Co-wash your hair instead of using shampoo everyday {Hair Care}

Today, I will be telling you about co-washing your hair.
What is a co-wash?
It is washing your hair with your conditioner instead of using a shampoo. It conditions your hair well and keeps it soft, shiny and manageable.
Why to co-wash?
Many people are used to washing their hair everyday or pretty frequently, even if their hair is not dirty. Using shampoo so many times in a week causes so many chemicals to be used on the hair. It makes hair dull and rough. So, instead of washing your hair everyday with shampoo, you can alternate it by co-washing. It will reduce the use of chemicals for your hair. And, give the benefits of conditioner too.
Now, you would ask me that even a conditioner is made up of chemicals. So, how come hair is exposed to less chemicals while using a co-wash?
True, commercial conditioners are made up of all sorts of chemicals. But, a shampoo is made up of all the harsh chemicals like SLS which have to clean the hair and are detergents, basically, in their property. A conditioner has the chemicals which make hair smooth and shiny. So, the summary, is that the chemicals present in the conditioner are less harmful than those in the shampoo. And, in case, you use a natural conditioner, you do not have to worry a bit about using it.
How to co-wash your hair?
You can follow many methods to co-wash your hair. You can also use the conditioner to provide intensive conditioning.
1. Apply conditioner on your hair at night and put on a shower cap. Tie a scarf and sleep. Wash your hair nicely in the morning. Need not use a conditioner again. This provides deep conditioning to your hair. You can also put a hot towel around your head for better absorption.
2. Apply conditioner 20-30 minutes before you take shower. Wash your hair well.
3. In the shower, wet your hair well. Apply conditioner. Leave on for 5 minutes. And, then wash off well.
Either of the methods make your hair smooth and shiny.
Note: You do not have to follow up again with conditioner. Do not apply conditioner to your roots. It blocks the hair follicles. Apply it only on the hair body and ends. Concentrate more on ends. You can follow your co-wash with any type of a hair rinse for a better result.


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    Hi swati.i am very much interested to give this method a try.but i have some doubt.How much conditioner i will need if i leave it whole night(same amount as i use after shampooing or more than it?).Is it ok to leave the conditioner(the commercial ones,not the natural ones) for such a long time?

    • says

      no, don’t apply it overnight. it is uncomfortable to sleep in and can cause cold in the head. apply it half to one hour before washing your hair but try it alternately with shampooing because cleansing of scalp is also very important!!! and, only a little of the conditioner is required. you can mix the conditioner with a drop or two of water and apply it to your hair from the level of the ears. or, you can simply apply honey as a conditioner.

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    hi swati.How to apply honey as conditioner?its really difficult to get your hands on real natural honey,so will the store bought ones will do?I dont like dabur honey,its too much mixed products.But have you used patanjali honey?

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