are amazing :)

  9. Cassie says

    Where is the best place to get these ingredients? I do not live in an area that they are accessible. Thank you :)

    • says

      hey Cassie :) well, if you get the first 3 ingredients – Chick Pea Flour (besan), Green Gram Flour and Turmeric, your recipe would be ready…rest are add ons…you can get these things easily in a Indian shop near your place…as of now, I am not aware of any online store which will provide you with these raw materials :(
      do you get lentils near your area???

  10. Anonymous says

    Hi there!

    I have purchased the top 3 ingredients. Can you let me know how much of each i should add for a facial scrub? Also, can i substitute yogart with milk or water?

    Thanks you for the recipe! I hope it will work for me! :)

    • says

      one table spoon each of top two and one pinch of turmeric. you can use milk or water as well. I would suggest milk if you do not have acne or anything. do lemme know if it works :)

    • says

      this removes hair permannetly if done form a very small age but if you are an adult and want to try it, the results are not visible within a week or so. but, if you continue it for a year, guess, the results are permanent!!!

  11. Anonymous says

    hey’i’m 20 year old if i used this remedy’i’ll nevr get hair again on my face its perminently work for 20 year old girls???

    • says

      you have to use this everyday and this will work for one or two months if you stop using it and then the hair would grow back…it also depends on the thickness of your facial hair. yes, it is important to add some liquid…it can be anything – simple water or milk or green tea or anything.

  12. Anonymous says

    So I will have to keep using,it,like everyday forever? means they wont go away permanently,after couple months of use?

    • says

      nope unfortunately facial hair or for that matter any hair follicle can’t be removed totally forever…not even laser can do it but this can make the hair finer depending on the current type of hair. so, yup, it has to be done at least 2-3 times a week after like a couple of months but if you are asking this for babies, yes, it makes their hair finer so it kinda becomes permanent in their case!!

  13. Anonymous says

    green gram flour can be made at home or no? And lemon, orange peels r important to add? Wat if I only I add besan, green gram flour, sadlewwod powder and turmeric?

    • says

      yes green gram flour can be made at home: perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in/2010/03/use-sunnipindi-for-skin.html
      no lemon and orange peels are not exactly important…you can make do with all other ingredients you mentioned :)

  14. Anonymous says

    Cool thanks am gonna try using this on my 2 year old baby and me …. But was thinking of using only the chick pea flour, green gram flour , tumeric and sandelwood powder along with whatever liquid u mentioned ….

  15. says

    Hey I m male can I use it on my face or it will remove my facial hair….

    actually recently I got tan on my face and it looks weird…can u suggest me some remedies……I will be thankful to u…..and my skin type is oily..

  16. Anonymous says

    Hey, I just purchased gram flour, green gran flour and turemic. Is it okay to just use these 3 items for facial hair removal? And what is the exact procedure. I mix and apply on face for 5 mins and scrub off? I what do you mean by srub? I thanks in advance

    • says

      yes, they are enough. mix it with milk or water and apply on your face. let it dry. it can take more than 5 min. then remove the powder by rubbing in the opposite direction of hair growth. that’s it and do this daily.

    • Anonymous says

      How long this it take to show the difference? I and I also read that mixing lime juice and sugar will bleach the hair. Is that a good idea?

    • says

      yes lime juice does bleach hair but it can be too drying for skin if used daily so i wouldn’t suggest it. instead use potato juice. it also bleaches hair.
      this takes around 1-2 weeks to show difference depending on how your skin reacts to the remedy!

    • says

      hi Arshi…its just like waxing in which you pull the wax strip backwards, right??? so, same thing goes. just scrub it in the direction you would have waxed the hair off. yes, generally it is lower to upper.

  17. says

    hey i have a doubt…after this mixture gets dried…should we try to remove when it is dry r else we need to scrub it off with water in opposite direction of hair.thanku :)

  18. says

    hey i have a doubt…after this mixture gets dried…should we try to remove when it is dry r else we need to scrub it off with water in opposite direction of hair.thanku :)

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi…. Great post, thanks a lot for the info… I use gram flour alone as a body scrub often, and have noticed softer skin, but never any whitening effect. I will definitely try out this method. Thanks again for sharing. :) :)

  20. Anonymous says

    Hello,i’m a male and i wanted to get rid of all my facial hair! I have never ever shaved and my hair is thin! I am using a mixture of turmeric,curd and gram flour! Will it work? Please reply?

  21. Priya pusala says

    Hi should we scrub with water when it’s dry or without using water I mean does scrubbing dry only work

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