Soap nuts – Environment Friendly Detergent {Ingredient}

Soap nut is a fruit available in India. The fruit is crushed to make soap. It has a component called Saponins which is a natural surfactant. It is used in washing and cleaning purposes. You can use soap nuts to wash, practically, everything.

  • Soap nuts are good for hair washing. They make your hair silky and smooth.
  • You can put 4-5 soap nuts in a wash cloth and put it in the washing machine instead of a detergent. They would be enough for a 4-5 loads of clothes.
  • They can be used for washing your utensils, jewelery, toilets, tiles and floors.
  • You can clean your windows and furniture.
  • You can spray them on your plants. It would keep the pests and insects away eliminating the need of any insecticide or pesticide.
Boil 5-10 soap nuts for an hour or two till they turn gray in color. Strain the liquid and store it. The liquid will stay for a week. You can pour the liquid in the washing machine with water. The left over soap nuts can be put in a muslin bag and used for laundry purposes. They would come into use for some 2-3 loads.The clothes come out really bright and clean and free of all the chemical deposits left behind by the commercial detergents.
Using soap nuts, instead of detergents and chemical formulations, would help the environment also. And, save your money too.


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    Hi Babita
    Yes it is called reetha in hindi. You can get at any general store. Keep in mind to buy the big nuts. The bigger the size, better their quality and freshness.

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