Exercise for firming breasts {Health}

Couple of simple exercises can firm up your breasts and keep them in shape for rest of your life. Do them on a daily basis.
  • Stand against the wall at one arm distance placing both your palms on the wall in a horizontal position. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. Now, bend your elbows towards the wall and move only your upper body towards the wall without bending your back like doing push ups against the wall. You will feel the tension near the diaphragm. Now, release your elbows and move back into the original position. Repeat the exercise for 50 times daily.
  • Stand straight in an attention position. Rotate the shoulders in a backward motion without moving any part of the body for 100 times daily. You should feel the movement in the breasts.


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    hey…yup this is perfect exercise for keeping them in shape too :) tested and tried!!! These exercises just help in firming and keeping them in shape…they don’t increase them in size so don’t worry!!!

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    I am not sure if it helps in increasing the size but it does keep them in shape so may be you could try it out for a month and see the results!!!

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