Do you finish your skin care and hair care products to last bit? {Beauty Products}

Today, I am going to talk about my habit of using the skin care or hair care products to their last drop. I am a fanatic and would love to try on all the products available in the market. And, have tried many since I have become independent. I have inherited this from my father. We both love to spend hours together looking at all the latest products launched. And, if we do buy any product, we make sure that we have squeezed out all the juice. I know it sounds crazy and weird. But, if you know that you are spending some 500 rupees or 10$ on a single product, who would not love the get the max out of it.
I used to embarrassed about this habit of mine earlier but now, I do not mind writing about this now since I have come to know that this trend is followed by many people. I am no exception. Recently, I read a post on Vivawoman. It dealt with the same issue. The author stated that she cuts open the packaging to remove the quantity left in it. I tried it lately on the hair conditioner I was using and found that there was enough quantity left for one more conditioning treatment. Since then I have not yet finished any products. But, in case of body lotions or moisturizers, I do put very little of glycerin or rose water and shake the bottle nicely and apply it or pour it into another packaging of the same product. But, remember, do not ever mix two different products. They would do you no good. Same goes with shampoo. I shake the bottle with water and the liquid is enough to wash my hair once.
Moral of the Story: Get the best out of your money.


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