Eyes too need cleaning {Health}

There is one ancient method used to clean the eyes which I would like to share. Put 1 drop of pure honey in each of the eyes. Caution: Eyes will sting badly for around 10-15 minutes. But, the procedure will clean your eyes and give the eyes a fresh look. This tip was told to me by one of my friend who does it occasionally. But, the after-effects were amazing. Eyes become really clean and bright.But, before trying it, make sure you are using pure good grade honey. Do not use the commercial ones. They contain additives which might irritate the eyes. I would suggest using a good grade Manuka Honey. It is the best quality of honey available and has many skin and health related benefits.


  1. Angela says

    O__O is this safe ?

    it seems awfully unnatural to put things in your eyes that aren’t really designed for your eyes.

  2. says

    Well, this is safe as long as you are using pure honey. Any processing on the honey needs chemicals added to it and they may cause irritation in your eyes. I can vouch for that because I have seen my friend do it and of course, she used the honey right from the beehive. And, the results are just fabulous.

    But, if you can never bring your heart to do this, I would suggest you to try the exercises I have posted for eyes, especially the first one. That too will make your eyes sting.

    Just to clarify your doubts, pure honey is really a very safe remedy for almost anything in the world. So, I would not say that it has not been designed for eyes. If you have ever seen pure honey, even you would realize that. It is very thin in texture as compared to the honey we get in the market.
    Hope you concur with it.

  3. Megha says

    Hey there..long time….happy Sankranti to all !!!
    For cleansing the eyes, pure casteroil too works good…It takes away the dirt, cools and refreshes the eye…like honey might irritate a bit…but its a very good cleanser…also, it cools the body to a grt extent…

  4. says

    hey Megha :) happy sankranti to you too !! Thanks for the tip with castor oil……but I have never found a good brand of castor oil…can you suggest any????

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